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Four theives vinegar


It’s done! Just in time for cold and flu season. Isn’t it beautiful?

9/2/2012 thought I would add the recipe ūüôā

2 tablespoons each :Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Cloves, Peppermint, 3 garlic cloves peeled and sliced

Place herbs in small jar and fill with apple cider vinegar.

Store in cool dark place for 4-6 weeks. Check often and shake. Strain into a sterilized jar and date and label. This one is edible.

To use:

  1. add one teaspoon to a glass of cold water and drink to avoid cold/ flu bug. No more then 2 cups a day
  2. combine with equal parts of water and use as a disinfectant for the home. Countertops and door knobs etc.
  3. body rub but avoid open wounds.
  4. magikaly speaking all herbs are of a protective nature, thus can be used to protect self or home or car. Sprinkle around house or car
  5. use as a sponge bath to spiritually cleanse/protect ones self


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Ug. I’m stuck in recurring computer fail land. It is being worked on but I’m no good at typing meaningfull words with my thumbs from my cell.
Before I leave you in more radio silence, I will say that this last week has really been nice. We have been having candlelight suppers while we talk about the people in our family and those we feel akin to. We talked about our ancestors coming to the USA for religious reasons. We talked about ancestors that sang and painted and wrote plays. We talked about generations of women (and men) who kept the family together and took care of everyone. There have been peels of laughter, and tears. All in all it has been. Beautiful and moving experience.
Tonight is the night we remember past pets.  I have a picture of our beloved dog on our mantle. Oh if everyone could love as unconditionally as he did. He found joy in everything, and brought us happiness everyday. We were lucky to share time with him. To Duke we will always love you.

Bright Blessings.

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Samhain / Dia de Los Muertos altar


Simple but I find it beautiful.

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Third Thought Speak

I love Sundays. They give you such peace and time to think and plan. Which are two my absolute favorite things. We are well in to our holiday season and we are celebrating and planning away. Tomorrow I am going to the fabric store to pick up some fabric for our family altar. I am also headed to the copy store, to print out a nice picture of my grandfather. With Little being, well so little, we wont spend to much time on teaching her about her family tree but Hubby and I will get to share stories and we will show her pictures and talk to her at her level of understanding.

Besides all of the rituals/ remembrances/ celebrations this week I have been thinking a lot about third thought speak. I am going to try it out for a week and I invite others to do the same. If you do try it out I would love to know how it went for you. Maybe we can compare notes.

What is third thought speak.?

With all of the instant¬†communications¬†in our life sometimes we forget to stop and think. We can post on Twitter to the whole world what we are thinking or eating and we can text or IM’s our thoughts instantly. This¬†instantaneous communication translates to our non tech lives were we can pop off with the first thing to fall from our lips. Often without even the time to think it through.¬† With all of this rush we sometimes forget to slow down and think about what we are actually saying. I think ¬†with ones religion at the heart of ones life it is important to follow¬†those¬†practices daily. ¬†We as witches¬†believe¬†that words are powerful tools. So why would we not give such powerful tools more thought?

That is where Third Thought Speak comes into play. It is slowing your self down¬†enough¬†to not say the first thing that comes to mind or even the second but rather the third. After you have had time to mull it over. This doesn’t mean taking hours (though in some cases hours are called for) but just slowing down a tad.I must confess this is not my idea. I heard it from my¬†student¬†who heard it from somewhere else. Isn’t it fun how¬†knowledge¬†flows? ¬†I am reminded of another favorite quote, possibly written by Frank Outlaw

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.‚ÄĚ

This is what I leave you with today to meditate on and what I will be meditating on and focusing on this week. As we acknowledge the destiny and lives of our ancestors; it is a good time to contemplate what imprint we are making on the world and if it is the one we want generations to remember.

Bright Blessings


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The classic way to cast a circle page.


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Casting the circle pages

These pages are still under construction but I am not sure what else I am doing with them at the moment so I thought I would share.


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Protecting your home

I’m tired today. Little had a nightmare last night. At least that is what I think was¬†happening. She couldn’t quite articulate it but she woke up and we heard her sobbing in her bed. She didn’t want the light to be turned off and she didn’t want to be away from us so I am guessing nightmare. at any rate it lead to less sleep then I wanted but then¬†that’s¬†the life of a mom.

She is napping at the moment but after nap we are going to clean her room and cleanse it. I am also going to find her night light and tonight if I have the energy I will check/ reinforce the circle around my house. If you have been practicing for a while and you have practiced in and around your house, you probably have a circle too. You can of course put one there when you move in as well or really any time but it will need to be check now and then.

When we talked about Energy we talked about how everything leaves “energetic fingerprints” and your magic work does too. As you practice in and around your home these¬†fingerprints¬†add up and leave kind of a residue around your dwelling. You may notice that the mood in your house changes. Your house¬†truly¬†becomes your¬†sanctuary¬†and there is a¬†peacefulness¬†and stillness in the house. Not to say people are still just the energy. An overall calm and happy feeling. Do not get me wrong I still have a toddler and my fur toddler running pel mel¬†through¬†the house and countless friends and family popping in and out, but it is such a cheerful place that it is a place that people (and animals) want to be.

