Keep your circle positive


Sent to to me by my bestie.

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This is getting ridiculous


First I blow my phone. Screen won’t turn off or once off won’t turn on and so phone can’t tun off. Now my computer goes too. And this is the new one. It is a little over a month old. Grrr!

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Up before the Sun

In time to watch it rise rosy gold behind the dark trees

Little snuggles with us in our bed.

it is dark but We no longer mind.

Time to get out of bed and Make toast and tea.

A heavy heart and many unshed tears.

I can’t swim in this sea of pain,

It will drowned me

so as the sun raises, so does my determination.

I will do what I can. I can’t fix everything but I can fix somethings

I can love on my family and friends and people I don’t know.

I can love.

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Political post

ok I warned you so don’t read if you won’t want to hear it.

I have a bunch of little thoughts and comments and they may not all flow.

First for those of you who said you wanted to avoid getting political and speak up I say that’s your right HOWEVER my opinion is you have a voice you should use it. It is our job as citizens in this country to be part of the process this is a duty. This is OUR country and each of us must use our voice.

If you didn’t vote then shame on you. Seriously. Again it is your duty as a citizen to vote. I realize that it takes time to stand in line and to educate yourself on your beliefs but it beats letting other people make your choices for you. Even if your choice didn’t win you did your part and the more people who play an active role in our society the better. The other argument I hear is there is no point in voting because the system doesn’t work. That is like saying there is no point in correcting my child behavior because she continues to misbehave. Might as well just give up and let her do what ever she wants. Silly no? Not to mention one of the biggest reasons our system is flawed is that people don’t participate.

For those of you who lost last night I know how you feel. You win some you lose some and we all move forward. For those of you who are saying its time to stock up on guns and ammo you are freaking me out. Honestly people is that what we have come to? we don’t get our way so we are going to through violent temper tantrums and threaten others? Is that a civilization you would be proud of?

I will NEVER vote for someone who wants to take a group of people and try to make them less human than the rest of us. Gay rights, women’s rights, Latino rights, black rights these are simply rights. They are not interested groups they are people. People deserve respect and scapegoating or denying rights of groups does not help us. It makes us weaker.

lastly I was very interested last night to hear GOP strategists talk about the future of the GOP. One was very clear that unless they can look women in the eye with respect and get over the abortion issue they are in “nowheresville” They other is that Rommny did better than Bush did  with the White male vote, AND that the white male vote is not as important as it used to be. Not that it is unimportant but you cannot win an election with just the white male vote anymore.

ok that’s enough for now,

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Your thoughts needed.

ok y’all I have a question for you. I have been thinking a lot about something and I would very, very much like your thoughts.

What do you think about power? is it learned or is it inherited? nature or nurture? Please discuss.

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a beautiful example for us all


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9/11 to an American Witch

11 years ago today. I was a sleep at my cousin’s house in L.A. We had celebrated her first babies first birthday the day before. Her husband called home, he was already at work. “I don’t think your cousin is going home today” he told her. We turned on the news. We sat in shock as we watched the replay and the one tower burn. and then the second plane.

To this day I can see it. To this day my eyes fill with tears. I have so many mixed emotions about this that it is hard to get them to hold still long enough. Today first in my mind is my Hubby’s BFF. This tragedy happened 11 years ago changed his life. He like many Americans felt the pull to do something for his country. At this moment he is across the world in Afghanistan. Army. Every night we say a prayer for his safety. which brings me to the prayer for the safety of all that serve.

Which brings me to the deep pain in my heart knowing that across the world children live and die in a war zone. They are not my children but I think when I became a mother, I became part of a clan of mothers. We love our children and all children. I am so Thankful that my Little is tucked into a bed that is safe and warm. That she doesn’t have to see people die in the streets and here bombs exploding over her head. And I am so sad that some children experience this as life.

I am scared that in this country people seem to be losing their mind. There is to much “us” vs “them” and not enough understanding that we are all we. We are so scared so afraid. “They” might do something. We don’t trust our neighbor or someone who looks different or talks different or practices a different religion. We have political leaders saying that we should be able to classify Wicca as real religion. Fear is not Freedom.

