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Hermetic Laws

As promised yesterday I am going to type out for you what I have written in my Book of Shadows for the first 4 laws. I did try to get the gist of the laws down but some of it is words that will spark remembrance in my mind. If you choose to include them in your book (which I strongly encourage) a good site for information is http://processmediainc.com/titles/The%20Seven%20Laws.pdf. Another good sources for information is the book the Tao of Physics. One of the reasons that I feel the Hermetic Laws are important is that they explain how life works which of course is what Physics explains as well. The wonderful thing is that religion and science can indeed do get a long.  I will I am sure get into that more as some point but as time is limited while Little naps I will get right to what I wrote.

Hermetic Laws – often attributed to Thoth

1. Law of Mentalism

The universe is mental or of the mind. All the phenomenal world or universe or multiverse is simple mental creation of the All and every thing exists in the Mind of the All. All Creation is composed of the Divine Mind for creation first begun as an idea in the Divine Mind and it continues to live and move and have its being in the Divine Consciousness. All knowledge exisits in the Divine Mind which is constantly flowing in and our of our minds because our individual minds are not separate from the Great Mind that created us. On a scientific level – Subatomic physicists have discovered the basic stuff of the universe- matter and energy- is really information or information encoded in the DNA structures that form and shape all life We open up to the Mind of the All. We let knowledge in. We are enlightened.

(Side note. I didn’t write this but you can see why what you think about is so vital because what you think about you really do create in your life)

2. The Law of Correspondence

“as above, so below; as below, so above” William Blake wrote

“To see a world in a grain of sand and Heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your and and eternity in an hour”

The new definitions of space and time by modern physics indicate that every particle of matter contains all others. What is true of the microcosm is true of the macrocosm and visa versa. To study one we can learn about the other.

3. The Law of Polarity

Everything is duel; all truths are half trues; everything contains its opposite. Extremes meet and every pair of opposites can be reconciled. Opposites are really just two extremes of the same thing with many varying degrees between them. Energy flows on a continuum between poles of opposition and you are never stuck in one spot.

4. The Law of Rhythm

Everything is in constant change and constant motion and reality is composed of opposites. these opposites move in circles. Like Waves in the Ocean. The linear movement that appears to advance actually contains millions of individual drops of water turning in circles. All of life is cyclical.

(side note: I really think people should keep up on science and physics. Science is constantly “proving” what mystics have always taught. what fun is that! I am finishing typing this at tonight as Little did indeed wake up from her nap before I was done. As I type I am watching Curiosity on the science channel and Morgan Freeman is talking about narrating about parallel universes. That matter is schizophrenic when were not looking that it can be more then one thing it can in fact be opposites (law of opposits) and only when we look at it doe we place our reality on the matter and it becomes what we think it is (law of mentalism) ahh Quantum Physics.

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