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daily ramblings and upcoming radio silence.

First I should say that we are headed out on vacation later this afternoon. I am Thrilled. I think it is a much needed break from the daily stress that the family really needs right now. I am so thankful that we have the ability to do this and while we are not doing anything exotic I am thrilled we can afford a little road trip to family. That said I am guessing I wont be blogging from my in-laws. For one I plan on being in the pool with Little mostly and for two i’m not even bringing my laptop.

We should be back sometime around the full moon so don’t worry this is not one of those i’m going on vacations and never come back to the blog type posts. I also wont be working on my book while I am away. While nothing would give me more pleasure (aside from the pool bit) I am just not willing to transport all the items I would need and have the conversation about what it is with my in-laws. I love them dearly and they are sweet wonderful people, but they are not ready for that whole conversation.

Which brings me to the rambling thought of am I don’t more harm then good not having that conversation. I mean it really boggles the mind that in this day an age with all the information out there that some people still have negative views of what witches are. I mean it is one thing to have a negative view because some one choose a different religious path then you but then all the hate and lies around Witches seems really extreme at times. I and I have to wonder, how much do we contribute to it?

if we are in the broom closet then we are not having open and frank conversations with people who love us and know that were not crazy (ok well my husband thinks i’m crazy but I am pretty sure all husbands think their wives are crazy just like all parents think their child is gifted. ) What are we so scared of? Or what am I so scared of really. It is not like she can disown me or toss me out and in truth she wouldn’t love me any less because she is one of those wonderful people that love with open arms and heart. Something to contemplate. by the way did I mention my kid woke me up at 3:30 am this morning? please excuse any lack of sense to lack of sleep. Bright Blessings!

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updated ideas on my table of contents.

What have have in place so far:

  • cover page (needs a picture added.)
  • Celebrating life
  • welcome
  • The Wiccan Reed Long
  • The Wiccan Reed Short
  • Blessing chant
  • what every witch should live by
  • 13 goals of a witch
  • Family Tree these pages will have photos and bits and pieces about the Witches who helped shape my life also short version of how I came to this path.
  • code of ethics
  • before time was
  • hermetic laws
  • the heart of a Witch
  • The Goddess
  • The God
  • The Elements and invocation song
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Casting the Circle  (formal, less formal, informal)
So I have all of that in place in my book. I don’t have each page done but I have most pages partially done. After that I think I will have the following:
  • your mind and Alpha
  • Tools
  • Alters
  • Clothing/ Dress
At this point I am going to make some sort of divider and have a new Chapter or cover page. not quite sure how but it is going to be Titled Book of Days, rites and celebrations.
  • daily pages (morning, meals and evening)
  • Phases of the moon/ lunar month
  • the 13 moons of the year
  • the Wheel of the year
  • at this point I am going nontraditional and instead of having the holidays start at Samhain and end with Mabon I am going to start in January and I am going to include non-Witch holidays. I am really excited about this section
  • Baby blessings
  • God parents/ God Children
  • adulthood/ moon blood
  • handfasting
  • anniversaries
  • parenthood
  • remembrance of those that pass.
  • commitment to study or teach a new student
  • initiation
  • admissions
  • new level recognition
  • anniversaries in the craft

There is of course more that the book will include or the Books as this may be to much for one book but this is all that I have actually planned out in detail.

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Divinity – The God

A few posts ago I did a little about the Goddess and now it is the Gods turn. Like the Goddess, The God is made of and by the One. Also Like the Goddess The God has multiple aspects to him.  Unlike the Goddess it is the idea of a pagan God that has been most distorted by those who wished he didn’t exist. Also unlike the Goddess, the God is some times left out of Wicca altogether. So lets discuss the God.

The God is the primal male energy in existance. In everything. He is in everything and he is everything and everything is him. He is the Father of All Life as well has the pulsing energies you can feel in nonliving items like rocks. He is the Sun giving us light and life on our planet. He is the Horned God who is king of the bests. The wild stag and falcon. He is the Greenman protector of the forests. He is all this things and so much more because as I stated he is in everything, he is everything and everything is him.