If we are afraid of our neighbor or the “other we are not free. We are locked in a jail of a closed and cold heart. We lock the doors to solution through conflict resolution and compromise. This is not the freedom I want for my daughter. I want her to have a big open heart. To know that there will be pain when evil people do evil things but that once persons action does not classify a whole people. I want a freedom for her where she doesn’t live in fear and she can enjoy the beautiful world of ours and all of its people and cultures. I want her uncle to come home! I want babies around the world to be safe.

So I am filled with a mix of love and pain and worry. I am filled with a desire to make not only my country better our world better. And so today I light a candle for the families of the victims of 9/11, the towers, the planes and the military. And I cry some tears. I light a candle for the world to have freedom of fear. And I wipe my tears put my shoulders back and ask myself what can I do today and each day to make this world a better place.

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blog party planning

Sometimes I do not look before I leap. It is a personality trait of mine. I think “I’m scared to do this. I know I will just jump right in” some times its good sometimes its bad.

Last year when some one asked me to guest post or if I wanted to be part of a blog party my inner voice went “ACK!” followed by “oh no I can’t do that I haven’t a clue what I am doing. I can’t even figure out my blog” and then I ran and hid behind the metaphorical curtains.

This year I thought that sounds like fun I want to do these cool blog parties Like the Witch of Howling creeks Bewitching Home and Witch-blogs Real Witches of Halloween and then I thought oh I have and idea for a blog party that I would really like to do. But I want to do one in September for back to school and I won’t have done the others yet so really I have no idea what I am doing (this is kind of a normal occurrence in my life, but why not try?) so of course I asked for help.

Thank goodness for Velody! She had to hold my hand and walk me through the whole set up. she even made the cute button located on my sidebar, for our Back to School For Witches Too blog party. Which by the way if you have not signed up you really should! Everyone has something to teach. Of course you may think but I have a party coming up every day in October or if you me just 3…so far. At any rate I thought I would whip up a handy-dandy plan sheet and share it with you.

If you don’t know I already made a weekly blog sheet that you can print out and fill out to plan your posts ahead of time. So naturally  I made a special extra big blog party plan sheet. I am sure I will tweak it once I have some experience, but in the mean time I will use it, and you can too if you like. Have a wonderful day!

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my blogging wont’s.

oops I feel asleep putting Little to bed and now I’m awake. This does not bode well for tomorrow yet here I am so I might as well do something other than toss and turn in bed.

It’s just as well that I didn’t write earlier. I was in a foul mood. Now that I have had a 4 hour nap or so I feel better but I thought I would share some of my personal quirky self-imposed rules of blogging.

I will not blog angry (that often) Every now and then a girl needs a good rant to get stuff off her chest and out there in the ethos. very often those rants are met with virtual hugs and lively discussion. This is fine if it is on occasion but in general I don’t think it is a good idea to blog angry. This is for several reasons. One the internet is ink. you can’t take it back no matter what you say. It will live out there forever. Years later your children s friends will Google you and what will they find. Another reason is I am blessed with a memory that is less than stellar. Which means in a few weeks I may have forgotten why I was angry so no reason to put it out there to remember for all time. And lastly I don’t want to read (or be around someone) who is constantly complaining so I try not to be that person.

I will not use Little and Hubs names or pictures. This is MY blog. I do it for me. They didn’t agree to be part of it.  Hubs is not pagan by any stretch of the imagination. He probably thinks what I do is “cute” but he doesn’t feel the need to be involved. Little on the other hand is too young to be fully informed and give her consent. Yes I would love to post adorable pictures of her wearing her birthday crown or climbing a tree but I wont. When she is old enough to be a guest blogger she can let me know if she wants me to use her pictures. Again years later her friends will Google her and they don’t need to find ALL that.

Along those same lines I will not speak of anything like potty training or melt downs or bad days at work. All of that can stay in the family it doesn’t need to be shared.

I will not blog about something I know nothing about. Nor will I pretend to be the end all authority on something. I have opinions and I have a fair amount of knowledge. That said so do other.

What are your do’s and don’ts? Do you have quirky self-imposed rules too?


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So funny! US Olympic Swim Team call me maybe

Hilarious! I particularly like the guy in the video who is staring at the other guy singing like “what the heck are you doing” also they just look like they are having fun!

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