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Rule # 4 slow down and do it now

As I attempt to be an adult this is the rule I struggle with the most. It also has some very different applications in my life. First there is the day to day. See I have what I like to call grasshopper brain. It jumps for thing to thing always in motion. I look at a pile of laundry and think I need to do this and I think oh I will right after I do x. but then I come across the pile an hour later and lo and behold it still is not folded or put away!  At this point I make a face at the pile and think oh yeah I need to do that but then I get distracted again until I meet my nemesis face to face later still looking innocent sitting in a laundry basket. At this point I’m in a rush to fold it and put it away. Sometimes Little tries to help by putting all the clothes I fold back into the basket or on the floor. Sometimes I’m cranky. More about the cranky later but her is this huge energy suck that put me in a cranky mood and all I had to do was just do it now. Fold it the first time. Fold it and put it away right away. Just in case you are wondering I don’t really have the laundry problem that much anymore thanks to flylady. The overall point can be applied to many things though.

There is a trickier version of this. It tries to look like Do it now but its not. While I am working on one project something else will come up. For ease of explanation let’s talk dishes. I am unloading the dishes. I am putting them away and some go on my counter because I can’t get into the cabinets they go in with the dishwasher open. As I set them there I see that there is a doll/ cell phone/ book/ bill that was left on the counter. The grasshopper part says oh lets just do this now and put it away. Only I will take the bill to my desk and then I will think I should just pay it and then I will notice that I never sent that thank you card and I should do that and then, and then and then. Before you know it, its time to cook dinner and my counter has a ton of dishes on it and the dishwasher is only half empty. This is the slow down part of my rule. I need to slow down and think. I need to finishes the task I am doing now and then move to the next one.

The long term application of the Do it now rule is rather different. Someday I want a bigger house. Someday I want to be a writer. Someday. Well why not now? Why can’t I do those things now? In the case of a larger house the why is that there just is not money in the budget to move or build on to hour home. However I can make my home larger by getting rid of stuff and organizing it better. So Do it now. Have a bigger house now by doing some deep cleaning, spring tossing work.  The house certainly feels bigger and in the end that is really what I needed. Someday I want to be a writer. It is something I have wanted to be since I was a small child. Maybe that profession is in my future but right now I’m up to my elbows in family stuff. So the do it now became this blog. Some days I can’t write and some days I only write for a moment in between the park and the grocery store. Which is way more then I was writing before.

Slowing things down, thinking them through and then doing them now has really helped me feel more peaceful. As I said this is the one I struggle with the most. It is my nature to be sidetracked, but what a difference this rule makes in my life.

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Versatile Blogger Award

Oh me oh my! Thank you to the lovely elfkat ( ) Adventures and Musings of a Hedgewitch and The Littlest Druid

Here are the rules of the VBA :

1. Add the award to your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you.
3. Mention 7 random things about yourself.
4. List the rules.
5. Award to 15 or more bloggers.

seven random things about me. lets see.

1.I love blogs because they are like internet dating.  You find out about people and see if you like them and then your convinced that you would be great friends in real life and even better your convinced that you really know them. I also love them because I am not what you call creative and I love to get ideas from other people

2. I have had many professions including working for a District Attorney and a Professional beauty consultant. I like being a CEO of my home and family best 🙂

3. I’m addicted to pinterest. I don’t find it depressing like some folks do. I find it exhilarating. I have done a ton of projects I have found off there and a ton more blogs that I love.

4. I’m actually technologically stunted so writing a blog for me is interesting. There are many more things I want to do with my blog and I hope I eventually figure out how to  do them.

5. I’m very loyal as a person. because of this I tend to hold grudges when someone hurts a member of my “family.”  I think the loyalty is a good quality but the grudge is not, and I am working on that.

6. I read as much as I can. I would really love to start all conversations with “what are you reading” instead of “how are you?” I dislike “how are you?” because someday I’m not good and I don’t like to lie but I find it distasteful to dump all my bad mood over someone else.

7. I think being out of doors is best. Even while I type this inside still in my bathrobe 😉

15 bloggers I like. oh my so many. I don’t want to repeat from last weeks Friday 5 and the order is brought to you by what is in my google reader right now 🙂
















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This weeks plan :)

Here is this weeks plan. Thought I would share 🙂

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Pasta Mexican Soup n Salad Stir fry Leftovers BBQ Fancy Family
Asparagus mac and cheese. Smokey fish tacos

Black beans

Classic Cobb Crock Thai peanut chicken   Flank steak and chicken fajitas. Roast chicken

With potatoes and asparagus

Bake Paint Craft Garden Adventure Market Rest
Strawberry tart Paint some flowers Hand kits wooden rings with ribbon Plant some squash Beach day Farmers market  

Tuesday is also Beltane and we are planning for a bonfire on the beach and we will be bringing little picnic. I will be trying to get some extra goodies made for that as well.


