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After the rite


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LOVE love love this woman

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This is my beautiful baby. I worked on it for a long time. I “finished it” at least for this year though I am sure I will keep tweaking it and remember this?


Well Check for goal manifestation number 2 (ignore my pj pants I mean it’s a great look and all but not exciting)



mama em


TA DA and if you want to see it real live in person just click here 🙂

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Deity concept and Brigid

I was going to take the whole shebang Deity concept for the Pagan Insight Project but I am not ready for that and I am still having some stuff I need to work out about Brigid.

Source: Uploaded by user via Lisa on Pinterest

I think I mentioned she showed up at Imbolc. Which wouldn’t have been so much of a surprise if she and I had met before. It is not that I have not known about her or respect and honor her. Just she has mostly existed for me around my peripheral.  She is one with my BFF, but she has never talked to me before and so I am still rather reeling from the experiences.

In regards to Deity concept I still feel strongly for me that the Deities are not metaphors.  Now I say for me because maybe they appear this way to me because that is my belief system. It is rather a chicken or egg question and I do not know the answer, but for me they are not metaphors they are real and they are different. Why else would it affect me so much if She showed up one way or another.

The other thing I know for sure (for me) is that your lessons are always something that seems to hard to do. Of course Brigid didn’t just come and say keep doing what you’re doing. go you.  No when a Goddess or God show up pretty much you can count on a them telling you to go on a journey that will be difficult and require a lot of growth and will be a deep lesson. Can I do it Yes. Will I do it? Of course I gave my word. Will it scare me. SO MUCH!

I can’t help but think that along with my BFF Brigid is also connected to my free and fiery spirit little girl. I am contemplative of what this will mean for her life and I have an inkling that she may be a healer. Why do I think this. Well I don’t really know but it is the feeling or message I am getting.  As for Little who ever she becomes or whatever she chooses to do with her life  (within the basic parameters of kindness, respect and basic human decency) will be fine with me.  However you look at it Brigid is much more in our lives now.

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C is for Chocolate Chip Cookie of Compassion (spell)

I have always been a witch, in a religious and spiritual way as well as a practical daily way. That said there are still great religious leaders of other faiths that I have enjoyed learning from. The Dalai Lama is one. I find him brilliant though I do not practice Buddhism, And though I do not practice Christianity I do enjoy some of their leaders. One such person is Joyce Meyer. I like her spunk and I like that she talks about doing the right thing and taking personal responsibility for yourself. You may be wondering what on earth that has to do with cookies. Years ago I listened to a CD of hers and she had a line that stuck me. Basically if it was something like if your feeling bad for yourself  go make cookies and bring them to someone else. This gets you doing something and thinking about something else.  So this spell is based on that line

Sometimes we get very caught up in our own world of needs, and wants, and responsibilities. Sometimes this makes us short with the ones we care about. Sometimes we get in to the silly argument of my life is harder than yours. This is as I said, just silly. We all have our mountains to climb. We all have our obstacles.  So have a little love for others that are going through it too. Have some compassion and show it with this cookie.

This recipe is based on my college roommates recipe but you can use any chocolate chip cookie recipe you like. For that matter if they don’t like chocolate chip then you can make them another type of cookie.

Preheat the oven to 350
mix in a bowl
1 cup almond butter or peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg and as many chocolate chips as you like
put on a cookie sheet with parchment paper rows of tablespoon amount cookies. Then bake for 10 min.

Now being a kitchen witch I am always “playing” with my food. I visualize and pour in energy. So while your mixing maybe you can add in the spice of love or better health or overcoming obstacles. I am assuming you know a little something about what this person is going through and so you can add that appropriate intention.

When the cookies are all done. Pack them up and bring them to your friend. Maybe even sit down to some cookies and tea and make a point to just listen to their needs. Or invite them to your house and do the same. Since you know me and how I feel about spells for or on other people. I suggest you say something like “by the way these are extra special cookies I made just for you and I put the intention in that…….” You can reword it depending on how much that person believes in magic or if prayer is better to say or what have you.

Again I can’t take full credit for this spell because it all happened one night on The Pagan Mama when we were brain storming C words.  Also one night when Little was 2 ish I posted on my facebook page that I wanted to run away (if you’re a mom you get this) Hubby was home, baby was asleep. A dear friend wrote back and said her baby was asleep why don’t I come over for some fresh-baked cookies.  It was just what I needed and made me feel worlds better.

