If you’re Happy and you know it write it down.

If your Happy and you Know it write it down

I have been meaning to share this for a few days but the cold/ sickness has gotten the best of me. So here it is. I sometimes worry that all the fun little details will be lost in the hustle and bustle of life. We will do something have a marvelous time and then months or weeks or even sadly days later we have moved on and forgotten the enjoyment. So I covered an old coffee tin (my tins are actually cardboard) and wrote on it “If you’re happy and you know it write it down” I stuck it on our side board in our dinning room next to some pens and added a pad of paper. Little has now added a plethora of bright-colored post it notes there too.
The plan is to daily or as often as we think of it. To write what is making us happy. what we are grateful for and pop the note in the jar.

This goes beyond the family though as I am encouraging guests to use it as well. I plan to look at them and read them aloud on new years eve.

ok that’s it for today!

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Learning about me


My best friend took this picture of me. She said it was nice. I think it sums me up well. Colorful and cozy scarf and uncomfortable with a camera pointing at me. Not because I have issues with cameras but because I dislike being the center of attention.  As much as I dislike it I seem to end up there though.  Because I seem to end up in charge. I’m a see things that need to be done and figure out a way to do them. I am a natural leader which really just means I don’t mind telling other people what to do.  I would much rather be like the Wizard of Oz pulling strings behind the curtain but I seem to be in front of the curtain much more.

So as uncomfortable as it makes me I have decided it is ok.  This is a big step for me. It means that I can be not just a natural leader, but a good leader.  I have struggled with the responsibility of a coven. I have struggled with leading a group of very special and wonderful people who look to me to create something wonderful and magical for them. I have struggled and stressed over creating the right ritual and experience for each one of them only to hear things later about how this or that was not good for them. Silly I know. I know you cannot please everyone all the time but it still hurt my feelings. I have struggled with the last-minute phone calls of “I want to do this” and then trying to work what ever this is into the plan that I had been working on for weeks. Mostly I have struggled with feeling like I was not doing a good enough job to provide them with the deep spiritual experience that they have been craving.

Do not get me wrong. It has been a great year for me and my coven. We have grown both in number and in-depth. We have all worked hard and created a rare find of a truly wonderful and supportive community. We like each other and as far as I know everyone get along. I think everyone is heard and I think everyone feels an ownership. This issues are just my issues. They are just about me.

And then I realized.

I am not really a creator or a provider. I am a connector.

I connect people to the things, the people, or the Devine they seek.

I do not need to reinvent any wheels I can simply help them find the right wheel for them.  As funny as this sounds it has been a relief and an eye opener. I don’t need to feel like I need to know everything I just need to know someone who knows what I need to know.

I am very excited for a new year where I can go back to sharing things, or people who are wonderful instead of feeling like I need to figure everything out 🙂

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Why Affirmations work


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Figuring it out


I have been accused of being organized.  I assure you it is simply self-defense as I forget everything. So this is my first attempt of figuring out how to clean the new house. The old one was 850 square feet. I could clean it pretty well in a day and completely in a weekend. This one is 2700 square feet and I have not a clue what I am doing. So I will try this for a while and see how it goes.

I also gave everyone a laundry day.

Monday: Bed Linens
Tuesday: Hubby
Wednesday: Towels
Thursday: Hubby
Friday: Little
Saturday: Me
Sunday Hubby

so far that is working well. I am also trying to train them train them that if they want their clothing washed they should get it at minimum to the dirty laundry basket and preferably to the laundry room. I’m having more success with the 3-year-old on that front.

By the way incase you’re wondering the dry erase stickers on the fridge are from Martha Stewart collection at staples and I think they were $3.50.

Hope you day is fabulous and I am off to start the laundry.

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A New Life.


We have embarked on a new life. Sometimes I still can’t believe it. Ok most of the time! The view is so pretty it hurts.

I having been talking to several Sisters and have decided to take the next baby step in my spiritual life, which will be a big change. I am embarking in a more deeply spiritual life.

I love where we are because I feel so very connected to my surroundings. The plants and animals the very dirt.

If you follow me on my new Facebook page you will know I had a new experience with spirits. I am used to speaking to Others at the point be they Fae or Deity but I have never spoken to an ancestor.  When the other Others have shown up usually I know whats going on but this time it took me a while. I just felt intense pain in my chest like my lungs would explode and it got to the point that I was telling a friend “I feel like I am dying of lung cancer” She said “I have a grandpa who died that way” and then I saw the man. An older gentleman who proceeded to give me a message to pass on to his granddaughter. As soon as I passed the news on my pain was gone just like that!

There are two courses of action here. One to live in denial and think I’m crazy. To repress and stuff down my experiences in an attempt to feel normal or, embrace it. I have gone with the later.

I am looking forward to finding where it will take me.


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Masterpiece Monday Cake

I am now 34. I had a lovely birthday filled with lovely people. I got to play in my garden and made a significant dent in the garage.e Which is slowing becoming our play room/ craft room/ laundry room. I also made myself a cake. I scored Pinterest for a recipe and then tried and tried to make it. Of course I had to modify a cake so it would be gluten-free. I also enlisted the help of a friend, fellow mommy and all around amazing woman to teach me how to make frosting and frost a cake.

This is the second batch of caramel I made. It ended up crystallizing but hey it still tasted ok.

This is my first and second batch of caramel you can see the first one was way to light.

