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A closer view


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Figuring it out


I have been accused of being organized.  I assure you it is simply self-defense as I forget everything. So this is my first attempt of figuring out how to clean the new house. The old one was 850 square feet. I could clean it pretty well in a day and completely in a weekend. This one is 2700 square feet and I have not a clue what I am doing. So I will try this for a while and see how it goes.

I also gave everyone a laundry day.

Monday: Bed Linens
Tuesday: Hubby
Wednesday: Towels
Thursday: Hubby
Friday: Little
Saturday: Me
Sunday Hubby

so far that is working well. I am also trying to train them train them that if they want their clothing washed they should get it at minimum to the dirty laundry basket and preferably to the laundry room. I’m having more success with the 3-year-old on that front.

By the way incase you’re wondering the dry erase stickers on the fridge are from Martha Stewart collection at staples and I think they were $3.50.

Hope you day is fabulous and I am off to start the laundry.

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Happy plants


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Just another shelf


In my livingroom.

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Home Sweet Home

This is not my house

Source: via Con on Pinterest

except for in my mind

Source: via Kari on Pinterest

I love the riot of color in the garden and the lines of the house. To be honest though i am sure I am not the only Witch out there that has had moments of day dreams about living in a small cottage.  Mine of course has a tangled garden with every plant I can think of in it and is by the sea. and of course I think this may happen someday.

Back to my point. I have been so caught up in my ideas of getting a new house with more space that I have been living a little too much in “someday.”  That said my poor little abode has been neglected. True it may be the time of year as well. What ever the reason I was a woman on a mission today. I moved furniture (of course I am sore now) I organized things and cleaned things and tossed out things. I made plans to do much, much more than I got done but by 4pm I was just physically spent.  It was actually a lovely feeling. I sat down with some Lavender Lemon tea and survived my home. It looks almost like a new home.

It also felt very grown up of me to just do it already. Just do what needs to be done and stop waiting for the perfect house or shelf or whatever. Whats more it burned through all of my “excess energy” that came over me yesterday and resulted in yet another blown phone. wa wa wa.

so happiness all around. Clean house. Clean spirit.

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Masterpiece Monday and Giveaway announcement.

Today we are showing off Little’s art. she is still enjoying the smooshing of paint.

here is a close up and you can see this one has glitter!

Also this site was pointed out to me, she is doing pagan art journal prompts and so I may try to play along with that on Masterpiece Monday. thought I would share it with you all.

AND FINALLY, The winner is…..
Heather! Congratulations you will get your very own workbook sent to you in the mail! Please email me at  so I can ship it out to you.

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Bewitching Home Blog Party Fire Starters.

It’s that time again! time to throw open the doors to all our Bewitching Homes. As always thank you to Tenae at The Witch of Howling Creek for inviting us all to her Bewitching Home Blog Party.

Before I get into my post I want to welcome you to my home and my little corner of the world. If you are new to my blog welcome, welcome and by the way I do have a giveaway going. If you have been here before, well welcome welcome to you too! I love my friends old and new.

I thought and thought and thought about what to do for this Imbolc post. i have been having so much fun with my Poppy’s Pagan Planning posts on Sundays that I had so many ideas of what to do! I finally decided on a craft. A very easy craft that is good for the earth. So join me as I make the fire starter for the bonfire we will have with our circle tonight.


These are the materials I used and you will need something like this. The coloring page is from Pooka pages, Imbolc issue. If you have kids or even if you don’t you will probably enjoy the pooka pages. I held the original paper and our newsprint up on a window and traced it.

and yes that is a toilet paper roll. I mean they are something most of us have in abundant supple. When it is time to change the roll I whisk the old one away to sit on top near my washer and dryer.


This way fill it with the lint that comes out of my dryer. Ok not the prettiest picture but how pretty can lint stuffed in a toilet paper roll be?


Place the stuffed roll on the back of the drawing and roll it up.


Twist up the ends and if you need to you can tie them off or just push the twisted part into the ends of the roll. It will hold.


TA DA! of course you can pretty it up in any way you like and even add dried herbs. I did not add herbs as there is another woman in my coven that is always in charge of the incense.

You will never run out of the materials and so you can make these for each holiday or special occasion.

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Bedside tables and broom closets


Before I get to my real PBP B is for Blues Be Gone Bath I thought I would share with you some of the thoughts I was having today.

I live my life day in and day out as a witch. The thing is unless you know, you wouldn’t know. Well by looking at my house anyway. Yes I have a lot of herbs in my house but then I’m a cook. I have statues but we also have a lot of art on the walls. I have an altar on our mantel but people just think I am decorating with the seasons. the above is a simple little kitchen altar I had at one point. Nothing too much just a little reminder for me.

I also had a small postcard tucked onto the corner of my family message center.



Unless you knew I don’t think you would notice.

At this point you maybe wondering about the bedside table part of the title. I am not going to give you a picture because with the bathroom still not finished my room is not the tidy place I like it to be. However, I feel like it could serve as a good altar even for someone in the broom closet and even if that person lives with other non-pagan friendly people.

A simple item from the season be it leaf or flower. a pretty candle maybe your “Journal” If they are not nosy folk if they are put that sucker in your underwear drawer or some other suitable hiding spot. As you can see this is just a pretty bedside table. You need not have all the “witchy trappings’ and altar and a witchy home is anything that makes your soul sing.


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We Interrupt your normally scheduled post to say I’m in love



Hubs, Little and I looked at a house today that I LOVE! so if anyone wants to say a prayer send some good mojo, light a candle what have you I would appreciate it. This by the way is called a fairy ring, or at lest it is if you live in California and have redwoods. 🙂

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Masterpeice Monday



Little’s art journal pages






and mine 🙂

it is so much fun to do. I love that when you “mess up” a page you just put more paint on top and it becomes another page.

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