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Poppy’s Seeds Academy

Hi darling dears. Well I have been absent from this space for a while but I wanted to pop back in to share exciting news.

Next year Poppy’s Seeds Academy will open for its first year. We will be working on connecting to our Divine self and developing our spiritual self. We will also great your very own Book of Days. I am so excited! I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think. For the whole scoop click here.

here is a very short video

Poppy’s Seeds Academy 2015 from Helen Peterson on Vimeo.

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back to basics

today I have seen the spotted towhee and the scrub jays. I saw a bird I don’t know which might be a grosbeak type two acorn wood peckers and a wren and a titmouse (I think) and lots and lots of humming birds both Annas and Alans. I am clearly going to need a better camera to get pics of the ones I don’t know so someone can tell me what they are. At the very least I clearly need a better bird book.

so here I am in a beautiful house with a beautiful yard and I feel completely out of sorts. I am grumpy and snappy and just not doing well. Of course it is because we are moving and so much is changing. of course it is stress but there are different ways of dealing with stress. There is the freak out option. The constant fight or flight heart racing cranky person or (in my world anyway) there is the calm person who writes down lots of lists and systematically tackles them.

<oh my stars I just saw the hugest raven out my window maybe 15 feet from me and at eye level soar by. made me catch my breath.>

And so I am going back to my basics, which I think is a good idea whenever it feels like you have too much. I also am now in a house much bigger and much different then my last one.

So I need a routine for keeping it clean and running. I will be using Flylady

I have a kid who is out of sorts and who doesn’t feel as connected to her mama as I have been working so much and even when I’m home I am working instead of playing. And so I am going back to our Rhythm of play and fun.


I have a HUGE yard that I have no idea how to take care of and so I need a routine for that. including when and how to water. I also need a list of things that must be done in the garden like build a deer fence around the fruit trees and vegetable garden. I also want to start a dream list that will include chickens and bees and maybe goats. shorter term I need a few more vegetable beds.

so todays goal is simply to make all the lists and find my map so to speak. plan out the journey of accomplishing the duties that need to be accomplished.  Knowing where I stand and where I am going always make me feel better and take my  from crazy lady to calm and cheerful. Hope this day finds you bright and happy.

❤ Poppy

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This and that and a lot of birds

I have suddenly become interested in birds. Well not really Little and I have always watched the birds outside our window to see what they were up to? The mocking birds fighting for territory and dive bombing the crow who came to close to the nest. The hawk that soars in the back yard every afternoon. And of course you know I created those field guid sheets for her so she can learn about observation.

So we always liked to see who was out our window and now we have a lot more birds out the window. We moved!

That right Moved

after a year and half of looking and me giving up many a time, being out bid on I don’t know how many places we found a miraculous home on a hill. With loads of gardens and birds and incredible views. I still have to pinch myself because I can hardly believe this is our house. It seems so grown up.

Right now I’m looking a a male quail perched on this flat feeder.  I have also seen this morning the spotted towhee and 2 acorn wood peckers.

Yesterday I started  keeping a yard list for this house but found I don’t really know enough about birds so there were lists of birds I did know and then long descriptions of birds I don’t know. I will have to ask mom when I see her next.

The view I posted yesterday was from the dinning room. I will take some more pictures today and post them for you.

I love the new house even though it doesn’t feel like mine yet. I need to finish unpacking and in truth I still need to finish packing the old house there are a few more tidbits there. Thankfully I have some wonderful friends that are helping with both.

I also need to find or figure out the weekly plan for watering the garden. The previous owner did an amazing job with lots of Native plants I think she said there were over 150. some of it is on irrigation and some is hand water and I am not sure which plant needs what when. So I guess I better go round and figure that out today before any suffer.

I am off to unpack more, well tea first and then unpack!

I hope everyone is doing well and I am sorry I took so long off in-between writing.

