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Standing up for you and your Path

I realize that it is the last Tuesday in January and I should be talking still about goal setting and planning. I will a bit, but what I really want to talk about is that it is ok that your a Witch. Really it is! Witches are in my experience  out of the broom closet in different degrees. Some tell just their inner circle, some are out on the net and no where else. Many fear “what will people think of me if I tell them”

Some times we don’t think we can tell people because we have heard the horrible stories of prejudice that others of endured. Or because we have ourselves dealt with intolerance and hate directed at us. Or we have “well meaning” folks try to talk us out of our chosen path and into theirs.

I have had the experience of people saying horrible things to me and I have had the experience (much more often) of people saying oh tell me more about that. See most people really do want to just know what it is all about. Here is my advice unsolicited and all 🙂

You have the right to choose your path, as do others. You have the right to be around whom ever you choose and you have the right to not participate in being lectured to. I personally don’t believe in being rude or mean back, but I don’t believe you should have to sit there and take it either.  Stand up for yourself in a firm and kind way. You don’t have to thank them for their opinion and telling someone your done with your “conversation” is ok. By the way a conversation is a two way street. This means that others listen to you and respect your opinions as they are expecting you to do for them.

So here is your homework and here is your goal setting 🙂 Think about a response to say next time you are engaged in a conversation where someone is clearly uneducated on what pagan/ Wicca/ witches etc are. Something like “Its clear from our conversation that you don’t have your facts right, and frankly you are being disrespectful. If you would like to have a conversation I am happy to share my thoughts and feelings with you (only say this if you are), but if you just want me to think like you do, then were done with this talk” This is to the point and frankly calling people on there rudeness is ok to do. Hopefully you will be able to have a dialog and educate others about the real facts.

Honestly I find it to be one of the very distasteful things about our current society that people dissolve in the shouting matches (figuratively and literally), instead of listening and trying to understand. People can, and do, have different opinions on things and still remain friends.

The last tid bit on planning which has nothing to do with this is to go through your calendar and set aside your spiritual time and keep it! If your practice with a group that might be easier, but even solitary can set up non negotiable time that is for their craft. The trick is not to cancel it or put it off which things come up, because things ALWAYS come up. that is what life is.

till next time bright blessings.

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Moons and Timing

As this is the last Monday in January (our planning and goal setting month) I thought I would do a brief post on the phases of the moon.

File:Galileo moon phases.jpg

Galileo Moon Phases


We start with the new moon, which is dark. The moon “grows” or waxes through the first quarter until it is full. It then reverses course and begins waning through the third quarter until it is dark and new again. This whole cycle take about 29.5 days.

Witches (as well as other people) track time and activities by the moon. Some witches do rites to mark each phase of the moon (new, 1st quarter full, 3rd quarter) and nearly all do a rite to mark the full moon.  The full moon is considered to be the moon and the Goddess at the height of her power.

Planting, activities and spells are all timed according to the phase of the moon. Spells where you want to increase something like money or love are done on the waxing to full moon. Spells to decrease something such as gossip or pain are done on the waning phase.

Many plants have very specific times they liked to be planted but in general for Veggies the rule is. If it is an above ground edible i.e. a tomato or melon or bean, you plant it during the waxing phase. If it is a below ground edible i.e. carrots, potatoes, radishes etc, you plant during the waning phase of the moon.

If you are a Witch or Witchy person it is a good idea to stay on top of what phase of the moon you are currently in. It will become habit after a while and you will be able to plan things more accordingly to the natural rhythm. With that I will leave you with two other moon tid bits. It is said that if women are not on any birth control hormone and they are not exposed to light at night other then the moon they will bleed with the full moon. It is also said that storms most frequently occur around the Full and the New moon.

Bright Blessigns


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Well not hard to figure out what Sunday stands for. What is interesting is that again in religions and cultural all over the world the Sun God often steeped forward from the pantheon of Gods and Goddess and became the God. For many many man people Sunday is a day or rest and reverence. It is my day to renew and remember my spirit.

