Bees and plums



I went out to this beautiful tree to pick some plums for the folks of the office and as I got closer I could tell the air was a live with buzzing I know the bees are all over a nearby Salvia (I think not sure what it is yet) but the tree is no longer in flower but fully in fruit as I got closer this is what I saw


All over the tree bees are busily filling themselves on the sweet ripe plums. The property down the hill from us have bee boxes and I am guessing that is why we are blessed with so many. I wonder what the honey taste like if it is from plum juice.


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Mr No Tail

This is Mr No Tail or NT for short. He is a particularly fat lizard and lives right outside our kitchen door. Thought you might to meet some of our neighbors ūüôā


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what i’m thinking

I am happy to say I got a lot accomplished yesterday.

I did figure out how and when to water my garden. I got the hubs to hook of the washer (by mentioning it several days ago and waiting for him to run out of socks ahem)

I also got a lot of my schedule sorted out though it needs a little polishing.

Sadly while figuring out the water I slipped and took a spill. Yesterday my back and leg and arm hurt today just my arm. seems to be radiating down from shoulder. boo! ¬†Of course I think a bath fixes everything and last night I found out I couldn’t have a bath. ūüė¶ apparently the tub has one of those flip stoppers and it completely seized. Which of course makes that todays goal to un-seize it.

I am turning over a few new ideas in my head. They are just starting to form but I think I’m going to embark on a new project. This house we bought is way bigger then the old one. Despite that it is fairly sustainable. We have tons of solar panels on the roof and I am told the electricity bill for last year was $4. There are loads of native plants many that are drought tolerant and there is watering systems put in to lower the water usage. There is a vegetable garden with fruit trees and wild blackberries. So I have been thinking oh sustainability and being ecological can be beautiful. ¬†I want to find more ways to make this home ecological and more beautiful. As I said I just started turning the idea over in my head so I’m not sure where its going yet.

and now I’m off to tackle todays to do list ūüôā

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back to basics

today I have seen the spotted towhee and the scrub jays. I saw a bird I don’t know which might be a grosbeak type two acorn wood peckers and a wren and a titmouse (I think) and lots and lots of humming birds both Annas and Alans. I am clearly going to need a better camera to get pics of the ones I don’t know so someone can tell me what they are. At the very least I clearly need a better bird book.

so here I am in a beautiful house with a beautiful yard and I feel completely out of sorts. I am grumpy and snappy and just not doing well. Of course it is because we are moving and so much is changing. of course it is stress but there are different ways of dealing with stress. There is the freak out option. The constant fight or flight heart racing cranky person or (in my world anyway) there is the calm person who writes down lots of lists and systematically tackles them.

<oh my stars I just saw the hugest raven out my window maybe 15 feet from me and at eye level soar by. made me catch my breath.>

And so I am going back to my basics, which I think is a good idea whenever it feels like you have too much. I also am now in a house much bigger and much different then my last one.

So I need a routine for keeping it clean and running. I will be using Flylady

I have a kid who is out of sorts and who doesn’t feel as connected to her mama as I have been working so much and even when I’m home I am working instead of playing. And so I am going back to our Rhythm of play and fun.


I have a HUGE yard that I have no idea how to take care of and so I need a routine for that. including when and how to water. I also need a list of things that must be done in the garden like build a deer fence around the fruit trees and vegetable garden. I also want to start a dream list that will include chickens and bees and maybe goats. shorter term I need a few more vegetable beds.

so todays goal is simply to make all the lists and find my map so to speak. plan out the journey of accomplishing the duties that need to be accomplished.  Knowing where I stand and where I am going always make me feel better and take my  from crazy lady to calm and cheerful. Hope this day finds you bright and happy.

‚̧ Poppy

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Garden mess masterpeice


The California Poppies have finally started to show their cheery faces all over the yard.


This is an interesting picture for a few reasons. The first is that you can see my¬†husbands¬†and my compromise on our back yard. I have a very loose¬†interpretation¬†of the word weed. After all¬†those¬†“weeds” are wild radish, plantain, and poppies. So he cute a swath down as a path way (he did avoid the bunch of poppies though) and I get the rest to be wild so the bees, bugs and fea like my yard ūüôā

You can also see our dwarf lemon which I have brought back from the brink my planting peas around it in the fall (those lovely purple flowers you see) and squash around it in the spring.


Here is a close up on the squash I just planted. Don’t ask me what it is either¬†because¬†I don’t know. Some sort of winter squash that we ate and I kept the seeds.


Here are more of them coming up through last years squash. It was a patty pan though I had meant to plant the mini pumpkins.  In a week or so I will thin these out and give the extras away to folks.


These are all my¬†tomato¬†volunteers. I don’t harvest the last bit of things and so they stay in the¬†garden¬†and come up again in the spring just like normal plants. ¬†I try to plant lots of different things in the same space so that the soil doesn’t get depleted. so far it has worked ¬†well. I call it lazy¬†gardening, though intuitive might work too. ¬†I am¬†certainly¬†not the first person to leave an offering in the¬†field.


These are the sugar snaps and we did plant them this year as Little is a huge fan. I tried to leave some last year but I think the birds got all of them. This plant is part of our summer morning routine. We go out into the garden and have peas off the vine first thing.


I let a chard go to seed last year. It went wild. I have a ton and even found one in my front yard under my deck.


Apparently I also had parsley because I know have a ton of little parsley plants coming up everywhere.

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The first ones in my yard!

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Chard volunteers


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Tomato sprouts


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More spring flowers

We went for a walk in our neighborhood and one of our¬†neighbors¬†had these sweet little flowers and some succulents out with a Little sign that said “Free” a small little pansy but it brought such a big smile to Little’s face.

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Friday Five! Garden edition 1.25.13

Imbolc is right around the corner which to this California girl means blessing seeds. so here are some fun garden ideas. By the way we didn’t get the¬†house¬†we offered on and I decided it is ok as I am going to need more sun for these wonderful gardens ūüôā

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

I think Little would love one of these!

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

hanging salad! Gives kitchen garden a whole new name.

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

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