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Bewitching Home Blog Party Fire Starters.

It’s that time again! time to throw open the doors to all our Bewitching Homes. As always thank you to Tenae at The Witch of Howling Creek for inviting us all to her Bewitching Home Blog Party.

Before I get into my post I want to welcome you to my home and my little corner of the world. If you are new to my blog welcome, welcome and by the way I do have a giveaway going. If you have been here before, well welcome welcome to you too! I love my friends old and new.

I thought and thought and thought about what to do for this Imbolc post. i have been having so much fun with my Poppy’s Pagan Planning posts on Sundays that I had so many ideas of what to do! I finally decided on a craft. A very easy craft that is good for the earth. So join me as I make the fire starter for the bonfire we will have with our circle tonight.


These are the materials I used and you will need something like this. The coloring page is from Pooka pages, Imbolc issue. If you have kids or even if you don’t you will probably enjoy the pooka pages. I held the original paper and our newsprint up on a window and traced it.

and yes that is a toilet paper roll. I mean they are something most of us have in abundant supple. When it is time to change the roll I whisk the old one away to sit on top near my washer and dryer.


This way fill it with the lint that comes out of my dryer. Ok not the prettiest picture but how pretty can lint stuffed in a toilet paper roll be?


Place the stuffed roll on the back of the drawing and roll it up.


Twist up the ends and if you need to you can tie them off or just push the twisted part into the ends of the roll. It will hold.


TA DA! of course you can pretty it up in any way you like and even add dried herbs. I did not add herbs as there is another woman in my coven that is always in charge of the incense.

You will never run out of the materials and so you can make these for each holiday or special occasion.

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Poppy’s Pagan Planning Imbolc 4

Our last Imbolc post before the holiday. If you have missed the others you check them out here, and here, and here 🙂 or if your curious about any sort of holiday or event please check out My Book of Days. I add all of the Poppy’s Pagan Planning posts to it as well as share posts from other blogs and recipes and all sorts of things that I find interesting and useful.

I just love the candles and the lanterns of this picture. And the white and the Green color palette

Source: via Laurence on Pinterest

These are just mason jars filled with Epsom salt with candles. I think it looks a little like ice and snow and think it would be a lovely way to mark out the edges of the circle.

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

These are Peonies made from coffee filters! simple and beautiful. I tried to follow the pinterest link to brown paper 😦 so I searched around and I found another tutorial here. Warning that blog plays music when you open it.

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

Ah Martha, she always has such good stuff! These were for Valentines day as you can tell by the pink lace but I think with white lace they would be lovely snow like candles.

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

A lovely little chant 🙂

Source: Uploaded by user via Poppy on Pinterest

This is a pattern from I think it would be fun as a embroidery piece or just a coloring page.

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

last but not least a lovely beeswax lantern from Petals and Sunshine which is one of my very favorite blogs. You can find her tutorial here and be excited to know it is not that hard.

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

I hope you enjoyed my Imbolc sires. I sure have. I think I will tweak it a little for the next series Beltane 🙂

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Friday Five! Garden edition 1.25.13

Imbolc is right around the corner which to this California girl means blessing seeds. so here are some fun garden ideas. By the way we didn’t get the house we offered on and I decided it is ok as I am going to need more sun for these wonderful gardens 🙂

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

I think Little would love one of these!

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

hanging salad! Gives kitchen garden a whole new name.

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

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Poppy’s Pagan Planning Imbolc (3)

poppy's pagan planning

Before we get it to today’s fun Imbolc planning items I want to remind everyone that tomorrow, Monday will be our first Masterpiece Monday Blog hop! I can’t wait to see all of the masterpieces 🙂 Also if you missed any of the Imbolc planning please check out the first and second post of these series.

As this is an appropriate day for Dairy here is my idea of lunch 🙂

Source: via Geri on Pinterest

Yummy Milk shake now depending on how you lunch you can add either whisky or coffee. I wont tell 😉 Recipe here. Which would go very nicely with this grilled cheese.

Source: via Arwen on Pinterest

Find the recipe here. To round out lunch how about a nice soup.

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

find that recipe here.

I wish I lived where it was cold I would be making these!

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

or have Little do this 🙂

Source: via Alysen on Pinterest

which counts as decorations and an activity. But we don’t so we will do one of our tried and true activities of making butter.
which happens to be super easy. This picture is from last Imbolc when Little was 2 and she made it all herself!

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Poppy’s Pagan Planning Imbolc

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

ah Sunday. Time for another session of Poppy’s Pagan Planning.

I had mentioned in my last Poppy’s Pagan Planning post that I thought I would make Quiche and salad. I like Quiche not just because of the egg and dairy seem very in tune with Imbolc, but also the roundness of it reminds me of the wheel of the year. So other than salad other round things like rolls or a round Irish Soda bread

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

And of course I did say salad. how about I a nice spinach salad with poppy seed dressing?

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

of course it is traditional to make a Brigid’s Cross as it is Her day.

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

You may also want to work on some poetry to be read at your circle or Altar. Perhaps even a chant to say over you cross as yo make it. This is also a good time to have a bardic circle (or party) Invite folks over to sing a song or recite a poem or story. You can do this with kids too and have them make up little songs. Even do this around the dinner table. lots of fun and if you don’t want to make up a new song or poem you can learn and recite a traditional story.
Another activity to do with kids or the young at heart.

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

and you can find the full instructions and list of what you need here.

For those of you with out a fireplace but wanting a hearth I love this

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

and these are beautiful to me. If I lived where there was snow (which clearly I don’t) I would put the twigs in the vases and then put the snow in around and on top of them and then a floating candle on the top. Watch the snow melt as the candle burns.

