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Shield and Ground, Shield and Ground Life of an Empath Peaceful and Sound


How to shield oneself.

Given that all almost every pagan I have met is some form of empath one of the first thing I teach my students is how to ground and how to shield. If you are an empath going out in the world without a shield is like leaving your home out into a blizzard without a coat.

There are lots of different ways to do this and you are going to have to find one that works for you. If you are an empath it is absolutely irresponsible to not to learn and practice these skills. You can cause harm to yourself and your family. You know the saying if mama ain’t happy aint no body happy. Well if you just walk around like a giant magnet for everyone’s energy you’re going to feel icky and that affects your family. You may also start to feel depressed or fatigued and you not only don’t need to but you shouldn’t have to. That choice however is up to you. I know I may sound harsh but I am so saddened by the amount of sensitive souls I see that are harming themselves and then feeling awful and sometimes lashing out at others. I don’t want you to be in pain. I don’t want you to suffer. I want you to take responsibility for your care.

How to ground.
This is the one I use and teach but there are others.
To start with you must take deep breaths and calm yourself. Breathe yourself into your body. Wiggle your toes and shift your attention to each part of your body. When you get to your crown breathe in and then visualize roots coming out of your feet or your bum going down, down, down into the earth. If say you are on the 30th floor you just have to visualize really long roots. Make your roots strong and feel yourself as part of the earth. Let excess energy flow down the roots into the earth.

How to shield.

Center yourself and slow and deepen your breath. (Yes you can do this in public without people noticing) you are going to want to create a bubble around you. You can do it several ways here is just a few.
1. Breath out and blow your bubble up so that it surrounds you.
2. Picture a golden (or color of your choice) starting at your feet and swirling up around you creating a shield around you.
3. Again breath in and out and picture a bright light glowing inside of you and you breath in it grows and grows until you are surrounded in blinding bright light.
You get my point it. Working with your breath you are going to construct some sort of bubble around you. When you are in a situation that you feel to be particularly bad see your bubble as a mirror. See your reflection in it and picture the energy or emotion coming at you being reflected back to the own of it.

A final note. I have heard some folks say they don’t like this idea as they feel it will make them disconnected with their loved ones or the energy exchange that they do with their children. This can be true or it cannot be true. It is completely up to you and how you build your bubble or circle. You can also use words to set your intention of your bubble. Such as
“Within this bubble I’m safe from unwanted energy or emotion. I am in charge of my being and in charge of my energy. I freely let energy flow unless it would be harmful for me.”

This might not be easy at first and that’s ok. It is a learned skill and the more you do it the easier it will become. Eventually you will be able to just snap a bubble around you or put up a mirror when you feel unwanted energy.
Brightest Blessings.

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E is for Every Blessed Day

If you want to get better at something practice everyday. I will not say practice makes perfect because I don’t believe in perfection but it does make you better.

Lets take magic. I think of magic like running. Even if you are born with an amazing talent for running that talent will only take you so far and only when you practice and hon your skills will you be a truly amazing runner. Following this thought if you want to improve your running you would set up a practice scheduled  you might not practice the same thing or do the same run every day. You may run stairs one day and track the next day and then the next a trial, but every day you work on it. You do something to make you better.

Magic is the same way. You may or may not have been born with talent, but to be truly amazing you must hon your skills. You must practice. You must study but you must practice. If you want to get better with casting a circle. Cast one. sit in it see how it feels. examine it to make sure it is strong. The next day cast another, the next day another. Keep doing it until it feels natural to you, until it hums right. Once you have the hang of it and it feels right, you have to keep up the practice. Maybe not every day but often enough that you can keep up the feel of it being natural. If too much time has passed it often feels like you have to force your concentration as opposed to being in practice and it all just coming to you.

This might sound intimidating but it need not be. Honestly you can cast circles and hold mini rituals in a matter of minuets.



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E is for Esteem (spell)

I know I missed D but for all the other ones make sure you check out my Book of Magic.

This is an old spell and it is not mine, I don’t think. I know the first time I did it with someone was well over 10 years ago. I was working at a domestic violence shelter and one of our clients was pagan so we did this for her. I will always remember the profound impact it had on her. She had tears streaming down her face during it and in the end it did work.