For Blogging purposes thought I am will use Sundays as the days to write about Sabbats and the Suns journey through the wheel of the year. Which of course is some of our main celebrations as Witches.

So lets get right to it! I have been lost in my own mundane world and dealing with life in a way I don’t like. I have been reactionary. I prefer to be thoughtful and planed out. To see what is coming down the pike and prepare for it. This last month has brought me the death of my beloved Grandmother, an emergency root canal, and my sweet boy Apollo (fur child)

got out of our house and into a neighbors yard and got one of their chickens. He didn’t kill it but he did remove some feathers. They now think he is a menace to the neighborhood and we are having to find him a new home. deep sigh. At any rate not a lot of stuff one can plan for and so here I have been just reacting and now Imbolc is almost upon us.

Imbolc (Feb 1-2) is the first festival of spring. The sheep are starting to have milk now in preparation for the birthing of their lambs. The Sun is also growing stronger in the sky and the Earth is waking up. The main themes for the holiday are milk and light mostly in the form of candles. If you live in the part of the world where it is cold snow and ice lanterns are a beautiful and very appropriate decoration. Where ever you live, whatever the earth looks like outside is appropriate for you. For me that means that Daffodils (lovely yellow sunny) will be in my house as they are popping up all over the area.

If you are up to it making candles are a very fun activity and if you need something less intensive or if you have small ones to keep busy give them a baby food jar full of cream ad a pinch of salt. They can shake it till it turns to butter. You can then have this for dinner or tea or part of your simple feast. A very traditional activity is right after sunset light all the lights in the house. Every single one. even if just for a moment. If you have a flame less candle you may leave it in the window sill lit over night.  I will also be blessings my seeds and plant starts as I will be getting them in to the ground soon. If you live in a place that is still cold or frozen you will probably want to wait till Ostara to do the blessings.

Imbolc is also a lovely time to do an initiation or self dedication, as it marks the growing season. Also good for re-dedications. For that reason and to be ready for the Goddess and God to wake from their winter slumber to walk among us it is an appropriate time for cleansing of self and house.

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Saturday new theme

note: I thought I had posted this last Saturday but clearly I didn’t oops:)

Ok so you know I love themes. I can’t help it. If I don’t have a way to organize my thoughts they just bounce all over the place and I get to feeling overwhelmed. Not cute. Its January which means it is time to set year goals and plan them out. For me one thing I really wanted to do was write more. To do that I came up with Daily themes that will give me a starting point each and every day.

Saturday is named for Saturn. Who was seen as the God of the harvest and agriculture, justice as well as strength. This is actually a fascinating story though in his case violent. many felt that when Saturn ruled it was the golden era of Rome.  It was for told that he would be overthrown by his son so he ate all his children when they were born. The part that is interesting to me is that in many cultures across the globe the “golden era” was a time remembered when the ruling deities (often the parents of the current deities) watched over a much more egalitarian society. Many people feel that this was a time of Matriarchies. Not that the female was dominate, but the male and female aspects were equal, and agriculture was a key theme.

You know for me being a witch is a daily practice. All things in my life are influenced by it and my spiritual practice is at the heart of who I am. It shapes my values and thoughts and therefore deeds. Which brings me to my themes for Saturday which may seem mundane but the mundane, the daily is the heart of a practice. As far as I’m concerned how you live your daily life is what makes you what and who you are. Many folks spend Saturdays doing cleaning. I don’t for us we follow the flylady way and Saturday is our Family Fun day. So on Saturdays I am going to post about different activities as well as “Keeping a Witchy Home”

Blessed Be and make sure you do something fun today!


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Thursday on Friday, ok Friday too.

