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Things I love fruit tart

I was going to say playing with my food which would of been true too. This is my latest experiment. I don’t really even know if I can call it a tart as it ended up rather pie like. I used a gluten free crust recipe from here (side note I didn’t have almond four so I used the almond meal from trader joes)If you eat gluten free you need to know about her. Her brownies are amazing! any way I digress (as usual) I got her crust recipe and I wanted to make this “tart” that I had in my mind that didn’t have pastry cream but was more like fruit in a jam on a crust. I found a couple of examples but none like the one I saw in my head.

So this morning as I was getting in to some serious cooking I decided to try this. I boiled some chopped apples, dried apricots, water, and some raw sugar. I didn’t use measurements so I can’t give you any. when it was a good thick consistency I poured it into the crust. It was not beautiful and I”m on a french kick of making life beautiful so I sliced an apple and a half very thin and laid it on top. I then mixed some jam (we had nectarine)  and water and poured it over the apples. I sprinkled with a little more raw sugar and baked at 350 until it looked done.


We have not eaten it yet as I am making dinner as I type but it dose look yummy.

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Egg Day

Spring is here. No matter your spiritual path, chances are you celebrate some sort of renewal in spring. Even if you don’t follow any tradition you may still have family traditions. As you know if your a reader of my blog we are a multi-faith family, and we LOVE our family traditions that incorporate everyone.

One of our big days is Egg Day. I think we started it back in 2005. over the years it has evolved to a big deal and has changed as our family has changed. This year our Little got to try her hand at her first egg using the beeswax technique we use. We also put out water colors for the little ones to play with.

Moms special egg day dress


The table set up


an individual place setting


work in progress


Such a beautiful day. The dyes set up and folks chatting waiting for their eggs to dry.


The green one in the left hand corner is Little’s first pysanky 🙂 for more photos of finished Pysanky check out this post form last week.

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Friday things I love and Saturday housekeeping

i hope everyone had a great week and is going to have a wonderful weekend. I am so excited for Egg Day tomorrow. I will be taking a ton of pictures to share with you all. Today I want to share one of the biggest blessings in my life.

FlyLady cartoon

I love her and her crew! While I have always known that a clean house is not just what I want but what I need as well, I didn’t quite know how to make that happen. It was not something I learned as a small child and it did not come naturally to me as it does for some folks. I also want to spend my time with the people I love, not keeping house. Many years ago I found Flylady. I can honestly say she has changed my life. I am completely in awe of this woman and how she is able to pour so much love on so many while teaching us how to take care of ourselves. Did I mention she dose this fro free? Amazing.

From her I have learned; to do a laundry every day. To swish and swipe my bathroom everyday. To start dinner by setting nice table and then running a sink full of hot soapy water. Dirty dishes go in as I cook and I clean as I cook and when I’m done cooking my kitchen is clean. I cook at least 3 times a day so that was rather profound. I reaffirmed that holidays are about doing not about buying. That simple is really wonderful, less is more and it is ok to decluttered.

In fact decluttering has been a big key for me. I had/ have so much stuff that is just stuff. It is not stuff I love,I don’t use it,  it doesn’t have meaning to me and it doesn’t really fit my life but it was living here in my house taking up space. My house is 800sq feet so its not like we have room for a lot for things. Now don’t get me wrong. My house is not clean all the time and everything is peaceful and happy every day. House work is still work and I work on it every day. I have learned that if I do a little everyday it works.

In all honestly I can never express just how much this woman has provided for me a perfect stranger.bags, toiletries were in their home. I can tell you when my father called to say mom was being airlifted to a hospital, I was able to get a bag packed in just a few minuets. Cloths were clean and put away and I can tell you our Yule/Christmas/New years was very calm and that all the plans were done by thanksgiving. We were able to be with family and just enjoy. I can tell you that I get to spend my weekends with my family and my days playing with my daughter ( and educating her) instead of scrubbing the house. I can tell you Flylday brought our house a sense of peace. For this blessings she has given us I am truly thankful and feel blessed.


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Happy Ostara

I hope you are all having a beautiful day! We played in the garden this morning. Now I’m making my sunshine eggs and my soft mead. Little is asleep which means I got loads done ha! Here is a silly little pic of my soft mead making. I’m experimenting with a new way to make it.


What are you all up to today? How are you celebrating the coming of spring?

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Photo of garden

These are the seeds I started at Imbolc.


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Pear tree in bloom

Good morning. This beautiful pear tree is just outside my window.