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Interfaith guest blogger request

I have been thinking a lot about faith and how it influences our lives. I have some thoughts kicking around in my head about it all but I would really love to hear from lots and lots of folks.

Here are the parameters.

Deadline for submissions is May 31st,

No length requirements but here are some ideas to get you started 🙂

I want to know about your faith and how it plays out in your daily life.

How does it influence your actions and how active you feel you are with your faith?

I am hoping this will be a discussion with many different faiths represented so please be respectful of others.

The more the merrier so let your friends know!

Thank you all I am so excited about this!

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Market Day and our Food Plan

As you know I have been talking obsessively about rhythm. I worked out a activity rhythm for Little.

I also have been working on meals for each day. I already (usually) plan out our meals for the week. However I have taken it to a new level of crazy. Each day now has a theme for dinner. It has taken a while to come up with ones we like and they are by no means set in stone yet.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Pasta Mexican Soup n Salad Stir fry Leftovers or Pizza BBQ Fancy Family

As you can see, within each category is a wide range of foods. This helps with us not getting stuck in to much of a rut. Whats more our dinners are always changing based on what is in season and whats at the market. I use the above table to plan my meals. I add in one more row and then write in what the weeks actual meals will be.

Monday really should be “pasta”. Sometimes we have pasta (I use the gf brown rice kind from trader joes) and sometimes it is vegetables that are the pasta. Thin slices of zucchini or spaghetti squash. This is lovely as it is always a quick meal and usually a one pot meal.

Tuesday started as taco Tuesday and quickly morphed into Mexican food. There is so much yummy Mexican food and such variety! While I love my tacos (and I do I could eat them every day for lunch and just be ecstatic) We like to branch out too with moles and fish or seafood Veracruz style.

Wednesday finds me usually needing a little lighter fare. Depending on the time of year we may have soup or salad or both. Either way I’m happy. Sometimes doing a family salad bar is fun too.

Thursday is my lest set in stone day. So far stirfrys have worked but then we are in spring. I have a feeling this will change to meat and potato baked in the oven day when we are in the colder part of the year.

Fridays I used to try to make a nice dinner as a celebration of the end of the week. I  found though that we just had so many leftovers and often we were out on our adventure of the day or hubby was doing some personal friend time after work. Also by Friday I’m tired! So leftovers it is. If we don’t have enough I can make a pizza relativity quickly with what every veggies we need to use up for the week. It is also the night for being in pjs early and watching a family movie.

Saturday are our day to grill or BBQ at least right now. This may change with the seasons too but right now it is wonderful! also lets face it we live in a place that you can grill pretty much all year round.

Sunday fancy family dinner is the night I make our normal Sunday dinner fare. Meatloaf and roast chicken see their day to shine.

Now to finish my list and get off to the market! Do you all have a food rhythm?

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Friday five products I love

So this post actually was really hard for me in a good way. I wanted to share 5 products that I love. I had several ideas but I kept only coming up with 4 LOL. I came up with a few ideas and decided that next week I will have to do a Friday 5 of kid stuff that I love for Little. So here are 5 products that I LOVE.


This is my Kandee J bag by Imoshine. Finally I found a cute bag that is ginormous. I hate diaper bags. Even the pretty ones. They do not work with my style or my view of myself. So for our anniversary Hubbs got me this bag. It is huge and I love, love, love it! It has a ton of pockets with space for all of my stuff and for Little’s stuff. You know the sippy cup, snacks, water bottle (hers and mine) extra sweaters on and on and on. Also it is washable inside and out.  Spills are very common in my line of work (mom) and so that’s key. The straps are perfect for me. in that it hangs on my body the right way. I also think it is very cute. This may seem silly and trite to you but this makes me happy. It is always with me. Something that is pretty and preforms the way I need it to to make my life simpler, love it! As an aside I totally love the designer. Kandee Johnson is a cheerful breath of fresh air. She is a makeup artist and mom and I just adore her. Check out her channel on youtube.


Before I get the letters about how ereaders are not the same as books let me just say. they are not and I know that. I still love my books. actually on any given day I have about 7 plus my kindle stacked next to my bed. However there are many things I love about my Kindle. I can make the type larger, the eink is really nice on my eyes. I can get books instantly which is good and bad LOL! The best part is that I can carry my hundreds of books around with me and not break my back.


This is the flylady calendar. Behold its amazingness. OK so maybe it doesn’t look like much but it is wonderful. It is large with lots and lots of room to write all kinds of things. Like everyone’s appointments, whats for dinner each night, my to do list each day and much more. At the moment I am tracking 5 peoples schedules so the space is really great. If you have one you know!


ok we all know my deep love for TJS. This little puppy is seasonal. i’m buying back up this year to last through the “winter.” The spray is great. It is not gloppy like some sprays and as my child is rarely still quick easy peasy sun screen is a must.  This is another thing that I carry in my huge handbag all the time. You never know when you need to stop at the park for a quick hour run/ climb session in which case Little needs to be safe from the sun.