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

of course I don’t live where it snows so I will be making something like this

Source: via Mackenzie on Pinterest

From Annaboo’s house because the lace gives me the feeling of snow.

I hope this gave you some good ideas to print out and keep in your Book of Days.

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Look at me I am actual sort of organized talking about a holiday before we get there! Welcome to a series I am going to call Poppy’s Pagan Planning 🙂 For me in my practice the stuff that happens out of circle is just as important to me as what happens in circle. I treat my pagan holidays just like I treat other holidays. There is a theme, a menu and activities. So below are some ideas to get you thinking about what you would like to do.

Seed packets (I bless mine at Imbolc)
seeds that have been started.
I think this is beautiful!

Source: Uploaded by user via Helen “Poppy” on Pinterest

or what about this

and of course candles, candles everywhere!

For a meal I like a nice salad and Quiche I am praying the Asparagus will be at the farmers market so I can make this one.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

And if not there is always this one 🙂


my two main activities are making candles and doing seed blessings

Source: via Helen “Poppy” on Pinterest

Here is a nice tutorial for making candles or if you prefer the dipping kind check out this link.

Here is a fun Seed activity for the kiddos

Source: via Helen “Poppy” on Pinterest

Ok that is it for this Sunday I will have more ideas (and links) to share next Sunday and every Sunday till Imbolc Happy Planning!
photo credit: rachel a. k. via photopin cc

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Some Times things are not as hard as we made them

I have been meaning to share this little funny story with you for a morning of Imbolc I was getting dressed and talking to my husband as Little ran circles around us.

Me “Honey, Today is Imbolc”

DH “What does that mean”

me “Well some people call it Candlemass and it is where groundhog’s day from. Its the astrological midpoint between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox.  The light is getting stronger and we notice that the days are starting to stretch out. It is also the time the ewes start making milk.”

DH blinks back blank stare “What does this mean to me”

me “oh lots of candles and Quiche for dinner”

DH “oh cool I like symbolic”

me “no baby Imbolc”

DH “whatever I like it”

As I have told you my hubbs is not Wiccan and actually HATES religion. He loves me though and bless his heart he really dose try hard to understand and learn. He usually can even keep from making funny faces, while I wax on about some witchy thing, but that is hard work for him.  The point is if you see the conversation above up until the end we are really having two different conversations. I am trying to explain to him (in 30 seconds or less) something based on my belief system and the meaning behind it because it is meaningful to me.  He is wondering what I am yammering on about. Sometimes just a simple sentence of what it means to the other person is all that is needed or matters. In time if they want to and even if they don’t they will catch on to the other parts but in the mean time it is rather comforting to know that when I tell my hubby its breakfast for dinner he says “oh the full moon is tonight” we both win


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Making butter for Imbolc

This morning we made butter. It is a very quick actiity and lovely to do with kiddos as the results are edible. You may choose to use yours in your simple feast or if you are going to have an Imbolc tea. An imbolc tea is like normal tea time except each tea cake has a candle in it and the last one to burn out signifies the person who will have the best luck in the in the coming year.


All you need is cream, a pinch of salt, and a small jar.


Shake Shake Shake.


after a short while it will look like this and it is ready to eat.


we did a pre tea taste taste:) With homemade strawberry jam. yum yum!

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Well not hard to figure out what Sunday stands for. What is interesting is that again in religions and cultural all over the world the Sun God often steeped forward from the pantheon of Gods and Goddess and became the God. For many many man people Sunday is a day or rest and reverence. It is my day to renew and remember my spirit.

For Blogging purposes thought I am will use Sundays as the days to write about Sabbats and the Suns journey through the wheel of the year. Which of course is some of our main celebrations as Witches.

So lets get right to it! I have been lost in my own mundane world and dealing with life in a way I don’t like. I have been reactionary. I prefer to be thoughtful and planed out. To see what is coming down the pike and prepare for it. This last month has brought me the death of my beloved Grandmother, an emergency root canal, and my sweet boy Apollo (fur child)

got out of our house and into a neighbors yard and got one of their chickens. He didn’t kill it but he did remove some feathers. They now think he is a menace to the neighborhood and we are having to find him a new home. deep sigh. At any rate not a lot of stuff one can plan for and so here I have been just reacting and now Imbolc is almost upon us.

Imbolc (Feb 1-2) is the first festival of spring. The sheep are starting to have milk now in preparation for the birthing of their lambs. The Sun is also growing stronger in the sky and the Earth is waking up. The main themes for the holiday are milk and light mostly in the form of candles. If you live in the part of the world where it is cold snow and ice lanterns are a beautiful and very appropriate decoration. Where ever you live, whatever the earth looks like outside is appropriate for you. For me that means that Daffodils (lovely yellow sunny) will be in my house as they are popping up all over the area.

If you are up to it making candles are a very fun activity and if you need something less intensive or if you have small ones to keep busy give them a baby food jar full of cream ad a pinch of salt. They can shake it till it turns to butter. You can then have this for dinner or tea or part of your simple feast. A very traditional activity is right after sunset light all the lights in the house. Every single one. even if just for a moment. If you have a flame less candle you may leave it in the window sill lit over night.  I will also be blessings my seeds and plant starts as I will be getting them in to the ground soon. If you live in a place that is still cold or frozen you will probably want to wait till Ostara to do the blessings.

Imbolc is also a lovely time to do an initiation or self dedication, as it marks the growing season. Also good for re-dedications. For that reason and to be ready for the Goddess and God to wake from their winter slumber to walk among us it is an appropriate time for cleansing of self and house.

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