If you’re Happy and you know it write it down.

If your Happy and you Know it write it down

I have been meaning to share this for a few days but the cold/ sickness has gotten the best of me. So here it is. I sometimes worry that all the fun little details will be lost in the hustle and bustle of life. We will do something have a marvelous time and then months or weeks or even sadly days later we have moved on and forgotten the enjoyment. So I covered an old coffee tin (my tins are actually cardboard) and wrote on it “If you’re happy and you know it write it down” I stuck it on our side board in our dinning room next to some pens and added a pad of paper. Little has now added a plethora of bright-colored post it notes there too.
The plan is to daily or as often as we think of it. To write what is making us happy. what we are grateful for and pop the note in the jar.

This goes beyond the family though as I am encouraging guests to use it as well. I plan to look at them and read them aloud on new years eve.

ok that’s it for today!

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Mad mission for me

So here I am reeling from our 3rd life interrupting sickness in as many months. I knew coming into 2014 that this year would be the year of self-care. I know I have neglected me. Its gotten to the point where feeling stressed out and in crisis is my normal feeling. That’s not good. It’s not right and it’s not helpful. Of course guess what it makes me sick. There is a shocker right. So time to take a step back and evaluate.

so now I’m on a mad mission to take care of me and I am starting with the food. It seems when I get buys that my ability to eat good food disintegrates. Take today. We (Little and I) were morning people today. Which means she has school in the morning and I have work in the morning. So I woke up helped her get dressed feed her, took the dog out, feed the dog etc etc. You know the life of a mom. What ended up happening is that I walked out the door without having eaten. fast forward its 1pm I still have not eaten and I am leaving the office to go pick up Little. Who announces that she is hungry and thirsty. I do have some snacks in the car and so I get a few handfuls of trail mix. We rush home. I take the dog out. Get little situated with a snack and some water and then off we go again on more errands. During said errands I make a bad food choice in the form of a lot of sugar and even though I feel better at the moment I know I will pay for it later. I guess it convinced me and I got to thinking of what I was reading last night. A very inspiring post on eating clean and doing a sunday prep. It got me thinking of doing a food prep day or days. I got to thinking of the different foods that would work for me and my family and the first two are what I’m sharing with you in this post.

I am slightly embarrassed by the first one. I joined in the salad in jar craze. I don’t know. I hope it works. It does seem like something I can grab and be able to have lunch at work. It also seems like a nice pre made lunch I can have at home when I am in the middle of life.


I also made 12 smoothie packs. I was inspired by this blog and modified the recipe based on the fruit I already had in the freezer. I plan to make some with her recipe because they sound good. It didn’t take that much time to put them all together which is nice and I am sure doing them all in a big batch like that actually would save time as opposed to doing them individually each morning. Whats more the work is done which frankly is needed in my crazy mornings. One last benefit is that no more greens melting before I get to them! I do hate to waste food. Win win win!

now I’m working on list of foods that I might make every week during food prep day. Do you have any foods you make every week? do you have foods you wish you made every week?

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Starting my day


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This Weeks Dinners

Chicken au Champagne

chix champagne

Mexican Baked Eggs and fruit. I always make breakfast for dinner on a full moon.

Mexican Baked Eggs 500 6853

Tomato tart and green salad

tomato tart sq 1_thumb[2]

Bibimbap With Beef Bulgogi


Pizza and Movie Night


Honey Glazed Chicken, Peach, and sweet Potatoes Kabobs.


Blackberry Glazed Grilled Pork Chops


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Know thyself lists

The journey unfolds. If your just joining me, welcome. I have decided (after a lecture from several people) to do a bit of a life overhaul. Not in the “I hate my life, everything must change”,  type of way but more in a I need to be more conscious of the choices I am making for me. So I decided to start with 13 goals of a witch and work thought them while bring my life more in line with what I want it to be. I have started with Know yourself.


I am still working on my lists but here is the progress I have made. I got to thinking about the various ways we can contribute to our health and having watched the movie Chasing Mavericks recently I kept thinking about what Frosty said about the 4 pillars of a person. So this image came to my head. As you know I’m not an artist per say but I don’t mind.  After writing the headings I decided to go back and write in some supporting characteristics of the categories.


I tried a few different ways  to write down a list of things I wanted to do every day but I don’t feel that either list is really complete and so this one is still a work in progress.


