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as I seem to be without time these days I shall share another painting with you that I am in love with. brigid2

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Goddess of the Month

This year I have picked a different Goddess to work with each month

January is Athena



This is also by Susan Seddon Boulet

and Yes she is one of my favorite artists ūüôā

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Just another shelf


In my livingroom.

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Deity concept and Brigid

I was going to take the whole shebang Deity concept for the Pagan Insight Project but I am not ready for that and I am still having some stuff I need to work out about Brigid.

Source: Uploaded by user via Lisa on Pinterest

I think I mentioned she showed up at Imbolc. Which wouldn’t have been so much of a¬†surprise¬†if she and I had met before. It is not that I have not known about her or respect and honor her. Just she has mostly¬†existed¬†for me around my peripheral. ¬†She is one with my BFF, but she has never talked to me before and so I am still rather¬†reeling¬†from the¬†experiences.

In regards to Deity concept I still feel strongly for me that the Deities are not metaphors.  Now I say for me because maybe they appear this way to me because that is my belief system. It is rather a chicken or egg question and I do not know the answer, but for me they are not metaphors they are real and they are different. Why else would it affect me so much if She showed up one way or another.

The other thing I know for sure (for me) is that your lessons are always something that seems to hard to do. Of course Brigid didn’t just come and say keep doing what you’re doing. go you. ¬†No when a Goddess or God show up pretty much you can count on a them telling you to go on a journey that will be difficult and require a lot of growth and will be a deep lesson. Can I do it Yes. Will I do it? Of course I gave my word. Will it scare me. SO MUCH!

I can’t help but think that along with my BFF Brigid is also¬†connected¬†to my free and¬†fiery¬†spirit little girl. I am contemplative of what this will mean for her life and I have an¬†inkling¬†that she may be a healer. Why do I think this. Well I don’t really know but it is the feeling or message I am getting. ¬†As for Little who ever she becomes or whatever she chooses to do with her life ¬†(within the basic¬†parameters¬†of¬†kindness, respect and basic human decency) will be fine with me. ¬†However you look at it Brigid is much more in our lives now.

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monday moon day

” I see the moon, and the moon sees me. moon is the Goddess, and the Goddess bless me.”

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Protecting your home

I’m tired today. Little had a nightmare last night. At least that is what I think was¬†happening. She couldn’t quite articulate it but she woke up and we heard her sobbing in her bed. She didn’t want the light to be turned off and she didn’t want to be away from us so I am guessing nightmare. at any rate it lead to less sleep then I wanted but then¬†that’s¬†the life of a mom.

She is napping at the moment but after nap we are going to clean her room and cleanse it. I am also going to find her night light and tonight if I have the energy I will check/ reinforce the circle around my house. If you have been practicing for a while and you have practiced in and around your house, you probably have a circle too. You can of course put one there when you move in as well or really any time but it will need to be check now and then.

When we talked about Energy we talked about how everything leaves “energetic fingerprints” and your magic work does too. As you practice in and around your home these¬†fingerprints¬†add up and leave kind of a residue around your dwelling. You may notice that the mood in your house changes. Your house¬†truly¬†becomes your¬†sanctuary¬†and there is a¬†peacefulness¬†and stillness in the house. Not to say people are still just the energy. An overall calm and happy feeling. Do not get me wrong I still have a toddler and my fur toddler running pel mel¬†through¬†the house and countless friends and family popping in and out, but it is such a cheerful place that it is a place that people (and animals) want to be.

Many witches also place a protective circle around their abode. If you are going to place a circle I would walk the¬†perimeter¬†with something to cleanse be it water or salt or a smuge bundle. pick a spot to sit or stand as you like close your eyes and go into an Alpha State. See with your minds eye your home or land. picture a large dome building up to cover over your whole home/ land. As always ask the Goddess and God for blessings and for help. Ask that your home be safe and sound. You may ask that only good comes in and bad stays away or that your house be “invisible” to people who would wish you harm. Ask that the people the live there and come to visit or stay be sheltered and looked after, That they be happy and healthy. If you live up in the woods as one of my sister Witches does you may ask that forest fires stay away from you. Ask in your words what ever you like but you get the idea ask the Goddess and God to protect you and yours and your home. ¬†you will see the dome start to glow a blue white light and you will know that it is strong.

Should you have a run of bad luck or nightmares you may want to go do a little reinforcement of said dome. The same basic principle applies here. Go into an Alpha state and look ate your dome. are there weak spots or spots that have holes or less of a glow? visualize them being repaired until you can see as a whole shining bright and true again. Again ask the Goddess and God for their blessings and Protection and thank them for all the blessings they have bestowed on you.

Bright Blessings


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Divinity – The God

A few posts ago I did a little about the Goddess and now it is the Gods turn. Like the Goddess, The God is made of and by the One. Also Like the Goddess The God has multiple aspects to him. ¬†Unlike the Goddess it is the idea of a pagan God that has been most distorted by those who wished he didn’t¬†exist. Also unlike the Goddess, the God is some times left out of Wicca altogether. So lets¬†discuss¬†the God.

