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Full moon

Tomorrow is our full moon circle and the ritual still needs some work!

Imbolc is in two short weeks and that event needs a lot of sprucing up.
Meanwhile I share this.


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After the rite


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The Pagan Mama is now on YouTube! We’re in the process of uploading our already made videos, and will be doing more each week! If you’d like to subscribe, here’s the link:

I am stepping out of my comfort zone and you can see my candle magic video up soon ūüôā

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Shield and Ground, Shield and Ground Life of an Empath Peaceful and Sound


How to shield oneself.

Given that all almost every pagan I have met is some form of empath one of the first thing I teach my students is how to ground and how to shield. If you are an empath going out in the world without a shield is like leaving your home out into a blizzard without a coat.

There are lots of different ways to do this and you are going to have to find one that works for you. If you are an empath it is absolutely irresponsible to not to learn and practice these skills. You can cause harm to yourself and your family. You know the saying if mama ain‚Äôt happy aint no body happy. Well if you just walk around like a giant magnet for everyone‚Äôs energy you’re going to feel icky and that affects your family. You may also start to feel depressed or fatigued and you not only don‚Äôt need to but you shouldn‚Äôt have to. That choice however is up to you. I know I may sound harsh but I am so saddened by the amount of sensitive souls I see that are harming themselves and then feeling awful and sometimes lashing out at others. I don‚Äôt want you to be in pain. I don‚Äôt want you to suffer. I want you to take responsibility for your care.

How to ground.
This is the one I use and teach but there are others.
To start with you must take deep breaths and calm yourself. Breathe yourself into your body. Wiggle your toes and shift your attention to each part of your body. When you get to your crown breathe in and then visualize roots coming out of your feet or your bum going down, down, down into the earth. If say you are on the 30th floor you just have to visualize really long roots. Make your roots strong and feel yourself as part of the earth. Let excess energy flow down the roots into the earth.

How to shield.

Center yourself and slow and deepen your breath. (Yes you can do this in public without people noticing) you are going to want to create a bubble around you. You can do it several ways here is just a few.
1. Breath out and blow your bubble up so that it surrounds you.
2. Picture a golden (or color of your choice) starting at your feet and swirling up around you creating a shield around you.
3. Again breath in and out and picture a bright light glowing inside of you and you breath in it grows and grows until you are surrounded in blinding bright light.
You get my point it. Working with your breath you are going to construct some sort of bubble around you. When you are in a situation that you feel to be particularly bad see your bubble as a mirror. See your reflection in it and picture the energy or emotion coming at you being reflected back to the own of it.

A final note. I have heard some folks say they don’t like this idea as they feel it will make them disconnected with their loved ones or the energy exchange that they do with their children. This can be true or it cannot be true. It is completely up to you and how you build your bubble or circle. You can also use words to set your intention of your bubble. Such as
‚ÄúWithin this bubble I‚Äôm safe from unwanted energy or emotion. I am in charge of my being and in charge of my energy. I freely let energy flow unless it would be harmful for me.‚ÄĚ

This might not be easy at first and that’s ok. It is a learned skill and the more you do it the easier it will become. Eventually you will be able to just snap a bubble around you or put up a mirror when you feel unwanted energy.
Brightest Blessings.

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Sneak peak BOS class


I’m getting ready to start a BOS series over at The Pagan Mamaon facebook but you get a sneak peak at my current books ūüôā

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J is for juggling pagan blog project


I had to look up what letter we are on and apparently it is J so juggling it is.

I am not talking about the physical kind of course I am talking about the kind that we are all more adept with and that is the mental and theoretical kind.

here are few of the balls I have in the air at the moment. Yours might be the same or more or less or different but all are valid.

kid trying to make her behave and know I love her and teach her everything and let her learn and grow and make mistakes. ok that is several balls

my house keeping it looking more like a home and less like a herd of wild water buffalo have just stampede through.

Packing That’s right we are moving ūüôā

oh and speaking of moving. the paper work that goes with a new home

blogging and reading all the blogs I love. Ok this ball has been on the floor a lot lately

my coven. leading, browning, planning, mentoring

work Oh yeah that too

family not stressed but still something to keep tabs on

FB duties as an admin. love it and take surprisingly a lot of time.

side business. workbooks and teaching etc. again not getting a whole ton of stuff done here.