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C is for Car Protection (spell)


or a really big purse depending on how you look at it. (change of clothes for little check, snacks check, water check)

either which was unfortunately we are in our car a lot. We live in a wonderful place that has many wonderful things but a walking town is not one of them. Yes we can walk we just can’t say walk to the library or to get groceries.  So in the car we go.  Which means a protection spell of course and as it is a car it should a song that is sung loudly. so channel your inner Chuck Berry and belt it out

“Driving around in my automobile
My cars protected by the Gods seal,
I blow a kiss to the 4 directions
and ask them for their protection
no harm shall come to us you know
we are safe everywhere we go”

With all things magic there is the work to be done. Do a serious cleans of your car now and then. Clean it all out, wash it up. gets is fluids all up and oil changed. Smudge the vehicle and then just like a house hold your hands up about an inch off the car and build your protection into the walls of the car.

P.S. Thank you to The Pagan Mama’s who helped me brain storm which C spell to do this week. They had so many good ideas  I will have another delicious spell on posted on Saturday

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pin of the day (wand)

this is way to fancy for me to actually use (to be honest I almost always just use my hands) but it is just so pretty I had to share.

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C is for calm and comfort (Spell)


I know I should be talking about cleaning and cleansing given the season so maybe next week. This week here are two more pages out of my Book of Magic.
The first page is a labyrinth I can trace with my finger as I saw the words
Round and Round
Up and down
deep breath in
and stressed breath out.

The second page can be said before getting into a bath (you know how I love my baths!) or when lighting a candle.
Goddess and God within
Goddess and God without
Comfort, sooth and nourish my soul
so the negativity does not take its toll
I do my part to take care of me.
This is my will so mote it be!

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As you know I recently started being an admin over at The Pagan Mama on Facebook. We Just did a give away there and I offered up something that I have been working on for a while as a gift. The response was overwhelming. So many people had such lovely things to say about it and so many people asked for it in the giveaway I was just touched. So of course I thought I should offer it here too 🙂 so first I am going to tell you what it is and then I will tell you how you can enter to win one.

I have created a workbook that I call A Year and A Day Journey to discovery. This is a spiral bound book that has a years worth of prompts and pages to help you discover your path and spirituality.  I developed it both for beginners and folks like me that have been around for a some time and wanted a way to look at things deeper. Because I strongly believe that each person is responsible for her or his journey this is not a book that tells you how to look at things but rather suggestions of things to think about and come to your own conclusions.

All you have to do is leave a comment below. If you would like to share about this please do and leave a comment to let me know. For each way you share (twitter, Facebook etc) you can leave a separate comment aka entry. I will draw the winner a week from today on February 3rd.

Bright Blessings and Best of luck

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How are you raising your kid

The question of weather or not people are or intend to raise their children pagan or not seems to be a hot button issue for the community. I have been thinking of it for some time and then I read a book review post by The Ditsy Druid (and more to the point a comment on this post) and I just had to share my opinions (as I am never short on them) for how I am raising my daughter.

In a word, I am not raising her to be pagan. I am raising her to be kind and considerate. To think of others and think for herself. I am raising her to THINK. To explore the information in front of her, to dig deeper and as the questions for the missing information, and come to her own conclusions  I am not interested in telling her what to think about something, I am interested in teaching her how to use critical thinking to figure it out for herself.

I have said many times that I picked this path because it is right for me. That doesn’t mean it is right for anyone else and I honor my daughter by letting her make her own choices. It is the risk you take when you teach self-reliance and independence. I have also said (many times) that my husband is not pagan. Why should I teach our daughter that only one of us can be right? That what dad thinks is not as valid as what mom thinks? This is just disrespectful all around. She will make her own choice when she is old enough.

That said I do let her see my life. I am not ashamed of my life choices nor do I have to be in the broom closet for any reason. We as a family have celebrations together, such as always having breakfast for dinner on a full moon.   She knows I have a special table with special items on it. She knows to thank the plants when we take part of them for use. She knows that nature is important and to be respectful of it. She gets to watch me live my path in a respectful manner. She does not come to circle with me. Not because I am worried this would influence her unduly, but because she is much to young. I know that some folks take their kids to circle with them, and if you have several families together that might work. For me it is my time, my sacred space and how well can I commune if I am worried my 3-year-old is getting in to matches. If she wants to come when she is older that is fine. She can make that choice and my Husband has made it clear that he will honor it.

For now we don’t get into that. We just live our lives by the seasons, with kindness, and generosity and gratitude.

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