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Greatfull For

so very, very much.

for days like this



The winter sun in warm on my face and back.




The little Chickadees on the feeder enjoying the food and fresh air.wpid-IMAG2142.jpgThis tree. It makes me oh so happy!


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Friday Five

Well shucks this week went somewhere. Here it is Friday and I feel like I haven’t written at all this week.

I am grateful for:

  1. Knowing how to cook. When I want food I can make it and it is good. I never can understand why some people look down on cooking or think it’s not an important skill.
  2. the abundance of yummy food this time of year. Besides the taste it is beautiful I love the bright colors, the orange pumpkins and the green brussel sprouts and the red pomegranate.
  3. fantastic friends old and new. This week I have got to spend time with a good friend. It just makes me so happy and filled with joy.
  4. having good people in my life that I can talk to about all manner of things and not worry that they are going to think I have suddenly lost all my marbles.
  5. my wonderful family who I love beyond words.
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more then thankful

As I was out and about on my adventures today I got to talking with an old family friend about gratitude and being thankful. I shared about out thankful tree and she shared a wonderful idea that she had heard someone speak about. She said that people often list the things they are thankful for, feel happy and leave it at that. This speaker suggested paying that gratitude forward. Being more then thankful.

I think this is a lovely idea. How you do it is still make your list of what you are thankful for and then a list of how you could share that with others. For example are you thankful you have enough food to eat? Pay that forward with donating time or energy or money or food to a local food bank. Make a meal to share with someone that needs it. Thankful that you have time to cook? Make a meal and bring it to a new mom, or sick friend or home bound folks. Thankful for your garden? Help school kids learn about gardening or reclaim an abandon lot for a community garden. You get the idea. I just love this idea.

I think these things can be little or big and time consuming or not. I think they can be integrated with normal daily life. I also think that we can make a big deal out of them. As you add to your thankful tree, keep that in mind for next months arts and craft project! Can’t wait to share it with you all.

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