Many witches also place a protective circle around their abode. If you are going to place a circle I would walk the¬†perimeter¬†with something to cleanse be it water or salt or a smuge bundle. pick a spot to sit or stand as you like close your eyes and go into an Alpha State. See with your minds eye your home or land. picture a large dome building up to cover over your whole home/ land. As always ask the Goddess and God for blessings and for help. Ask that your home be safe and sound. You may ask that only good comes in and bad stays away or that your house be “invisible” to people who would wish you harm. Ask that the people the live there and come to visit or stay be sheltered and looked after, That they be happy and healthy. If you live up in the woods as one of my sister Witches does you may ask that forest fires stay away from you. Ask in your words what ever you like but you get the idea ask the Goddess and God to protect you and yours and your home. ¬†you will see the dome start to glow a blue white light and you will know that it is strong.

Should you have a run of bad luck or nightmares you may want to go do a little reinforcement of said dome. The same basic principle applies here. Go into an Alpha state and look ate your dome. are there weak spots or spots that have holes or less of a glow? visualize them being repaired until you can see as a whole shining bright and true again. Again ask the Goddess and God for their blessings and Protection and thank them for all the blessings they have bestowed on you.

Bright Blessings


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Clothing/ Ritual Dress

I am getting to the end of the first part of my book. the part with all the basic info and then we move on to the book of days. I still have my casting a circle pages and my altar page and my tools and clothing pages to create.

As I wrote about Altars in a previous post I thought I would write briefly about clothing here. I of course will share the actual page with you when I do write it out.

The God and Goddess don’t care what you ware or if you wear anything or not. You being in the perfect ritual robes doesn’t make them look down and say well there is one good witch. your magic and prayers are just as effective in Jeans or Ritual Robs or skyclad.

Personally I am not a fan of being skyclad. Not for anything other then it usually makes me cold and if I cold I am distracted from my work. I really really dislike being cold, which for me is a good enough reason not to do something. ¬†If it is comfortable for you and it is what feels right to you by all means do it. It’s just not for me. There is some voices out there that say magic can’t be properly done in clothing. I find that compete hogwash If I can send my energy thousands of miles away it can make it few a few layers of clothing.

Ritual Robes or Ritual Dress. I’m all for it. I love a party and a celebration and if you like to dress up so you feel more then part then that is great do it. I am also a huge lover of fashion and style and I¬†understand¬†that how you feel you look directly relates to how you feel. If you go this route you may find you like to have one ritual outfit and every time you wear it your mind says “ah we are going to focus on worship or magic tonight”. You may also choose to have several that you wear for different¬†occasions, one of my Sister Witches wore a lovely tan dress with a sheaf of wheat on it at our last harvest ritual. What ever you choose I will say you should be comfortable in it. It should not be flammable material and should not hang in such a way that you might accidentally set yourself on fire from your candles.

Jeans and a¬†tee shirt¬†or casual dress. Always an option. Since I live my life as a witch and also in the real world I see nothing wrong with wearing what you have on that day. I say prayers or chants throughout the day. I do spells in my kitchen and spend time worshiping in my back yard when I take the dog out. I don’t think I need a¬†costume¬†change each time. I also think that if you say hike to the top of a¬†Mountain¬†that maybe a ritual robe is not the best gear but maybe hiking boots are. you should always dress in what is appropriate and comfortable.

Last but not least if you are going to someone else’s circle or you are working with a group it is¬†important¬†that you honor the groups dress code. If they dress in robes then you¬†should¬†too because it is a sigh of a respect for¬†those¬†present. If you don’t want to change the way you dress you should find someone else to practice with. If you are new to a group or a guest you should ask someone what is appropriate for that group. With that I reiterate my opening¬†statement¬†that the Goddess and God¬†don’t¬†care what you wear. You are dressing for you and the other humans around.

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More Workings on my book

I am sitting drinking mint tea tonight from my office. My new office! ok well its not an office persay but my loving hubby did convert our old water heater closet to an office. The mint is really helping since I overate today but the good news is that both the Pack (my team) and the 49ers (hubby’s team) both won today ūüôā I didn’t work on my book this weekend and I prolly wont get to tomorrow. I have moved on the the pages about how to cast a circle and i really (really, really, really!) need to set up my color printer so I can print out two of the pictures ¬†that I have on my computer and put them into my book.

This is one of them. It is beautiful and it just speaks to me. While you can tell there is powerful magic afoot, the calmness in the posture really speaks to me. This is by John William Waterhouse and I actually have quite a few of his paintings (as print outs) in my book.  You may have noticed one on the Water page.  I also have other images of artists in that time period.

This leads me to a ramble about how I started this book and why. This is my 4 or 5 Book of Shadows. As I have been practicing for over two decades my taste and knowledge has evolved shall we say. That is not to say that the simple spells or prayers or devotions I wrote at 13 are not as powerful. Indeed they still are and I still use many of them. But my knowledge has deepened and my understanding has deepened as well. So it was time for a new book. I like many folk cruised the net to see what was out there, and get some ideas. Youtube was a good source and very interesting. both good and bad.

I had this book from my student and I got several stacks of magazines (which lead to more stacks) and started cutting out images that spoke to me in anyway. Not with anything in particular in mind just oh I like that or that is pretty and cut it out. as I look at them sometimes they scream to me (I have one that one look at said “hello I’m Lugh” and another that said “Imbolic page please”) and then I have others that I don’t know where they will go but as I go through the book I find their place. I love that this book is so totally me. The words are not all mine, nor the images. But as I create it and put it all together it really is a complete picture of me. ¬†If you are working on your book I would love to know how you have¬†chosen¬†to do it.

Bright Blessings

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Water Page


Even with an extra cappuccino I’m super tired so todays post will be brief. This is the water page from my Book of Shadows. Hope you enjoy.

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