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checking in



It’s a good time to journal, and so I am going to barrow from one of my favorite blogs Abide With Me. Every now and then she does a journaling post with lots of headings as prompts. I am changing them a little and borrowing a little from others.

Drink of the Day (From Thalassa)
Irish Breakfast Tea

Sowing/ Harvesting:  Sowing the seeds to making my dreams real. Harvesting some dream work and some hard work put in after wards to create my workbook.

In the Garden:  we are really hopping now. I have the baby sprouts of corn coming up and we have put in water melons, sunflowers, a ton of wildflowers, tomatoes, and basil. I have a volunteer cucumber (no idea how I got that!) a ton of butternut squash starts that need to be moved and shared. AND still 2 empty beds to plant. I’m trying the square foot garden method and I am really liking it. I have a slew of plants that I still want to put in too. Oh and I found the most beautiful rose blooming in my garden this morning! It is from my neighbor’s yard and it is stunning. I will get a picture.

Creating:.Various books and kits 🙂 more on that later.

Looking: The birds in my yard. I am engaged in this silly life and death battle going on. It is silly that I’m involved not that silly that it is going on. The house finches and mocking birds make their nest in our row of 14 cypress tress. The babies are hatched and featherless little things squeaking for food. The Crows come by for an easy meal. Last year around this time he carried one off and Little was so sad. So now I’m going out side 5 times a day to shoo the crow away and explain that after the babies are bigger and no longer food I will leave him some food. He just looks at me to see if I’m  seriously getting in the way of his meal.

Listening: The blasted TV which seems to be always on. The birds mocking birds and mourning doves and quail and blue jays and house finches. I don’t know them all.

Smiling: I sold my first workbook. I created something that someone else liked enough to buy. Its kind of a rush

Reading:  A book on square foot gardening and then anything else on my nightstand. trying to get back on track of my blogs. I’m WEEKS behind!

Outing: Does going to the office count?  Things are going better there though. I took Little to a swim class. The second one went better than the first. The first she didn’t want class to be over and jumped back into the pool and ran to a place that was too deep for her.

Thinking: I miss my blog and reading blogs. I wonder if I can sneak away and watch 2 episodes of Rachel Zoe and 20 of Dr Who?

Cooking: We made some yummy ribs the other day and a yummy frittata with goat cheese.  When I plan my week I cook better and eat better when I don’t plan I end up uninspired.  I really want soup

Feeling: hormonal. TMI? I have seriously cried a lot over the last week some happy some sad but quick to tears is ANNOYING!

Wishing:  for someone to cook me soup and bring me hot chocolate with whipped cream while I read and or watch the above shows. I need some “off” time.

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Week 3.3 Musing


It’s a good time to journal, and so I am going to barrow from one of my favorite blogs Abide With Me. Every now and then she does a journaling post with lots of headings as prompts. I am changing them a little and borrowing a little from others.

First Drink of the Day (From Thalassa)
Water (I strongly believe you should start each day with a pint of water) followed closely by my coffee. I make it at the strength my husband likes it and the pour myself 1/3 cup with 1/3 cup water and 1/3 cup milk.

Sowing/ Harvesting: We have been watching The Lorax a lot lately.  I have always been a fan of the book but the movie is nice too there is a line in the song that says “you can’t reap what you don’t sow” I like it I have always liked the saying you reap what you sow but for some reason looking at it the other way seems very meaningful to me. I guess it is the planner in me. What it makes me think of all the times we wish things were different, we wish they turned out different but we didn’t sow anything different.

In the Garden:  The California poppies have just started flowering and the mustard and wild radishes are cheerfully speckled over the back yard. The peas we planted are doing well and I should go check on the squash I planted.

Creating:Bah I still feel like I’m not creating anything. heck I haven’t even been blogging like I would like to, which means I’m not creating words or stories.

Looking: house after house after house. Each one a disappointment  To far away or to small or to much work needs to be done. All are too expensive. Not that we can’t afford them just that the thought of spending that much money makes me want to vomit.