At this point you might be wondering what this has to do with being pagan. Well it doesn’t it has to do with being human my Christian and Jewish and Muslim and Atheist friends all go through it too but there is a particular piece that I do feel applies to paganhood.

some people call it balance and personally find that laughable. I will never be balanced with 13.4% of my time spent in each category, and to be honest I wouldn’t want to. Things come up and need more attention at times than others. Some times the ball is sailing through the air and sometimes it needs you to toss it up.

One of ¬†part that pagans have to deal with is often who knows I’m a pagan can I be me fully here or do I worry they might envision burning me at the stake. Or will they somehow bully my family because of what I choose to believe.

There is also the ever popular but “I want to just check out of my mundane life and life a completely spiritual life somewhere remote” option I hear from time to time. In this fantasy money and maybe the prospect of eating don’t come into play. For me this is just not reality and I wouldn’t want it. I have perfectly happy living in this world as a spiritual person and living my day-to-day life in the mundane world with and an¬†eye always on my faith. Because that is the thing about juggling, you are interacting with all the balls no matter which one is in your hand they all interplay and what happens to one will affect the others. I’m never going to be a hermit tossing one ball up and down I am always going to have a rainbow of balls arching ¬†through the sky and that is ok with me.


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LOVE love love this woman

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This is my beautiful baby. I worked on it for a long time. I “finished it” at least for this year though I am sure I will keep tweaking it and remember this?


Well Check for goal manifestation number 2 (ignore¬†my pj pants I mean it’s a great look and all but not¬†exciting)



mama em


TA DA and if you want to see it real live in person just click here ūüôā

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Week 3.3 Musing


It’s a good time to journal, and so I am going to barrow from one of my favorite blogs¬†Abide With Me. Every now and then she does a journaling post with lots of headings as¬†prompts. I am changing them a little and¬†borrowing a little from others.

First Drink of the Day (From Thalassa)
Water (I strongly believe you should start each day with a pint of water) followed closely by my coffee. I make it at the strength my husband likes it and the pour myself 1/3 cup with 1/3 cup water and 1/3 cup milk.

Sowing/ Harvesting: We have been watching The Lorax a lot lately. ¬†I have¬†always¬†been a fan of the book but the movie is nice too there is a line in the song that says “you can’t reap what you don’t sow” I like it I have¬†always¬†liked the saying you reap what you sow but for some reason looking at it the other way seems very meaningful to me. I guess it is the planner in me. What it makes me think of all the times we wish things were different, we wish they turned out different but we didn’t sow anything different.

In the Garden:  The California poppies have just started flowering and the mustard and wild radishes are cheerfully speckled over the back yard. The peas we planted are doing well and I should go check on the squash I planted.

Creating:Bah I still feel like I’m not creating anything. heck I haven’t even been blogging like I would like to, which means I’m not creating words or stories.

Looking:¬†house after house after house. Each one a¬†disappointment¬† To far away or to small or to much work needs to be done. All are too expensive. Not that we can’t afford them just that the thought of¬†spending¬†that much money makes me want to vomit.

Listening: The mocking birds who are in the troughs of claiming territory. a dog barking and general neighborhood noises.


Reading: some free kindle books, some of which are epically bad. One is so bad that I will be reading part of it at my book club. The idea of the story is ok but it is so horribly written that I kept wanting to stop and rewrite sentences and paragraphs so that it read well.

Outing: open house and house tours. house after house after house.

Thinking: Isis and Aset. I have only been introduced to the Kemetic way of things lately  Mostly due to this blog.  So I have been thinking of names and thinking of the Gods that called me first. Before even the ones from my family heritage it was Isis, Anubis and Thoth. Above all though always Isis. Which of course is why Power of the Witch by Lauri Cabot was so appealing to me oh so many years ago. She talked about worshiping Egyptian  Gods. Isis and I already had a relationship by then. I have not been blessed with a great memory so unlike my husband who can recall every conversation he has had since he was 3 I only remember little bits and pieces here and there of my childhood. At any rate by the time I was 6 I know I was Hers.

Cooking: again not cooking like I would like. I made a yummy chicken and brussle sprout baked dish this week as well as a nice potato salad. I am looking forward to making more crockpot meals as the days get hotter and I am at work more.

