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The continued process in making my Book of Shadows

lets say that I had the time to make a page a day. I had all my materials ready and I could just put together a page. I have a book with 240 pages which means 480 sides of pages. It will take me over a year to make my book. This is actually ok. Since this book is mine and special to me. This book is mine and this book is me. It is an extension of me I want to take time and make it with care. I have other books that I work out of so it is not like I am without the information. I also have started printing out all the information and rituals I have on my computer and keeping them in a large binder. But for this book I feel like I need to take my time and do it the right way. I should note that the right way for me is not necessarily the right way for anyone else so please don’t take this to mean that if you don’t make your book this way it is not right. What is right for you is right.

I know that sometimes I am so excited that I can rush things and then in the end I am not as happy with the results as I could of been. I didn’t take the time to think it through or make it with care. I think that other people might be guilty of this as well, Your so excited to find out that your a Witch that you just want to know it all, do it all, and have it all right now! Take the time and do what is right for you. learn and study. meditate and let the Goddess and God guide your steps. Make sure that you are quite and still, long enough to hear them. on another note that is a complete tangent. If you think your done learning your wrong and you need to take time to be still again. It doesn’t matter how long you have been a Witch or if you were raised one or not. you can always learn, and learn from others. (I don’t know why I felt the need to say that here but maybe it is for someone out there)

I think I will close by saying to you all that I am doing a challenge. I have been surfing the web a little and was watching a youtube video about the 100 day pagan challenge based on the book the secret.  I am going to give myself the goal to work on making my book everyday. even if it is just for 15 min it is something. ok enough ramblings. Good night


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What is a book of shadows (take 2)

I did already try to explain this but as I work more on mine I realize I left a few pieces out. Consider this an update to that post.

My basic short answer is that a Book of Shadows is an autobiographical spiritual instructional manual. For me and many other spiritual people our whole lives are spiritual in nature (yes even washing the dishes can be) and for that reason Book of Shadows often have a lot of daily life items in them as well. For this reason No two books can ever be the same. We edit as we choose and so does everyone else. Even if a teacher teaches 100 people, and each student copies from the teaches book, each book will be different because each student will want to add other items that have meaning to them.

You can also purchase book of shadows from the published ones to very very expensive ones that are printed out and bound and beautiful. Or even made by another High Priestess or High Priest. However they will be empty and meaningless if they do not speak to you and if you do not add your touches and your energy to the book. On the same note if you choose to keep you book in say a 3 ring binder as many witches do, and you pour your heart and intention into it. it is no less or more then the other bound books. Because it is an instructional manual of you it needs to be how you want it to be.

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13 goals of a Witch

Another page in my Book of Shadowsimage

This is pretty much from Scott Cunningham though I have modified it some. For one the order is different for no other reason then when I wrote it out I wrote them in a different order. Also I changed the one that said “resist temptation” to “live an honorable life” while we do need to resist temptation we also need to be light of heart and walk with integrity. I have been thinking of these goals a lot lately. This page may or may not be done but If I change it I will post a new picture.

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updated pages plus a few new ones

I have worked more on my books and thoughts since I last posted pics of the new Book of Shadows (bos) I would like to share them with you.

This is my new title page. I added writing on the bottom that says “dedicated to the God and Goddess and all that show true power is the power to love- 2011″

I also want to share that this was a page that was made for a Practical Magic event. So on the tag is the tag line from the film which is ” there’s a little witch in every woman” When I had my Little my mom recorded some of my kid tapes onto CDs. One of them has the song about witches here is a link to a version of it, but not the one I have on my kids tape.

I also made some changes on this page. I added the writing on the right hand page that says “Welcome All with open heard and open mind. what you seek, you shall find” traditional books that were kept in shadows and secret sometimes had a warning to those who might peek inside. For me with this book that is silly as I am sharing the book with you.

This one looks plain but the words are so beautiful. This is the Wiccan Reed. It was a lot of writing!

The next page again repeats the short version of the Wiccan Reed. The back round picture is from a National Geographic magazine about a forest in Finland. The Flowers were from a perfume add in O magazine and the other papers I bought at a scrap booking store.

This is the Blessing chant written again on a picture from National Geographic magazine. The little colorful tabs you see sticking out of the top are what is working as my table of contents at the the moment. I can move them around as my ideas change.