First up write a list of 11 things you are proud of. Things you do well  and they can be anything from balancing the checkbook, cooking, writing, meeting deadlines at work. you get the point no matter how big or how small. Then write a list of 10 things you wish you did better, or you feel you don’t do well. Again no matter how little how little or how small.

Take both lists and find a mirror. It can be a full mirror or hand-held mirror. you may light a candle if you like.

Look yourself in the eyes. This is not as easy as it sounds.
say ” I love you (your name)  because you (something from your good list)
“I love you (your name) because you (something from your bad list)
Alternate as you go through the list. you will start and end with something you feel you do well. Make sure you are looking yourself in the eye as you tell your self all the reasons you love you.

so as an example
I love you Poppy because you cook nice good food for your family
I love you Poppy because you cannot balance a checkbook

This can then be followed for as long as needed with a one line love letter journal entry. Every day write one thing you love about yourself.

Self esteem does not crash overnight and it may take a time to build it back up. You are wonderful as the person you are right now. We all have flaws and waiting for us to be perfect before we love ourselves is seating ourselves, our family and society up to fail. Be kind to yourself. You are amazing!

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C is for Chocolate Chip Cookie of Compassion (spell)

I have always been a witch, in a religious and spiritual way as well as a practical daily way. That said there are still great religious leaders of other faiths that I have enjoyed learning from. The Dalai Lama is one. I find him brilliant though I do not practice Buddhism, And though I do not practice Christianity I do enjoy some of their leaders. One such person is Joyce Meyer. I like her spunk and I like that she talks about doing the right thing and taking personal responsibility for yourself. You may be wondering what on earth that has to do with cookies. Years ago I listened to a CD of hers and she had a line that stuck me. Basically if it was something like if your feeling bad for yourself  go make cookies and bring them to someone else. This gets you doing something and thinking about something else.  So this spell is based on that line

Sometimes we get very caught up in our own world of needs, and wants, and responsibilities. Sometimes this makes us short with the ones we care about. Sometimes we get in to the silly argument of my life is harder than yours. This is as I said, just silly. We all have our mountains to climb. We all have our obstacles.  So have a little love for others that are going through it too. Have some compassion and show it with this cookie.

This recipe is based on my college roommates recipe but you can use any chocolate chip cookie recipe you like. For that matter if they don’t like chocolate chip then you can make them another type of cookie.

Preheat the oven to 350
mix in a bowl
1 cup almond butter or peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg and as many chocolate chips as you like
put on a cookie sheet with parchment paper rows of tablespoon amount cookies. Then bake for 10 min.

Now being a kitchen witch I am always “playing” with my food. I visualize and pour in energy. So while your mixing maybe you can add in the spice of love or better health or overcoming obstacles. I am assuming you know a little something about what this person is going through and so you can add that appropriate intention.

When the cookies are all done. Pack them up and bring them to your friend. Maybe even sit down to some cookies and tea and make a point to just listen to their needs. Or invite them to your house and do the same. Since you know me and how I feel about spells for or on other people. I suggest you say something like “by the way these are extra special cookies I made just for you and I put the intention in that…….” You can reword it depending on how much that person believes in magic or if prayer is better to say or what have you.

Again I can’t take full credit for this spell because it all happened one night on The Pagan Mama when we were brain storming C words.  Also one night when Little was 2 ish I posted on my facebook page that I wanted to run away (if you’re a mom you get this) Hubby was home, baby was asleep. A dear friend wrote back and said her baby was asleep why don’t I come over for some fresh-baked cookies.  It was just what I needed and made me feel worlds better.

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C is for Car Protection (spell)


or a really big purse depending on how you look at it. (change of clothes for little check, snacks check, water check)

either which was unfortunately we are in our car a lot. We live in a wonderful place that has many wonderful things but a walking town is not one of them. Yes we can walk we just can’t say walk to the library or to get groceries.  So in the car we go.  Which means a protection spell of course and as it is a car it should a song that is sung loudly. so channel your inner Chuck Berry and belt it out

“Driving around in my automobile
My cars protected by the Gods seal,
I blow a kiss to the 4 directions
and ask them for their protection
no harm shall come to us you know
we are safe everywhere we go”

With all things magic there is the work to be done. Do a serious cleans of your car now and then. Clean it all out, wash it up. gets is fluids all up and oil changed. Smudge the vehicle and then just like a house hold your hands up about an inch off the car and build your protection into the walls of the car.