Listening: The mocking birds who are in the troughs of claiming territory. a dog barking and general neighborhood noises.


Reading: some free kindle books, some of which are epically bad. One is so bad that I will be reading part of it at my book club. The idea of the story is ok but it is so horribly written that I kept wanting to stop and rewrite sentences and paragraphs so that it read well.

Outing: open house and house tours. house after house after house.

Thinking: Isis and Aset. I have only been introduced to the Kemetic way of things lately  Mostly due to this blog.  So I have been thinking of names and thinking of the Gods that called me first. Before even the ones from my family heritage it was Isis, Anubis and Thoth. Above all though always Isis. Which of course is why Power of the Witch by Lauri Cabot was so appealing to me oh so many years ago. She talked about worshiping Egyptian  Gods. Isis and I already had a relationship by then. I have not been blessed with a great memory so unlike my husband who can recall every conversation he has had since he was 3 I only remember little bits and pieces here and there of my childhood. At any rate by the time I was 6 I know I was Hers.

Cooking: again not cooking like I would like. I made a yummy chicken and brussle sprout baked dish this week as well as a nice potato salad. I am looking forward to making more crockpot meals as the days get hotter and I am at work more.

Feeling: Still super over shopping for houses. rather frustrated by the whole process.  frustrated about not cooking or creating and about silly little things at work. maybe I need a nap?

Wishing:  my house work would do itself and people would start listening. I have high doubts that either will happen anytime soon.

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Weekly Musing

Source: via Sofie on Pinterest

It’s a good time to journal, and so I am going to barrow from one of my favorite blogs Abide With Me. Every now and then she does a journaling post with lots of headings as prompts. I am changing them a little and borrowing a little from others.

First Drink of the Day (From Thalassa)
As always it was Water, followed by my standby of strong black tea

Sowing/ Harvesting: I have for some time been contemplating the latest shift in my life. I have had several conversations with several Goddesses which is still something that sounds crazy to me. I have started sowing the seeds of a different life. The universe, my coven, other trusted spiritual advisers have been telling me that I need to step it up and be more of the HP that I am supposed to be. Frankly it is a huge responsibility and I was/am scared. But I am sowing the seeds.

In the Garden:  I need to get you pictures. I practice what I call lazy gardening. I leave the last of the plant as an offering to my garden and Gods.  So far it has worked out that the next spring new baby vegetable plants grow up from the seeds that fell from the offering.  I have baby chard coming up now. That back part of the yard is the wild area and it has gotten about knee-high and I know I have to figure out something or hubs will go cut it all down.  We have different ideas about what a weed is. I like to leave it wild as it makes the bees and ladybugs and other winged creatures happy.

Creating: I am creating a wonderful family home filled with love and peace. Little and I have been working on getting our rhythm going. It has been hard for her with me working so much and it has been hard from me. It is what is best for the family but it is still hard. We have just created a new nature table for her and next up is to create an organized space where we can create. lol Which translates loosely to the next BIG project is to clear out the garage and turn it in to a play room type place. sadly it is a state at the moment with too much stuff in it.

Looking: at the “new” home all clean and clear and happy. The plants like the new shelf (another picture I should take) the orchids are just about ready to explode in blooms. My daughter’s balloon

Listening: the sound of morning. A dog barking and the birds sing outside. The mocking birds are going all out to prove they’re the best.  The Crow came by this morning to say hi and the doves have been causing a ruckus too.

Smiling: At my family. Little is the best and just amazing. (said every mother ever) Watching her on her bike every day and watching her explore the world is just awe-inspiring. I am also smiling because Hubs and I went on a date last night and had the BEST dinner!  Not to mention the gorgeous day with warm sunshine.

Reading: I have been reading a bunch of Dr. Thorndyke mysteries. As always I have reading a ton of blogs (though I love so many I seem to always be behind on them). I am reading random kindle free books and one about crafting rituals. I just read a post that Elfkat is reading the sequel to a book I really liked so I am going to have to go find that now too.  See the sowing section above. oh and I keep Robert Graves The white Goddess on my bedside table to read as I fall asleep.