The God is the primal male energy in existance. In everything. He is in everything and he is everything and everything is him. He is the Father of All Life as well has the pulsing energies you can feel in nonliving items like rocks. He is the Sun giving us light and life on our planet. He is the Horned God who is king of the bests. The wild stag and falcon. He is the Greenman protector of the forests. He is all this things and so much more because as I stated he is in everything, he is everything and everything is him.

He is celebrated by Witches generally in his life cycle that mirrors the sacred wheel of the year.  He is both the Oak King and the Holy King. God of Light and God of Dark. This does not mean light in dark in terms of good and bad it means it in the literal sense that the God of the Dark or Holly King is the God of the Dark half of the year. From Mabon to Ostra when night is longer then day.

He is of course scary. Not to me mind you but the idea of a God living in balance with nature and not dominating or destroying it,  is to much for some people to handle. He is often pictured as part beast much like Egyptian Gods and Goddess to show his oneness with Nature.  It is this aspect of the God as king of the beasts has been perverted to now represent evil. It is sad how much the idea of Nature and the natural world can scary someone. He is energy and love and life and delight.

It is sad really how the God has been treated. He has been severed. The part of him that lives on in many religions (no not all and not all interpretations of said religions) Is more of a Stern father. The abundance of love and spark of life are often carved away to leave an imposing figure that you better not get angry with you. Whats more is that some Witches leave him out all together. The worship only a Goddess and leave him out entirely.

In everything there is both Male and Female energies. In everything there is the God and the Goddess. They are two and they are one. For me it is embracing of the wholeness of life that makes the most sense.

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Pages in progress Goddess and Water.

First let me say happy New Moon to all. In our neck of the woods at least it is a beautiful fall day. Sharp and cool this morning and now warm and clear. Today is a wonderful day to embark on new projects.¬†Perhaps when you did your self work around Mabon you found there were some areas in you life that were out of balance. Today is a great day to ask the Goddess and God to help bring your life back into¬†balance¬†and embark on a project to compliment that request.¬†¬†For example if you noticed that you are not taking care of your self in the way that you should you can think of one thing like a 15 min walk that you can do to move your health in a better direction. That said enjoy new¬†beginnings¬†and here are some pages I’m working on.image

This is my Water page. It is just started but I am working on it and I thought I would share. Just like everyone else my life is crazy at times with lots to do. Some days/ weeks I have more time to work on my book then others. As I have said before though it is a process and I am enjoying the process.


This is the Song of the Goddess. It is from Cunningham. The images are ones that will eventually make their way some where on to this page but I am not sure how yet. I also have some other images that I need to print out and use because certian Goddess figures resonate with me. Venus of Willendorf being one of them

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Divinity The Goddess

Between the pages with the Hermetic Laws and the Elements is my¬†Divinity¬†Section. I am having a hard time with it simply because I am having a hard time articulating all of it. I thought I would “think out loud” so to speak and write some here to see if I could come to some¬†writings¬†that I like. First I will tell you that my book is set up to have one page on The One/ The All/ Dryghtnyn, followed by four pages for the Goddess and four for the God. For this post or writing I am going to mostly¬†concentrate¬†on The Goddess but I am trying to¬†explain¬†the over all Divine as well. And really they are all connected so you can’t have the Goddess with out the God or the One.

If you read before time was, you can see that in the beginning, before time was there was The One. Who was everything and nothing. The Goddess and God were created of The One and By the One. This its self is important because it speaks to the duality of everything and that as we know energy never dies it just is formed in different ways. So the God and Goddess are the One and The One is the twin forms of the Goddess and God.

The Goddess chose the Moon as her symbol and we talk of her in her different lunar phases, as the Triple Goddess. Waxing to full to waning or Maiden Mother Crone. Really we are speaking of the cycle of life creation preservation and destruction only to start a new. The Moon does have so much of a pull on what happens on the Earth, the tides and water flow at the influence of the Moon. Women bleed with the moon and we know that Humans from the beginning of our time have followed the moon and starts and sun to track time. We also are just learning that our ancestors tracked the time of the moon to harvest shell fish in abundance, which lead to the development of our brain. The Moon and Sun are very much vital to our existence.

The Goddess and God are not metaphors, they are real. The Divine energy that is in all things is both female and male. Sometimes we get confused and we see the Goddess as a human woman. Perhaps she appears to us in this form in visions. If she does it is a relation on how we choose to see her for the Goddess is not just Goddess to us, she is again in everything. She IS everything. We call her Great Mother not because femaleness is regulated to the creation of children, but because she is the mother and Creator of all. Her energy flows through everything giving it life and energy. When we talk of her in her Maiden aspect we are talking about the power that is growing and the newness of things. New ideas taking shape in our mind or realities. We are talking about the creation aspect.  Similarly when we speak of her as the Crone or the destruction aspect we see her as one that knows all, and has much to teach.  The cycle must always complete itself for it is the very rhythm of life.  We may speak of her in as the Triple Goddess and perhaps we speak of one aspect but the other two are always present as well. She is the bondless female energy in all things.


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Goddess and God pages from my other book.



the charge of the Goddess and God are from I also printed out his Celtic Commandments. The Song of the Goddess and God are from Scott Cunningham. Yes I know I love him.

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