Then there is the long list of everything I have to do. I have actually gone back and added a few more things. I know this picture made some people (poor miss Jennie) freak out because it is too much.  Dear Jennie is absolutely right. It is too much, but currently this is everything on my plate.  So It is now a question of culling and delegating.  I still think without this list I still might feel like I should be able to get it all done and do more.

Having done the work to understand where I stand at this very moment I am choosing to move forward and start with examining and working on my Physical pillar. I am starting there as 1. my health is a little bit of an issue at the moment. 2. I tend to ignore my physical body more than I should. 3 this is the vessel for the other pillars so I want to sure it up.  I am starting this again just by observation. I am observing how my body is carrying out its tasks and recording some key information. I am keeping a food diary. I have done this before and it is always interesting. I am writing  down amounts of food I eat (roughly) but more I am writing  down what did I eat, why did I eat? When did I eat? How did I feel after and what did I think of the food, the flavor?  I am also trying to up my water intake as that always helps and I have yet to meet a person who drinks enough water. I will probably start adding in sleep notes too.

I have started a section in my Filofax called “a better me” and that is where I’m writing all this down. Btw if you’re wondering from the picture above with the big list that is a Personal Metropol Filo in Red and it has the Lime Tree Fruits calendar

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What do I have to do


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What do I have to do


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Know Yourself a new journey begins. BOS What a witch should live by

The other day I was trying to film a video for The Pagan mama about how to deal with yourself and take care of your health.  I tried and tried and tried and just couldn’t do it.  See the problem was that I felt like a phony. I know I was not being authentic as I was not dealing with my health in the proper ways.  So I thought I would delve back into my self work and share it with you.  I think we are all on a journey and sometimes I get off my path and must get back on and I think others probably feel the same way.

I have talked about it all with you before, wearing to many hats.  I realize that I do have a lot going on in my life and it is high time I am honest with myself about it.  so to start getting back to being authentic or getting real with myself I thought I would make a couple of lists. Because I like lists and I will share them with you later tonight as I prefer to write them out by hand instead of type them. So I will share you my list headings and maybe you will feel compelled to join me and make your own.

List one: what are the things I HAVE to do?  that take my time what are my real responsibilities

list two What are the things I like to do daily?

list 3 What things do I feel are lacking or need to be added.

ok I’m off to list and will report back later 🙂


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Back to Rhythm

A lot has happened for Little in the past few months.
We have moved
She has started preschool
Which means she is not playing with her nanny
Mama has had to work more
Daddy has had to work in a different city sometimes.
Pretty much her whole world got turned upside down.

While it has been tough for me I am an adult and have some coping skills to deal with it. Truth be told even though most of the changes have been positive they are still some times hard. I have been having a rougher time dealing with it then I thought.

Sometimes I’m slow on the uptake but I realized if I am having a hard time coping then what must she be going through?

So finally yesterday I printed out her routines for her. She has had them before. She calls them her maps. Her map of How to get to bed.

I always start with our night routine because it sets up the morning to work well. You can find this one here.

Her map of how to get herself ready in the morning.  You can find a morning routine in the same place or you can find this one here.
Litte was really happy to see them. She loves to know what is coming next and loves to feel like she is “in charge” of her getting ready. I choose this morning routine because it had a hair brush on it and that is something Little does not like at all! Already she has seen it and gone over the routine and said that she needs to brush her hair which is a small miracle given usually that is somewhat of a daily battle. I love setting her up for success and not having to nag. All in all a win win!

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Delicious Experimental Raw Jam


Yesterday was jam day at Case de Cielo (which is what I have named my house) and I decided to make an experimental raw jam. It turned out amazing!

I am beyond pleased with it. It’s not overly sweet and the taste of the fruit really came out.
ingredients are fresh fruit
chia seeds (1 tablespoon per one cup of fruit)

How I made it.

I filled up my 6 cup cuisinart with strawberries and one Plout. Little hit the pulse button a few times until we had the right constancy.

We put the processed fruit in a large bowl and added 6 tablespoons of chia seeds in. We also added in what I will guess was maybe half a cup of local honey, and the juice of one lemon from our tree.

we mixed it up with a spoon and put it into jars, and put the jars in the fridge. This morning we had it on toast and it was so yummy!


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