Outing: I went out two nights ago to a friend’s house for “mommy’s night in” We watched pitch perfect drank wine and ate cheese and fruit and cookies and yummy lava cakes. At least 3 of us are gluten free so all the food was. It was fantastic! Sometimes you just need a group of women and lots of laughs. Then last night hubs and I went to the best restaurant that I have ever been to. We went with another couple and had an amazing time. The food was out of this world, the service was French and we got to take a tour of the whole place including all the various parts of the kitchen.

Thinking: about getting dressed 🙂 I’m still my Pj’s but I should get up and get going. I have lots to do today and my dear child to go pick up. I am thinking about something my child has brought up to me a few times. It’s a character that she doesn’t know in real life and is mean in strange ways. I’m not sure what to do with it and its hard because at 3 she still can’t articulate much.  Still it has me concerned.

Cooking: my cooking has been not up to par lately. With adjusting to a new scheduled I have not really adjusted to being away from home so much. I did make a yummy scampi the other day and of course the roast chicken I try to make once a month. I just love it so. Plus then I have the leftover meat for chicken salad or shredded chicken for tacos, and then the bones for making stock. Of course I have made soup too. I will probably make some more soup today.

Feeling: Super over shopping for houses. I am also feeling quite open I guess.

Wishing: That I had a nice printer at home that worked.


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spinets of life

I am watching ants scurry around. only one or two at a time but they are in my living room, on the toy shelf. I wonder what yummy cracker or crumb has been left to entice them.

My Samsung computer has died (as many of you knew it was on its last legs) I am typing to you from a new Acer. I don’t know if I like it yet but at least it works. I also can’t find ( I know shocking) my discs to install some of my programs which is an issue. I use publisher a LOT! must find must find!

I am currently on an emotional roller coaster. I have days of scary sad and days of super happy. This of course is annoying and makes me want to spend days not talking for fear I will snap at someone. It is also my fault because I KNOW sugar makes me grumpy. I know this and yet I ate too much. At any rate some times it is good to just be quiet.

The storm has finally passed and we have a day of sun. I am told it will rain again on Wednesday. I actually like the rain very much and so this is a good thing.

The house hunt continues. We will find it eventually. At the moment the houses I like are about 900k. This sounds (and is) ridiculous. Clearly we are not going to buy any of them, still it boggles the mind that a 3 bedroom house with a yard in a safe area would be so expensive.

That is just the kind of area I live in 🙂 ok back to searching for my disks so I can fully move into this new computer. 🙂

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It”s Sunday. I have taken a nice detox bath and am in my snugly soft pajamas. I have thought about my week and decided what things I will try to do when. I have all the makings of a good week.  Which is good because as always we have lots going on.

To start with Little is sick. she seems to have more energy tonight but was running over 102 fever this afternoon. So we will see what ACTUALLY plays out this week and by the way that is our dear Little’s new favorite word. Ah 3, what a fun age.

which leads us into the next BIG thing coming down the pike. The holidays. I am already a little freaked out. Little has been exposed to advertising and has told me I want that at least twice. Hubs and I are trying to figure out what to get here and I am trying to figure out each and every way I can keep her head about her and have her come to the conclusion that she has a blessed life.

So that’s a little peak at my Sunday night


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Third Thought Speak

I love Sundays. They give you such peace and time to think and plan. Which are two my absolute favorite things. We are well in to our holiday season and we are celebrating and planning away. Tomorrow I am going to the fabric store to pick up some fabric for our family altar. I am also headed to the copy store, to print out a nice picture of my grandfather. With Little being, well so little, we wont spend to much time on teaching her about her family tree but Hubby and I will get to share stories and we will show her pictures and talk to her at her level of understanding.

