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Poppy’s Seeds Academy

Hi darling dears. Well I have been absent from this space for a while but I wanted to pop back in to share exciting news.

Next year Poppy’s Seeds Academy will open for its first year. We will be working on connecting to our Divine self and developing our spiritual self. We will also great your very own Book of Days. I am so excited! I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think. For the whole scoop click here.

here is a very short video

Poppy’s Seeds Academy 2015 from Helen Peterson on Vimeo.

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Starting my day


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In Mostly Pictures



A visitor early in the morning enjoying some unripe plums.




Early morning chores.





Family Dinner grilled pizza.





Mine on Gfree bread. Fig, bacon , fire roasted jalapeños, with mozzarella. Delicious!





To see what the Swedish Midsummers Cake should look like and how to make check out here. This is what it looks like when set on the table of the family and it is eaten with hands.



a bon fire on the beach



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back to basics

today I have seen the spotted towhee and the scrub jays. I saw a bird I don’t know which might be a grosbeak type two acorn wood peckers and a wren and a titmouse (I think) and lots and lots of humming birds both Annas and Alans. I am clearly going to need a better camera to get pics of the ones I don’t know so someone can tell me what they are. At the very least I clearly need a better bird book.

so here I am in a beautiful house with a beautiful yard and I feel completely out of sorts. I am grumpy and snappy and just not doing well. Of course it is because we are moving and so much is changing. of course it is stress but there are different ways of dealing with stress. There is the freak out option. The constant fight or flight heart racing cranky person or (in my world anyway) there is the calm person who writes down lots of lists and systematically tackles them.

<oh my stars I just saw the hugest raven out my window maybe 15 feet from me and at eye level soar by. made me catch my breath.>

And so I am going back to my basics, which I think is a good idea whenever it feels like you have too much. I also am now in a house much bigger and much different then my last one.

So I need a routine for keeping it clean and running. I will be using Flylady

I have a kid who is out of sorts and who doesn’t feel as connected to her mama as I have been working so much and even when I’m home I am working instead of playing. And so I am going back to our Rhythm of play and fun.


I have a HUGE yard that I have no idea how to take care of and so I need a routine for that. including when and how to water. I also need a list of things that must be done in the garden like build a deer fence around the fruit trees and vegetable garden. I also want to start a dream list that will include chickens and bees and maybe goats. shorter term I need a few more vegetable beds.

so todays goal is simply to make all the lists and find my map so to speak. plan out the journey of accomplishing the duties that need to be accomplished.  Knowing where I stand and where I am going always make me feel better and take my  from crazy lady to calm and cheerful. Hope this day finds you bright and happy.

❤ Poppy

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You wake up early and the first hing your daughter says is “mama can we paint”

“of course we can baby”

she made this


she was very careful to be gently when she smooshed the pages together so she didn’t tear the pages. I think it turned out wonderful.

I love moments like this. I try to focus on moments like this. Sometimes I think that because I try to focus on the bright spots people assume I live some magical life where everything goes the way I want and nothing bad ever happens. Its true I do lead a magical life but that is be cause I make it that way.

I still come home to things like this 🙂 image

This is our toilet, our ONE toilet chilling in my hall way. super conducive to family life with a small child.

and of course every day there are lots of this



piles and piles of laundry. I do at least one load of laundry a day.

And then there is rotten cold that just wont go away. But lucky my I have the best witchy girl friends and one stopped by last night to give me my Yule gift and I was asking her about herbs as she knows more than me and ta da she pulled this out of her purse.



I told her she was like Mary Poppins.

So that’s the thing life is life and it will keep coming and keep going and have you feel every day depends mostly on how you choose to look at things.


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Morning tea


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First stop on adventure day.


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Honey for my Honeys


I am in an end of a summer/ beginning of fall, harvest flutter. I am putting up food as quick as I can and trying to get our winter health kit ready to go. Better to be prepared. So this is what I made for sore throats and coughs. yes yes I am not a doctor etc. I’m a mom this is what I do for me and my family and you need to be responsible for what you do with yours. ok enough of that!

I think I may add a small pinch of cayenne to this but right now it is just lemon (from our tree) and honey in a small jelly jar. I can give Little a teaspoon before bed or just have it with some hot water making a tea.

What are your favorite natural health items to have on hand for your family?

<note: my aunt said she put ginger in hers so I have since put in about a inch chunk cut up a little and smashed into the honey>

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What a fun month June was and what a fun month July is looking to be just as fun. Our July theme is geography and world cultures. I picked (though crowd sourcing on Facebook)  Egypt, Brazil, Greece, England and India. I am not sure if we will get to all of them. We are starting with Egypt and will hit England when the Olympics start.  

So of course I have been searching the net for fun things like food and coloring pages. I found Activity Village and had to share it with you all. I am still in the process of figuring out all our lessons but I will share with you as I go along. 

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Ate to much




There were veggies too but interestingly they all were eaten before I had time to take pictures. All recipes from Octoberfarm blog

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