He is celebrated by Witches generally in his life cycle that mirrors the sacred wheel of the year.  He is both the Oak King and the Holy King. God of Light and God of Dark. This does not mean light in dark in terms of good and bad it means it in the literal sense that the God of the Dark or Holly King is the God of the Dark half of the year. From Mabon to Ostra when night is longer then day.

He is of course scary. Not to me mind you but the idea of a God living in balance with nature and not dominating or destroying it,  is to much for some people to handle. He is often pictured as part beast much like Egyptian Gods and Goddess to show his oneness with Nature.  It is this aspect of the God as king of the beasts has been perverted to now represent evil. It is sad how much the idea of Nature and the natural world can scary someone. He is energy and love and life and delight.

It is sad really how the God has been treated. He has been severed. The part of him that lives on in many religions (no not all and not all interpretations of said religions) Is more of a Stern father. The abundance of love and spark of life are often carved away to leave an imposing figure that you better not get angry with you. Whats more is that some Witches leave him out all together. The worship only a Goddess and leave him out entirely.

In everything there is both Male and Female energies. In everything there is the God and the Goddess. They are two and they are one. For me it is embracing of the wholeness of life that makes the most sense.

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Pages in progress Goddess and Water.

First let me say happy New Moon to all. In our neck of the woods at least it is a beautiful fall day. Sharp and cool this morning and now warm and clear. Today is a wonderful day to embark on new projects. Perhaps when you did your self work around Mabon you found there were some areas in you life that were out of balance. Today is a great day to ask the Goddess and God to help bring your life back into balance and embark on a project to compliment that request.  For example if you noticed that you are not taking care of your self in the way that you should you can think of one thing like a 15 min walk that you can do to move your health in a better direction. That said enjoy new beginnings and here are some pages I’m working on.image

This is my Water page. It is just started but I am working on it and I thought I would share. Just like everyone else my life is crazy at times with lots to do. Some days/ weeks I have more time to work on my book then others. As I have said before though it is a process and I am enjoying the process.


This is the Song of the Goddess. It is from Cunningham. The images are ones that will eventually make their way some where on to this page but I am not sure how yet. I also have some other images that I need to print out and use because certian Goddess figures resonate with me. Venus of Willendorf being one of them

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Stove top humidifier

this glass pot has been living on my stove. It is full of water with some lavender and rosemary and eucalyptus leaves. I refill the water through out the day. It is helping us all breath better and making the air really nice.image

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Mabon Ritual

On Friday we had our Mabon Ritual. It was amazingly lovely and just what I needed. We had it at my moms place which is more out in the country and had it out in her back yard which is a magical place. Firstly because my mother has a deep love of plants and so her gardens are wonderful and secondly because I was married almost in the very spot we had our circle.

The sun was just seating dropping from view through the oak trees and down  into the ocean. The wind was light but present enough to make the wind chimes hanging on the house and tress ring. We marked out the points of directions on the circle with small bowls of water with floating candles. We set up an outside patio table as our altar. There on the fallen oak leaves in the flickering candle light and the faint light of setting sun we cast our circle.

We talked about falling leaves and letting go of regrets so that we may prepare for the new growth. We thanked the Goddess and God for their love and blessings. We shared the stories of Demeter and Persephone and the story of Mabon. The Sun melted away and wind picked up a little but the Candles didn’t blow out.   There were only 3 of use due to this icky cold that is going around but it was wonderful and personal and moving.  As always it was just what I needed.

Afterwards as we shared a pot of peppermint tea and some pomegranates and talked and laughed and thought about what we wanted to do in this coming dark half of the year.  I am so thankful to have these women in my life (as well as the two who were not present) I can always find strength compassion and insight from my time with them. As always I am thankful.

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Mabon mini ritual focus on Emotional Balance

The theme for today is emotional balance. Again just taking moments through the day to do a self check of my emotions and looking at how I am dealing with my emotions. Am I expressing them in a healthy way? Am I bottling them? Am I letting other peoples emotional tides sweep me away? Lucky for me I am tested several times a day by my darling toddler who is exploring her place in the world and working on asserting her independence. Oh what lessons we can learn from our children.