Besides all of the rituals/ remembrances/ celebrations this week I have been thinking a lot about third thought speak. I am going to try it out for a week and I invite others to do the same. If you do try it out I would love to know how it went for you. Maybe we can compare notes.

What is third thought speak.?

With all of the instant communications in our life sometimes we forget to stop and think. We can post on Twitter to the whole world what we are thinking or eating and we can text or IM’s our thoughts instantly. This instantaneous communication translates to our non tech lives were we can pop off with the first thing to fall from our lips. Often without even the time to think it through.  With all of this rush we sometimes forget to slow down and think about what we are actually saying. I think  with ones religion at the heart of ones life it is important to follow those practices daily.  We as witches believe that words are powerful tools. So why would we not give such powerful tools more thought?

That is where Third Thought Speak comes into play. It is slowing your self down enough to not say the first thing that comes to mind or even the second but rather the third. After you have had time to mull it over. This doesn’t mean taking hours (though in some cases hours are called for) but just slowing down a tad.I must confess this is not my idea. I heard it from my student who heard it from somewhere else. Isn’t it fun how knowledge flows?  I am reminded of another favorite quote, possibly written by Frank Outlaw

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

This is what I leave you with today to meditate on and what I will be meditating on and focusing on this week. As we acknowledge the destiny and lives of our ancestors; it is a good time to contemplate what imprint we are making on the world and if it is the one we want generations to remember.

Bright Blessings


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preparing for Lughnasadh

We just got back from visiting one of our local witch stores. I am glad we have this available to us, but I do kind of miss the older stores that were less flashy. Of course that is my personality. I like simple. Anyway I am glad they are there and I did buy two more candles for mom and her healing. I also bought her some amethyst that we are going to bless and charge tomorrow during ritual and then give to her to help the healing along. Amethyst is good for healing both mind and body and we can certainly use both.

We also got some incense though I didn’t find my old stand by so I am going to have to find it online. So now I just am working on the final touches for my part of our ritual and then printing them out for everyone. If we were normal people I would be baking bread today. Bread is very traditional, in so many ways. It is so integral to our story as people that we have sayings such as “break bread” and the work companion which means loosely “with bread” if you speak Spanish con is with and pan is bread. Little loves were made to break in circle and loves were also made to give as gifts of thanks to people in your life. I personally love that idea and maybe I will get around to making some zucchini bread. Maybe.  Sadly though 3 of us are gluten intolerant. Which means when eating gluten (found in wheat, rye and barly) our body sees it as a foreign invader and starts attacking itself. So sad. If I do make bread it will be Gluten Free and I have only had partial luck with baking that. But all of that is a story for another day.

I thought I would share with you a little about Lughnasadh and our plan for tomorrow. Lughnasadh (as you will see on every witch site) is the first of three harvest festivals. It was the time when they fields where reaped and then mowed into themselves to ensure a good harvest for next year as well. We celebrate the life giving food that the sun has ripened for us even as we can feel the subtle shifts in the suns appearance knowing that summer is coming to an end. The God is giving of himself to us.  The Goddess is sad as she knows that the God is dying but she is joyous as she realizes that she is pregnant and the God is growing with in her.  Lugh (who gives is name to the day) is also the Celtic God of grafts and for that it is also a nice time to do crafts. There are other names such as Feast of Bread or Lammas.

A side note here for those new to Wicca the Wheel of the Year turns and we have Sabbats that mark the turning. The Sabbats are celebrations of the God (primarily) just as the full moon is the celebration of the Goddess (primarily)

I will share what I can of our ritual in tomorrows post. I don’t know all what it will entail yet because as I said we are a coven of solitaires. Which of course is a contradiction and I guess I should explain. The group I do rituals with are at this moment all ladies and we are just friends. We all are solitary  which means we practice for the most part on our own. However, we like each other and that sense of community and so we have started having some rituals together.  Because we each practice on our own we each do things differently. As I am not the host tomorrow I am not sure how things will go. I like this though it gives each of us a chance to lead and a chance to follow.


Bright Blessings

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