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Ostara Eggs! All Photos

Here are some pictures of our Ostara Eggs. We make these every year on Egg Day. A big party my mom throws with one of her best friends who is Ukrainian. These are Pysanky. I think they are really fun to make and they are just beautiful! I hope you enjoy my pictures of some of our collection













Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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Market day and Planning Ostara foods

Today is Saturday which means it is the day of one of my favorite outside farmers markets. I would of headed out to pick all the lovely produce for the week alas it is raining cats and dogs outside. So I decided to stay outside next to fire and plan out the foods I will need for this week for my family and for our holiday fare . I will be making food for our simple feast on Ostara, a special Ostara meal for my family and a dish for Egg Day (more about that tomorrow) which needs to be a potluck dish.

For Our simple feast I will be making soft mead. Real mead is all well and good but it will make me want to sleep about 5 min later. Soft Mead can also be made day of and can be shared with little ones. I will also be making sunshine eggs a la If you have a little Witchlet or even if you don’t I highly recommend pooka pages. Just adorable and quite informative.

Then there is the family dinner to plan. Here is a secret for family sabbats I try to serve round food. I think they repersent the wheel of the Year well and they are so versatile. For Imbolc I made quich heave on the cream and the cheese and for Ostara i’m thinking maybe pizza. I do love to make pizza for Sabats as it makes a lovely wheel and you can top it with what ever is seasonally and symbolically appropriate. Not to mention the family LOVES it which makes it even more a joyous occasion. Which just leaves me the pot luck dish to come up with and I am thinking maybe a leek tart. humm that sounds yummy.

What are you making for Ostara? do you have family food traditions?

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water your grass


It is Friday. Our day to think about and celebrate love. Lucky me 3 years ago this week I had the pleasure of marrying/ handfasting the man of my dreams. Even though Hubby is  not a witch or pagan or anything really other then “ex bible thumped” (his term) we did do a handfasting. It was important to me and so it was done.  We were married by a dear friend who happens to be ordained, and is a member of my coven. Our wedding was beautiful and just right for us. It was more then a wedding though. It was the official start of our partnership and our marriage.

Sure Sure that is what all weddings are supposed to be. Only I have seen one to many movie end with they got married and lived happily ever after. Or people who are so focused on the perfect day that the long term commitment gets overlooked and they end up separating 3 weeks later.  Okay maybe only “famous people” do the 3 week marriage but you know what I mean. I’m lucky, I love my husband madly. Sure there are days where we have to work at our partnership a little more, but that is part of the deal.Living happily ever after does not mean you spend each day in pure joy and happiness.

There is a saying flying around the net right now that goes “You may think the grass is greener on the other side. But if you take the time to water your own grass, it would be just as green”  You don’t sign up for all sunshine and roses. Life just doesn’t work that way. There are days of rain too. Sometimes those rainy days are what you need to water your grass though. On those rainy days (and all other days, but especially those days) you get to choose. Do I do something that feeds this love, this partnership? Or do I put my energy in to something that hurts it.

Today lets take some time to water our grass so to speak. Tell the ones you love that you love them. Listen to them talk. Smile at them. Have a wonderful day 🙂

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finding my voice

A few days ago I wrote about being a baby blogger and trying to find my voice as a blogger. I want to write about what I know, and whats important to me (why else would someone write?) and hope that it is interesting, or important to others. I also wanted to share the progress on my BOS that I was making and share a little about how I see my world through the eyes of my spiritual beliefs. Through more reflection and current events I have been feeling a little hermity.

Over the years I have had stints where I lost my voice. Lost who I was and was not able to speak up for myself. Thankfully I turned out to be a decent adult who is now comfortable with who I am, and able to (for the most part) articulate it. Some times I have not lost my voice but chosen to not use it, while I figure out a new nuance in my life. I think of the last few weeks as that for me. What I really love about my path (and life) and what I strive for others to love (no matter what their path) is the rhythm of our world. The changing of seasons. The day to day stuff that can make you feel blah or make you feel great. The holidays and celebrations along the way from first words to final dinners. The spectacular gift that we are given each day we wake up. Which of course is why I have my saying about celebrating life.

Yes I am a witch, but I’m also like 50 other things too. Some of my posts will be more spiritual and some will probably be more mundane. Also agreeing or disagreeing with someones spiritual path; dose not indicate weather or not you will agree with the rest of the stuff they think or write. What I would like most is that for people on all different paths to get along and be able to have conversation. I love the sharing of ideas and feelings and snip-its of life. It makes us all feel connected.  Weather you are a Witch or not I hope you will enjoy what I choose to write about as I find my voice, in sharing my Book of Days and the daily Celebrations of Life.

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