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Things I love 6/29

Hello Friday! how did you get her so quickly? Time for my Friday 5 things I am excited about. Since we are at the end of our Food love month I thought I would share some food related love.

1. June on the central coast is an amazing time for fresh food. It helps that we have one of the very best Farmers Markets in the Sate! We have fresh and delicious fruit in abundance. I have been meaning to make some into jam but we keep eating up the fresh before I have time too.  The cherries and berries and other stone fruit are just fantastic.

2. Speaking of fruit it has been such a joy to fill Little’s Snack box with lots of yummy fresh fruit.

3. We have experimented with what jobs Little is able to do in the kitchen. We have changed our rules so that she now brings a chair up to the counter and stands there so she can mix and stir for me. She was even able to stir a pot on the stove (yes I was RIGHT there)  She is particularly good at helping with breakfast.

4. Speaking of breakfast I have now decided to add; granola, mini frittatas and muffin pancakes to my weekly cooking list. This is helping a lot in keeping every one feed. Some of us, you know the adults, have been having a hard time getting our breakfast. I am hopping that the portability will help breakfast be part of all our morning routines.

5 last but not least I would like to leave you with a little food video. We watched this and Little asked me when we were going to do this with our yard.

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Sunshine from the garden


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Snack time


I have been seeing beautiful snack boxes, lunch boxes, kids bento boxes, and ideas for snack stations around the web lately. I guess with kids home for the Summer everyone is wondering how to feed the kiddos. Some of the station look great but having food available to Little all the time is not something I wanted.

Here is why and what I am doing instead. I took this wonderful class on feeding your toddler. It was back before we were feeding Little any solids. They said that it is the parents responsibility to pick where and when the child eats and which types of food will be offered, but it is the child’s responsibility to choose how much of which foods they want to eat.The class also emphasized giving children options of 3 to 5 foods at each meal. Meals should be about every two hours, or breakfast lunch and dinner with a morning snack and an afternoon snack. Meals should also be at the table sitting down and focusing on food.  Ok all of that sound great but how do you have 3-5 different options 5 times a day? I mean I love to cook but I don’t want to be tied to my kitchen. Make a meal, have a meal, clean up and then get ready to do it again? Ah and then I saw the snack boxes around the web.

Ah ha! so this is what we are doing now. The above picture is Little’s snack box. Starting in the upper left hand corner that is a whole avocado with lemon and smoked salt, jack cheese, trail mix, tj’s Ritz like crackers, some cherry tomatoes, a plum and in the middle some carrot sticks in a shot glass with dressing at the bottom.  I make this in the morning now. This is her box for the whole day. She can eat anything she wants out of it at her morning snack or her afternoon snack. If she eats say all the avocado in the morning then there is none to be had later.

So far so good. She is getting the hang of it and I don’t feel trapped in my kitchen. At snack time she sits at the table and I bring her the box, she eats what she wants and then either tells me she is all done, or some days starts to play with her food without eating any, which tells me she is all done and so I put the box back in the fridge until the next snack and we move on to the next activity. Frankly I think I should make one for me too every morning.  What do you do to keep your family fed? What tips or tricks do you have to share? I would love to hear any and all.

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Summer markets


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Friday Five Things I love (6/22)


1. This fire. So wonderful warm and cheery. It reminds me of my childhood as the multiple generations gather around and roast Marshmallows and chat about the day.

2. Little having 4 cousins up to play with. It has been non-stop fun for her. She so loves to run and play with the big kids and it is so fun to watch.

3. Being a country kid at heart. Growing up as I did out in the country, has been such a blessing in my life. It has been really fun to watch my cousins kids explore the outdoors. They are from Los Angeles and this is like a different world. I loved as they brought us different things from outside. “Whats this?” They ask all bright-eyed. Oh I say that’s rattle snake grass listen closely. Four small heads tilt in to listen and there is silence. I shake the grass for them and they make oohs and awes and run off to find something else to learn about.

4. Having a few really busy weeks because it means lots of things are happening and I am getting stuff done.

5. Being able to forgive myself when I don’t get everything done. Every thing will happen in its time. The world will not stop turning if laundry is not folded till after dinner.

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Poison Oak

This picture is from Wikipedia and you can read the full article here.

Today I gave Little and her 4 Cousins who are up from LA a lesson on how to spot poison oak. This is what i looks like by us though there might be different verities out there. Here is my how so helpful lesson. Look at the leaf see the oil? The Oil is the problem. It will get on you a spread and you will be covered in icky red itchy patches. Unless of course like me your immune. Yes these leaves are red, but they are not always red. Especially when they are new they are green and sometimes bright yellow-green. The leaves are important though. “leaves of 3 let it be” a nice saying I learned in Girl Scouts. See how each cluster of leaves are in sets of there. I am told poison ivy is like this too but I have never seen that. One last thing to look for, the stems of the plant. The vines will grow up trees and really anything they can. You can see that a little in this picture. So if you see a mass of very oily leaves that come in a set of 3, on a vine, growing rapidly up something, best not to touch it.


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Solstice Fun


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Happy Summer Solstice!

A short post today because we are super busy around here. Happy Solstice! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! I am always pleased when what I plan to do actually happens.

This morning we had spicy oatmeal (cinnamon and ginger) and Little actually was able to help stir at the stove. She is just growing up so much! Then we spent the morning playing with wonderful friends. The kiddlets were so cute together making up games about lions and holding hands. It’s those moments that just melt your heart.

Soon she will wake up from her nap and we will make our salt dough suns. I also need to pack our picnic basket and back the chicken to eat tonight. Then time to play in the kiddie pool until its time to head down to the beach for out fire. What an absolutely wonderful day! I hope yours is going well too! What did you all do to celebrate the Solstice?

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Calendula photo


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This morning in the garden





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