As far as linguistics go, the Enghlish names for these days are both brought to us via the Norse Gods. Thursday meaning Thor’s Day, and Friday coming from Freyja. Actually the names rattled around Europe a bit and there are different versions in many of the countries there. Going back to the way I think of days :we get Jupiter and Venus. Of course not matter which way you choose to call it we are talking about the God of the Sky, and the Goddess of Love and beauty.

That said my themes for this blog (at least for now) will be Practical Magic Thursday and Love Friday.

I find most all magic that I do practical and I tend to do more “practical” cottage witch, kitchen witchery types of magic. I decided to dedicate a day to write about magic for several reasons. One is that I think people have the wrong idea about what it is. Two is that EVERYONE can do it. Three is that is seems to be something that fascinates people. Lastly Four is because I have an issue with it. That being you don’t need to be a witch to do magic and being a witch doesn’t make your magic better. Also doing a love spell or what have you may be done in the context of the religion but it doesn’t take place of the worship of the Goddess and God. So because I have all these hang ups about it I thought I should write about it.

Fridays will be days for me to ramble on about love. Weather keeping the home fires burning, looking for new love or the love of a good friend or heck a good meal. You know I love food so I am guessing that food will be a big part of Fridays.

Now that I have themes my ideas are flowing in a more manageable way and I can’t wait to see what this blog has in store for all of us. I of course will still be posting pictures from my  personal book of shadows. Happy Friday. Let the people you love know you love them today.

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Plant bath on Wednesday


Because I mentioned Wednesdays are the day my indoor plants get watered, I thought I would share a few of them in the bath. That and I’m working on posting more photos!

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Wednesday Communication

Wednesday is a lot of things to me. It is the day I water my indoor plants, water and Wednesday both start with W so I can remember. It is anti-procrastination day, so I am usually doing something that I have been putting off. It is also Miercoles which comes from the name Mercury, and was the messenger God. We often think of him in terms of communication when the internet becomes a buzz of mercury in retrograde, which put simply means that communications and plans may go in unintended ways.

Before I go further lets be clear, just because we are focusing on one aspect of Mercury, does not mean there are not many other aspects. We are never simply defined and neither are Deities. I am simply choosing to focus on communication because I think it is so very important.

For me communication is at the heart of all relationships and is in fact the essential component to a relationship. Be that relationship with a child, a parent, a friend, a lover or a Deity. If you feel disconnected I am guessing your communication is not going well. If you are not able to communicate well you are most likely caring around feelings that are unpleasant.  You may wonder “why doesn’t he or she get it?” or you may have said “its no big deal, its fine” when that was not your truth and now you are wondering why you didn’t just say it was a big deal for you. I guess then we can add communication with self and honesty with self to the list of communications that are important.

For that reason Wednesdays posts will center around communication. If you have particular things you would like to know my thoughts on such as “how do I tell my new boy/girl friend etc I’m a witch” or “how can I better communicate with the Goddess and God” let me know. I am here for you.

Happy Wednesday. Happy Communicating and remember to say the things that are worth saying.

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Tuesday Warrior Witch

Tuesday names comes to us form old Latin (Via old English) for Mars. Mars of course is the Roman God of War. Now while bloodshed is not something I am found of ( i faint, not cute!) I do believe in standing up for oneself.

In what ways do you feel you could stand up for yourself better?

How can being a witch make you feel stronger and more empowered?

Are there any topics that you would like to read about?

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Monday Moon Day

Happy Lunar New year. Happy Chinese New year. Happy first day of the Celtic month of Rowan.

Lots of new beginnings. Isn’t that the good news about life? There are always new beginnings. Very few things are final and even the ones that are, aren’t because the way you think and feel about them change over time. But I digress.

I have decided that Mondays theme for the year will be the moon and the Goddess. More likely it will be Monday Goddess musings for the most part but then I will see.