This last photo is of the two pages together. Hope you enjoyed the update. 

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My kitchen candle.

This is how I made my current kitchen candle. I have a candle in a glass jar that I got from the dollar store. Red is for the Body and for fire which I use to cook with.image

I printed out a picture. you can draw one or write something out if you want. you can also write something out on the other side of the paper that will not be seen as easily.


wrap the paper around the candle and tape in place.


very easy to do. you can say a blessing or thank you if you wish. I also say one every time I light the candle which is every time I cook.

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poll! please answer

I want to know what you want to know. ask and you shall recive

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the wheel is turning to Mabon

And I am preparing. It has me in a contemplative mood. As we approach the equinox, the time when day and night are in balance it makes me think about what is out of balanced in my life. We all have lots of different parts of us and sometimes one or the others gets center stage. Different seasons call for different focuses as well. For me Summer is relaxing and busy all at the same time. Days stretch on and you do not feel a rush to do any particular thing. At the end of summer the days start to feel like they are rushing a little more. Things need to be attended too. Gardens need to be harvested and the fruits and vegetables need to be put up for the winter. For me the changing of the seasons always bring a subtle energy shift and it is a good time to take stock of things.  Here is one not necessarily witchy activity for you to do to take stock of your life.

on a paper list the parts of your life, ie your social life, your family life, your love life, your professional life, your financial life, your spiritual life, etc. Then make a dot on the paper where you have enough room around it and list those aspects of your life in a circle several inches away from and around the dot. As you turn the circle thing of each aspect and score it. 1 being it is not healthy and 10 being it is thriving. now place a corresponding ranking mark between the dot (1) and the written words (10). do this with each aspect.

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daily life homework

When I started this blog about a month ago I gave it the subtitle of “the heart of Wicca as I see it” For me that is living your daily life in celebration and devotion to the God and Goddess. Sometimes in our lives time slips away from us and we find a moon has gone by or maybe we are at the next Sabbat and we don’t feel like we have been connected to our God and Goddess for a while. Sometimes we feel that if we don’t devote hours to study, prayer and meditation that we are not practicing as we should be. Life is all about balance though. We all have many parts of us that make up our mind and heart and time. I for instance am a Witch, a Mother, a Daughter, a Wife and Football Fan, A cook, A Friend and caregivier etc As there are many parts of me there are just as many parts of you. We need to respect each part and give it it’s time without letting one run the whole show. For me daily practice helps me live my life as I want to and as I am most happy. My Homework assignment to my student was to come up with 3 prayers that she can recite daily. She can either read them to me or recite them to me at our next meeting. I encourage everyone to come up with these. A morning prayer, a Evening prayer and a grace. If you have these and have them memorized no matter how busy you life gets you will always feel connected. I hope this brings you joy into your life and a few simple moments of connection as it brings me.

Bright Blessings

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Goddess and God pages from my other book.



the charge of the Goddess and God are from I also printed out his Celtic Commandments. The Song of the Goddess and God are from Scott Cunningham. Yes I know I love him.

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Little Witches

I have been blessed with a Daughter who has a zest for life and a natural full blown childhood curiosity. She teaches me new things every day. To give us some order and direction in our adventures I have done a few things. One is that I made a little book for her. Well I made a little one and a big one. The little one is in one of those cheep photo albums you get at the drug store. the kind that hold 36 photos or something. The large one is in a binder in fabric zipped up binder cover The small one has her routines and information of about food and emergency contact info etc. it is the one that gets left with other people who may watch her. The large one has lots of fun thing. It has a coloring books from and from It also has various items from I also decided when she was a new born to give each month a theme that we work with.  They are as follows.

January newness and change. How do you feel about change? The new year. What do you want to change in your life etc
February relationships. Exploring your relationship with yourself your family and your community
March Manners and responsibilities
April Earth and Nature
May Music and movement
June Food.
July World cultures and geography
August Feelings and Spirituality
September Art and science
October Make believe and imagination
November Thankfulness and appreciation
December Giving and charity

This keeps us busy and always ready for exploring our world. I also keep some other toys , a set of toddler cards that I got on, and colored pencils in the binder making it the perfect to go bag.

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