P.S. Thank you to The Pagan Mama’s who helped me brain storm which C spell to do this week. They had so many good ideas  I will have another delicious spell on posted on Saturday

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C is for calm and comfort (Spell)


I know I should be talking about cleaning and cleansing given the season so maybe next week. This week here are two more pages out of my Book of Magic.
The first page is a labyrinth I can trace with my finger as I saw the words
Round and Round
Up and down
deep breath in
and stressed breath out.

The second page can be said before getting into a bath (you know how I love my baths!) or when lighting a candle.
Goddess and God within
Goddess and God without
Comfort, sooth and nourish my soul
so the negativity does not take its toll
I do my part to take care of me.
This is my will so mote it be!

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Building a Boundary (bonus spell)

boundary spell  bookofshadowsandblessings.wordpress.com

Here is a page from my spell book. As I am doing the Pagan Blog Project with just spells this year I decided to make a new spell book with just spells.

I find this one very useful.

If you can’t read my writing 🙂 It says
Boundary, Boundary, Boundary, Bright
in the dark and in the light
Nothing passes through this line
unless they be friends of mine

You can build this mentally or you can also make the line out of salt.

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B is for Blues Be Gone Bath

If you have read my blog you know I am generally an upbeat person. I try to focus on the positive because lets face it we all have the negative and it is easy to lose yourself in the Swamp of Sadness (if you don’t know that reference you NEED to watch Never Ending Story) This however does not mean that I am one of those naturally bubbly person. Now even people who know me, might be surprised by this. My positivity is something that is cultivated.

So when I need a little extra pick-me-up I always go for a bath. For one I love a bath. I use them for a lot of work but Blues-be-gone and Sick-be-gone are two of my favorite. For me the firs thing to do is draw a very hot bath.  I also sprinkle maybe half a cup of my detox bath mix in the bath. I make a batch of this use it till its gone then make a new batch. You can see from the picture above I keep in a Ball canning jar. I just put all the ingredients in and shake it up. then I can pour it right from the jar.
Detox bath mix
1 cup epsom salt
1 cup baking soda
1 tablespoon ginger

Soak in the tub and let your body and mind relax. This is also a good time to do meditation. When you feel you are done with the bath. visualize all the blues and sadness being drawn out of your body and into the bath water.
Say these or similar words
“Blues and Sadness be gone from me!
Sadness and blues you must flee!
Happiness will now abound,
For I am wrapped in love from all around!
Pull the stop and let the water leach the sadness out of your body and take it down the drain with it.

Towel off and go drink 2 glasses of water. You need to replenish

And if you read my post earlier about being in a broom closet, this is yet another spell you can do in the broom closet again even if you live with non-pagan friendly folk.


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B is for Baby (spell)


photo credit: limaoscarjuliet via photopin cc

I am at a certain age where many of my friends are actually TRYING to get pregnant. So this is a spell based on one I wrote for a friend of mine. As I said when I do my spell work, I tend to write a new spell for each individual and need. I would also like to state explicitly (as I have said before) that spells should be done “for the good of all” You will notice that this is a spell that is done with a partner. If your partner is like mine, and doesn’t believe in such nonsense you still need to let them know that you are doing it, and get their permission.

This unlike most spells does not have to be done with the phase of the moon. It should be done when you are ovulating, and before sex. You will want something that symbolizes a baby to you. Maybe a picture or a baby outfit or a statue. What ever speaks to you.
Make sure your bedroom and altar are tidy.

Hold the object between you and your partner’s hand. Place your other hand over theirs and they will do the same. Look into your partners eyes and say this or similar words.

“I love you and you love me,
Together we create our family.
A little being of love and light
sent to us this very night
We promise to be good and true
and to help with all of what life has planned for you.
we offer you us. that’s all we can do
a loving family that is just missing you.”

Once the this is done place your item on your altar so that you will be reminded of it often. And go about the fun part of trying 🙂
You will also want to start acting as if you are pregnant. See my Laws of Attraction post from last week. This means among other things taking your prenatal drinking lots of water and making sure you the vessel of life are calm and comfortable as possible. I am not going to pretend that pregnancy is actually a comfortable state of being. I have heard it is for some but then for others it is kind of rough, the point is to stay peaceful.


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