These two pictures are of course from my BOS or book of shadows. This is a product that I love and that makes me happier in my daily life. For those of you new to the blog I have several posts on this book that I’m making. For those of you who don’t know what a book of shadows is, I think of it is a a personal spiritual instructional manual.

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rule # 3, like yourself, be yourself

This seems to be one of the keys to my happiness. I like me. funny to think of that way but it is true! I am a loudmouth, opinionated, loving, nurturing woman. I am who I am. I don’t see things that other women do and think I should be more like them. Not that they aren’t all wonderful in their own way but so am I. I am totally in awe of my friend who can cook beautiful that would make Martha green with envy. Or My friend that can run marathons. or My friend with 5 kids and she is still sane LOL! I love these women and I am not able to do the things do and It doesn’t make me love me OR them less.

Its not just my personality, I like how I look too. I don’t think i’m model material but I no longer wish I had more here or less there. I don’t even wish for more inches very often. Unless I want something on the top shelf and I have to scale my counters and  cabinets. I’m comfortable in my own skin.

This enables me to not base my worth crazy things like a number on a scale or if someone else approves of me or not. Talk about freedom.Whats more because I like me I have no need to make others feel small or cut them down. We all can be wonderful and fantastic. sometimes it is good to grow up lol

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That’s what i’m saying :)

+ positive + + positive + + positive +

#positive stephchan  #positive  #positive

from pinterest

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Adult rule 2. be positive

I am positive it is better to be positive. You can sit around and worry about the what if’s or be unhappy about whats not, but what’s the point? I mean really what does that accomplish? Nothing, you just end up feeling crummy. This goes back to my thoughts on living intentionally. My intention is to be happy so it is something that I work on. Here are a few thoughts and ways I work on being positive.

I have learned that there is a whole heck of a lot of which I have no control over. Because I have no control over it there is no need for me to worry about. I will give you some examples. I have no control over how other people feel or perceive me. Now this doesn’t mean that I am not responsible for my words or actions. It is not ok to be mean to someone and then say “i’m not responsible for how you feel”. Well at least in my world it is not. Anyway I am responsible for treating others with respect and dignity and kindness etc, but I am not responsible for how they feel about me. A further example is me being a Witch. If someone has a notion of what a Witch is and is not willing to base it on the reality of how I live my life then that is on them. Furthermore I just don’t care and I don’t have to spend my time worrying or feeling bad or negative over other people. I don’t have to get caught in that negativity I can choose how I want to feel. I like feeling positive much better.

Another way to get rid of negativity for me is to avoid things that are negative if possible. For me I don’t watch the news. It is a parade of unhappy stuff that I have no influence over. I can’t fix it and I don’t need to be bummed out by it so I don’t watch it. Speaking of TV there is this show that Hubby has watched on TV with Penn and Teller and they take some theory or idea and complain about it and try to rip wholes in the theory WITHOUT offering solutions. Blah! I hate that. Why spend all that time gripping? What is it accomplishing?  So I avoid that sort of “entertainment” as well.

The really cool thing about life is that I get to choose how I live it. I can choose how I feel about it. No it is not always easy to be positive. I certainly have things that make me sad or not feel good, but I don’t have to dwell on them. I can choose to focus on the positive. Focusing on the positive  makes a differences in my day and the day of everyone around me. I can choose to be happy and smile and think about all my blessings in life. I can choose. and I choose to be positive.

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My New rules. rule 1 It is not what matters most it is whome

My mom said that if I’m going to call it getting wiser I need to share my wisdom. I don’t know about that but, but I have been working on some rules for a graceful adulthood.

Tangent— When I was 29 I was freaking out a little about turning 30. Not because you know don’t trust anyone over 30, but because 30 seemed like I had to be an adult. I  didn’t feel ready to be one yet and heck I still not sure that I’m ready. At any rate when 30 rolled around I was pregers with Little and so life was way different anyway.

Rule 1,

Its not what matters most it is whom.

Clearly I have been trying to get rid of lots of whats lately. For one thing as Flylady says you can’t organize clutter. For two I am really working on simplifying our life. Mostly though I am offended by some current trends in society. Namely the” I have the most money and I spend it on things to let you know that I have money, because my worth and my value is directly related to how many expensive things I have”.  I find this very distasteful. I also find it so sad that young people are idolizing people who have clearly put things over people. These “stars” relationships suffer and they are not happy and they can’t figure out why since they have the newest and most expensive handbag every season.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good handbag. I am also vain in the way where I do think appearance is important.  I also like some big designers . However I don’t think my worth is intrinsically tied to any piece of anything. People above things. It sounds simple, but as we go through our day to day life how does this play out?

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