A simple meditation can be helpful. Get comfortable and center yourself. State your intention something like “Goddess and God I ask you to help guide me in finding how I may better bring my emotions back to balance.” Breath in and out and still your mind. First take your minds eye and look all over your body. Do you see anything that sticks out to you? Are there hot spots?  If there are look deeper and see if you can see the cause of it. Often times when we hold things in or don’t express our emotions in healthy ways they show up as physical manifestations. You know the expression stomach tied in knots. After you have done your physical check still your mind again and see if any emotions or events that trigger emotions come to your mind. If some thing does come to your mind look at it. Thank the Goddess and God and ask if they have more to share with you. Continue this as new emotions or events come to mind. When you feel you are done Thank the Goddess and God again.

What I have learned about my self the last few days is that I really need to take time and slow things down. I really do have the time. Most things will only take me a second or two and I can absolutely do them. If you have been given information during this experience you may want to journal about it and figure out how you will take action on it. Which is great because tomorrows theme is Action.

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Hubby is sick and so no body got good sleep last night. I am entirely to sleepy to try to articulate something profound and so I will just stick to daily life and my mini ritual of the day to prepare for Mabon. I will save my post on the Oak/Holly King for later.

Todays focus is mental and communication. When I get sleepy my communication skills kind of go out the window. case in point this is the second time I have written this post. apparently the first time I was not really signed in even though it looked like I was. I don’t know like I said I get shall we say duller when tired. Making today the perfect day to actually pay close attention to my communication skills.

Communication is really and art form and I think how you communicate is directly related to your happiness. Are you able to ask for what you want or articulate your needs in a way that the other party can hear you and wants to help you? Do you speak with care to those you care about? Words are manifestations of thoughts, both which carry power. Try to take a step back and look at how you are communicating. If you are able to be heard you are more likely to feel more in balance with your world.

A few examples: I tend to be an emotional person. When I am excited about something I want others to be excited too. Like a new Idea be happy with me first and then bring me down with your logic. So when I am over the moon about something I tell my hubby “I am going to tell you something and I am really excited/ happy/ sad about it and I need you to be too when I tell you” He knows what his first response has to be 🙂 another good phrase we have is when the other is launching in to I have a big problem and no one gets me type talk the other says “do you want me to fix it or do you just need to vent.?” viola! we can sit back and go “oh honey that is just awful”  I am sure that all couples have these phrases to help their communication along and I thought I would share ours. Bright Blessings and Sweet Dreams.


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first Mabon mini ritual focus on the body and cleansing

This Friday is Mabon and because I like to make everything a multi-day production (seriously I do, wait till you hear about Thanksgiving) I have started tonight. I am not sure which night we are going to do our ritual since we are not an official coven we tend to plan things the week of. By official I mean that we are all really Solitary Withes but we have been celebrating the sabbats together. Anyway so I am not sure what day we are going to do our “actual” ritual, but I am doing a few mini rituals. Tonight ritual is a simple focus on the physical body and Cleansing.

The change of season seems to always bring with it a little cold or virus for folks. Some of it has to do with kids being back in school and so they are now exposed to everyone else’s germs. Some of it is just the temperature fluctuation and the changing of the season. Not only do I HATE being sick, I am simply not allowed. I have a little one that counts on me and there is no such thing as a day off from being a mom.  So it is a good time to do a little cleansing of the house and of the self to protect your self from germs. On top of this my Hubby is sick and I just don’t want the germs. So tonight focus is keeping my physical body in balance. I guess now is as good as time as any to say that I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be one and I do in fact go see my doctor when I need to. These are some things that I do for my family and me to keep us healthy other then seeing the doctor.