In the USA Mondays are not a loved day. It is the first day back at work for most and therefore a drag. I have the lucky pleasure to be a stay at home mom which means not that I am on a constant vacation but rather I am never off work. Saturday or Tuesday doesn’t matter I am still up before the sun and working all day long. Day of the week might not make my life that much different, but phase of the moon does. Not just as a witch but as a mom too.

Did you know that Full Moons make kiddos a little loony? Sorry couldn’t help myself. I am not sure if it is pull of the moon or the brightness while they sleep, but I do know that I often think “what is going on with my kid?” and then realize “oh yeah the full moon is tomorrow.” For this we plan extra soothing activities around the Full Moon and maybe a longer nap, for both of us!

The New Moon starts the waxing phase or growing phase of the moon. I good time to focus on building and creating. You want something to grow with the moon. Work on establishing a new habit. Focus on it and watch it grow as the Moon gets larger. The Moon is also the symbol of the Goddess so lets not forget her. Ask her help in guiding you. Ask her what you should work on. Ask her what you should know.

Since Mondays are Moon Days and the Moon is the Goddess. Take some time on Mondays to still your thoughts and tell Her thank you for you blessings and ask Her if there is anything you should know.


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saying goodbye

This is a post that has rattled around in my head for a while. It involves a somewhat long and personal story.

My grandmother has not been doing well. She has been sick for a while. My grandfather passed on 2 years ago and she has (especially recently) just been bidding time till she could join him again.

We had planned a tirp up to her later this month, but we got the call or rather email that time was slipping quicker then before and we decided to leave the following day. My mother, my baby and I made the 16 hour drive to be with our family.  My two Aunts and their husbands as well as my uncle all live in the same area.

We knew the end was coming but we didn’t want to admit it, even to ourselves. My grandmother is strong. Not necessarily in body but in mind and spirit. She (like all of the women in my family) is outspoken and has strong opinions. She was in the first officer class for W.A.A.C.s I have perhaps the unique experience of being raised in a family with a matriarch and a strong matriarchal line. In our family it is the first born girl to get the “family name.” She was the second, I’m the fourth and my Little is the fifth.

We arrived up there late at night so didn’t go see her till the next morning. We went to her house and she may or may not have recognized us, but she was happy to see us. She said her hellos and promptly fell back asleep in her chair, as is her habit. We bustled about trying to entertain the kid in a new place that is 15 degrees out, as well as get food and prepare meals.

Mom mad a wonderful dinner. spaghetti with her homemade sauce with eggplant and mushroom and chicken of all things in it. A big green salad with Avocados brought with us from California. During dinner my grandmother work up from her nap and was wheeled to the table. She ate and then asked for seconds. she declared the food good and again she was happy. Little squealed in delight to see her great Grammy and my grandmother was equally taken with Little.  The meal was full of love and laughter and everyone went to bed feeling that warm glow you get after a wonderful evening.

The next day my grandmother slept all day. She did not even make it out of her room.I felt like this was a bad sign. That night my daughter work up in inconsolable tears and I she couldn’t tell me why she was crying. The next morning my aunt ran to my grandmothers house to pick up the coffee my mom had left the night before so that mom and I could have our coffee before we walked over an hour later. She was gone a long time. My mom thought maybe my aunt forgot. I knew. I knew my grandmother had passed. My aunt returned and shared the news. My grandmother had passed in her sleep the night before. She went peacefully.

I am torn. Death is only hard for the living. I miss her terribly. I know she was in pain and she is not now. I know she wanted to move on. I know that this is a relief for her. I know all of this and yet every time I give my self space to think of her I cry. There is a part of me that thought she would live for ever just by shear determination.

I believe strongly in sovereignty and she made her choices in life. She was not a Witch she was an Episcopalian, She chose what she wanted to have happen to her body when the time came and we honor that.  I also honor her wishes by not asking the God and Goddess to watch over her soul as it moves on or crosses over. I ask them to help me deal with my pain and that “whoever is watching her, ensures her safe passage to where she wants to go”

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