Here is me with my cake in my friends kitchen. She is an amazing teacher and has more tools than I had any clue you would need to frost a cake. We started with a measuring tape to get the layers even and all kinds of knives and spatulas.

and finally right before we ate it I put a rose on it from my neighbors rose-bush. It took a lot of time and a lot of trial and error and a lot of effort, and what better gift can I give myself.
you can find
The cake recipe here
The caramel sauce recipe here
and a swiss buttercream frosting here.

and that my friends is this weeks master piece.

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Earth day Earth month

April’s focus for Little’s education (for lack of a better word) is the Earth and Nature. Fitting of course because we have earth day this month. Now don’t get crazy on me yes we pay attention to the Earth all year round
so I was cruising around pinterest and found a fun pin for an earth lantern. You can find the original blog with step by step pictures here.
Earth Day lantern

But I do have a few pointers.

I got a map here and used it to trace out the land masses. Y’all know I can’t draw.


The finished piece is Little’s and will go on her nature table or in her room and so I am not willing to put a real live candle in it. I got a 3 pack of little LED tea lights at the dollar store. Much better for kids safety.


Little wanted to add a few more land masses. So there they are. Sure why not.


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Garden mess masterpeice


The California Poppies have finally started to show their cheery faces all over the yard.


This is an interesting picture for a few reasons. The first is that you can see my husbands and my compromise on our back yard. I have a very loose interpretation of the word weed. After all those “weeds” are wild radish, plantain, and poppies. So he cute a swath down as a path way (he did avoid the bunch of poppies though) and I get the rest to be wild so the bees, bugs and fea like my yard 🙂

You can also see our dwarf lemon which I have brought back from the brink my planting peas around it in the fall (those lovely purple flowers you see) and squash around it in the spring.


Here is a close up on the squash I just planted. Don’t ask me what it is either because I don’t know. Some sort of winter squash that we ate and I kept the seeds.


Here are more of them coming up through last years squash. It was a patty pan though I had meant to plant the mini pumpkins.  In a week or so I will thin these out and give the extras away to folks.


These are all my tomato volunteers. I don’t harvest the last bit of things and so they stay in the garden and come up again in the spring just like normal plants.  I try to plant lots of different things in the same space so that the soil doesn’t get depleted. so far it has worked  well. I call it lazy gardening, though intuitive might work too.  I am certainly not the first person to leave an offering in the field.


These are the sugar snaps and we did plant them this year as Little is a huge fan. I tried to leave some last year but I think the birds got all of them. This plant is part of our summer morning routine. We go out into the garden and have peas off the vine first thing.


I let a chard go to seed last year. It went wild. I have a ton and even found one in my front yard under my deck.


Apparently I also had parsley because I know have a ton of little parsley plants coming up everywhere.

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F is for friendship


I came home from a long day at find the coven cauldron dropped off at my front door. This was inside. She told me she left me I gift. I opened it and thought “how does she so it” she can find all manner of things. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful friends. Blessed are those who love.

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Week 3.3 Musing


It’s a good time to journal, and so I am going to barrow from one of my favorite blogs Abide With Me. Every now and then she does a journaling post with lots of headings as prompts. I am changing them a little and borrowing a little from others.

First Drink of the Day (From Thalassa)
Water (I strongly believe you should start each day with a pint of water) followed closely by my coffee. I make it at the strength my husband likes it and the pour myself 1/3 cup with 1/3 cup water and 1/3 cup milk.

Sowing/ Harvesting: We have been watching The Lorax a lot lately.  I have always been a fan of the book but the movie is nice too there is a line in the song that says “you can’t reap what you don’t sow” I like it I have always liked the saying you reap what you sow but for some reason looking at it the other way seems very meaningful to me. I guess it is the planner in me. What it makes me think of all the times we wish things were different, we wish they turned out different but we didn’t sow anything different.

In the Garden:  The California poppies have just started flowering and the mustard and wild radishes are cheerfully speckled over the back yard. The peas we planted are doing well and I should go check on the squash I planted.

Creating:Bah I still feel like I’m not creating anything. heck I haven’t even been blogging like I would like to, which means I’m not creating words or stories.

Looking: house after house after house. Each one a disappointment  To far away or to small or to much work needs to be done. All are too expensive. Not that we can’t afford them just that the thought of spending that much money makes me want to vomit.

Listening: The mocking birds who are in the troughs of claiming territory. a dog barking and general neighborhood noises.


Reading: some free kindle books, some of which are epically bad. One is so bad that I will be reading part of it at my book club. The idea of the story is ok but it is so horribly written that I kept wanting to stop and rewrite sentences and paragraphs so that it read well.

Outing: open house and house tours. house after house after house.

Thinking: Isis and Aset. I have only been introduced to the Kemetic way of things lately  Mostly due to this blog.  So I have been thinking of names and thinking of the Gods that called me first. Before even the ones from my family heritage it was Isis, Anubis and Thoth. Above all though always Isis. Which of course is why Power of the Witch by Lauri Cabot was so appealing to me oh so many years ago. She talked about worshiping Egyptian  Gods. Isis and I already had a relationship by then. I have not been blessed with a great memory so unlike my husband who can recall every conversation he has had since he was 3 I only remember little bits and pieces here and there of my childhood. At any rate by the time I was 6 I know I was Hers.

Cooking: again not cooking like I would like. I made a yummy chicken and brussle sprout baked dish this week as well as a nice potato salad. I am looking forward to making more crockpot meals as the days get hotter and I am at work more.

Feeling: Still super over shopping for houses. rather frustrated by the whole process.  frustrated about not cooking or creating and about silly little things at work. maybe I need a nap?

Wishing:  my house work would do itself and people would start listening. I have high doubts that either will happen anytime soon.

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