Feeling: Still super over shopping for houses. rather frustrated by the whole process.  frustrated about not cooking or creating and about silly little things at work. maybe I need a nap?

Wishing:  my house work would do itself and people would start listening. I have high doubts that either will happen anytime soon.

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Weekly Musing

Source: via Sofie on Pinterest

It’s a good time to journal, and so I am going to barrow from one of my favorite blogs¬†Abide With Me. Every now and then she does a journaling post with lots of headings as¬†prompts. I am changing them a little and¬†borrowing a little from others.

First Drink of the Day (From Thalassa)
As always it was Water, followed by my standby of strong black tea

Sowing/ Harvesting: I have for some time been contemplating the latest shift in my life. I have had several conversations with several Goddesses which is still something that sounds crazy to me. I have started sowing the seeds of a different life. The universe, my coven, other trusted spiritual advisers have been telling me that I need to step it up and be more of the HP that I am supposed to be. Frankly it is a huge responsibility and I was/am scared. But I am sowing the seeds.

In the Garden:  I need to get you pictures. I practice what I call lazy gardening. I leave the last of the plant as an offering to my garden and Gods.  So far it has worked out that the next spring new baby vegetable plants grow up from the seeds that fell from the offering.  I have baby chard coming up now. That back part of the yard is the wild area and it has gotten about knee-high and I know I have to figure out something or hubs will go cut it all down.  We have different ideas about what a weed is. I like to leave it wild as it makes the bees and ladybugs and other winged creatures happy.

Creating: I am creating a wonderful family home filled with love and peace. Little and I have been working on getting our rhythm going. It has been hard for her with me working so much and it has been hard from me. It is what is best for the family but it is still hard. We have just created a new nature table for her and next up is to create an organized space where we can create. lol Which translates loosely to the next BIG project is to clear out the garage and turn it in to a play room type place. sadly it is a state at the moment with too much stuff in it.

Looking:¬†at the “new” home all clean and clear and happy. The plants like the new shelf (another picture I¬†should¬†take) the orchids are just about ready to explode in blooms. My daughter‚Äôs balloon

Listening: the sound of morning. A dog barking and the birds sing outside. The mocking birds are going all out to prove they’re the best.  The Crow came by this morning to say hi and the doves have been causing a ruckus too.

Smiling: At my family. Little is the best and just amazing. (said every mother ever) Watching her on her bike every day and watching her explore the world is just awe-inspiring. I am also smiling because Hubs and I went on a date last night and had the BEST dinner!  Not to mention the gorgeous day with warm sunshine.

Reading: I have been reading a bunch of Dr. Thorndyke mysteries. As always I have reading a ton of blogs (though I love so many I seem to always be behind on them). I am reading random kindle free books and one about crafting rituals. I just read a post that Elfkat is reading the sequel to a book I really liked so I am going to have to go find that now too.  See the sowing section above. oh and I keep Robert Graves The white Goddess on my bedside table to read as I fall asleep.

Outing:¬†I went out two nights ago to a friend‚Äôs house for “mommy’s night in” We watched pitch perfect drank wine and ate cheese and¬†fruit¬†and cookies and yummy lava cakes. At least 3 of us are gluten free so all the food was. It was fantastic! Sometimes you just need a group of women and lots of laughs. Then last night hubs and I went to the best¬†restaurant¬†that I have ever been to. We went with another couple and had an amazing time. The food was out of this world, the service was French and we got to take a tour of the whole place including all the various parts of the kitchen.

Thinking: about getting dressed ūüôā I’m still my Pj’s but I should get up and get going. I have lots to do today and my dear child to go pick up. I am thinking about something my child has brought up to me a few times. It’s a character that she¬†doesn’t¬†know in real life and is mean in strange ways. I’m not sure what to do with it and its hard because at 3 she still can’t articulate much. ¬†Still it has me concerned.

Cooking: my cooking has been not up to par lately. With adjusting to a new scheduled I have not really adjusted to being away from home so much. I did make a yummy scampi the other day and of course the roast chicken I try to make once a month. I just love it so. Plus then I have the leftover meat for chicken salad or shredded chicken for tacos, and then the bones for making stock. Of course I have made soup too. I will probably make some more soup today.

Feeling: Super over shopping for houses. I am also feeling quite open I guess.

Wishing: That I had a nice printer at home that worked.


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