Look at the food that you have been eating. Is it healthy for you? Are you making good choices with how you choose to nourish your body? You can be consuming tons of calories but if they are not real food they may not sustain you. This will leave you feeling lousy and hungry and with a depressed immune system, which makes it easier for you to catch a cold. If you find yourself making choices that are not the best for you it’s a good time to sit down and figure out a solution. (in my world we don’t have problems, we have opportunities for solutions and growth) One thing that I have found made a huge difference to us is that I block out a 15 min time every week to plan menus for the whole week. Down to the snack food. We eat 3 meals a day plus about 3 snacks. I plan that all out and write up my shopping list. When I go to the store I know just what I need and I am make sure I have healthy good food on hand and that I am never getting so hungry that I am just grabbing for the nearest thing that is not bolted down. I also LOVE for the weeks I’m to busy to plan. I just print out the whole thing and I’m done.

Next look at you exercise. Are you moving your body the way it needs to be moved? Personally I chase after a toddler all day long so I feel like I am doing pretty good in this department. I could really add some yoga in and in the past I have also done like 10 min interval training which I liked. The other thing I know I need to work on is my breath. I have a nasty habit of holding my breath some times when I am concentrating. Not good so I am going to work on that.

Next to last I am going through the house and cleaning off all surfaces that are touched and could harbor germs. Pay special attention to door knows and cabinet pulls and the sort. As you clean you can visualize the germs leaving and being replace with strong white/ green healthy light that repels germs and bad vibes. After you are satisfied with this it is on to the last and my favorite step. Which is to take a nice long hot soak in the tub. I will be adding some sea salt and some rosemary and lavender.  Let it soak in and cleanse your body. Again picture all the little germs just flinging themselves off you and being covered in a nice little suit that repels them. Sea Salt is cleansing and Lavender and Rosemary are protective herbs by nature. by the way we are also in the last quarter of the waning moon so an excellent time to banish germs.

Little mini rituals like this help me keep the focus of the change in season. For me, as I said the Equinox is all about bringing myself back into balance and taking a few nights to look at that help me gently make changes to better honor myself and my place in nature.


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Divinity The Goddess

Between the pages with the Hermetic Laws and the Elements is my Divinity Section. I am having a hard time with it simply because I am having a hard time articulating all of it. I thought I would “think out loud” so to speak and write some here to see if I could come to some writings that I like. First I will tell you that my book is set up to have one page on The One/ The All/ Dryghtnyn, followed by four pages for the Goddess and four for the God. For this post or writing I am going to mostly concentrate on The Goddess but I am trying to explain the over all Divine as well. And really they are all connected so you can’t have the Goddess with out the God or the One.

If you read before time was, you can see that in the beginning, before time was there was The One. Who was everything and nothing. The Goddess and God were created of The One and By the One. This its self is important because it speaks to the duality of everything and that as we know energy never dies it just is formed in different ways. So the God and Goddess are the One and The One is the twin forms of the Goddess and God.

The Goddess chose the Moon as her symbol and we talk of her in her different lunar phases, as the Triple Goddess. Waxing to full to waning or Maiden Mother Crone. Really we are speaking of the cycle of life creation preservation and destruction only to start a new. The Moon does have so much of a pull on what happens on the Earth, the tides and water flow at the influence of the Moon. Women bleed with the moon and we know that Humans from the beginning of our time have followed the moon and starts and sun to track time. We also are just learning that our ancestors tracked the time of the moon to harvest shell fish in abundance, which lead to the development of our brain. The Moon and Sun are very much vital to our existence.

The Goddess and God are not metaphors, they are real. The Divine energy that is in all things is both female and male. Sometimes we get confused and we see the Goddess as a human woman. Perhaps she appears to us in this form in visions. If she does it is a relation on how we choose to see her for the Goddess is not just Goddess to us, she is again in everything. She IS everything. We call her Great Mother not because femaleness is regulated to the creation of children, but because she is the mother and Creator of all. Her energy flows through everything giving it life and energy. When we talk of her in her Maiden aspect we are talking about the power that is growing and the newness of things. New ideas taking shape in our mind or realities. We are talking about the creation aspect.  Similarly when we speak of her as the Crone or the destruction aspect we see her as one that knows all, and has much to teach.  The cycle must always complete itself for it is the very rhythm of life.  We may speak of her in as the Triple Goddess and perhaps we speak of one aspect but the other two are always present as well. She is the bondless female energy in all things.


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