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Poppy’s Seeds Academy

Hi darling dears. Well I have been absent from this space for a while but I wanted to pop back in to share exciting news.

Next year Poppy’s Seeds Academy will open for its first year. We will be working on connecting to our Divine self and developing our spiritual self. We will also great your very own Book of Days. I am so excited! I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think. For the whole scoop click here.

here is a very short video

Poppy’s Seeds Academy 2015 from Helen Peterson on Vimeo.

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Magic words


No I’m not talking about abracadabra. I’m talking about Please and Thank you. These simply words that we were (hopefully) taught as children will bring more magic to your life then just about anything else. I once tried to explain it to my goddaughter (who was a tween and too cool for school) that Please helps you get what you want, and Thank you helps you get it next time. It is more then that though. These words help you navigate life. They help you get jobs, and homes, and friends, and even make you more beautiful.

In my home March focus is on manners. Were the adults and kids alike can focus on developing good manners and treating each other with respect. Respect is a big thing in my world. How you treat others is an indication of how you think of yourself and the world. With out respect society literally falls apart.

When we are doing magic or praying we say please when we ask for things. We do not need to command our wants we need to ask for them. We also need to say thank you. If you have read this blog for a while you will know that I talk about that a lot. I count my blessings each night as I go to sleep and goes a lot like ” thank you for the time with Little today. Thank you for letting me have such a child, Thank you for my wonderful husband…etc.”

When we say grace before our meal we are thanking everything that was needed to provide that meal. It is a way of recognizing our world around us and what other people do to make our lives better. It is a way to help us understand how we fit into our world. Not above or below others, but side by side.When I cook I thank the Gods for the nourishing food that they provided us. Again it is a way of knowing that we all fit in the world together. A way to pay respect.

Did you read that line about making you more beautiful and think “yeah sure”?Want to be more beautiful? Start saying thank you for all your blessings. Thank others for the kind things they do for you, or the kind words they say to you. This will make you smile more. Saying thank you will make you realize all your blessings (even on BAD days) and you will be happier. Happy people, who smile. and are kind to themselves as well as others, are more beautiful 🙂

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Thankful Tree

Happy second day of November. In our world I am in full effect planning and looking forward to thanksgiving. One of my favorite holidays. I love the season, the weather, friends and family gathered and of course I love the food. Its kind of my holiday to carry out and so I have developed a plan/ routine over the years that really works for me so there is no stress either. In our house we take the whole month to focus on appreciation and thankfulness. Gets us all focused on the right things and I am hopping it will help raise kids (and us adults) into more appreciative human beings. People who can be thankful for what we have not bitter that we don’t have what someone else has or worse yet think we are entitled to everything. ug I detest that attitude.

So on November second we put up our thankful tree. It is just a little bit of construction paper taped to the door. We take brown and make a little trunk. When Little gets up from her nap we will be tracing out her hand on yellow, red and orange sheets. I will then cut them out making the leaves for our tree. Every day we write something we are thankful for and start putting the leaves up on the tree. I find this to be a fun and easy to do project.  We also do something similar on the actual day of Thanksgiving itself. But we have guests cut out leaves and hang them from the large altar tree. You may wish to collect some fall leaves and write on them. If you do choose to do it I would love to see pictures!

have fun, enjoy and count your blessings


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The sliver lining

I talk a lot about counting your blessings. The original title of this post was going to be be careful what you wish for, but it seemed so negative. Sometimes we ask for the God and Goddess to help us learn certain lessons or for favors and we never know how they turn up.

On Thursday my mother was camping with some friends in the Sierras. She blew her nose and felt pain explode down from her head into her spine. She told the others she thought she had a stroke and needed to go to the hospital. She was air lifted to Chico, where she got a ct scan. She had a brain aneurysm that had hemorrhaged. she was then air lifted to UCSF where she had brain surgery on Friday to clip the aneurysm.  She is stable and doing well and on the slow road to recovery.

We all of course rushed to her side. We could not take my sweet baby into the hospital, for one no one under 12 was allowed in the ICU and for two we didn’t need her getting any germs there. So while I was at my mothers side, or waiting for her to take visitors again, my wonderful husband was thrust into primary care giver for our Little. This is no easy task as she is just about two, and cutting her molars. Not to mention suddenly mom is no where to be found and we are in a strange place. My Husband is a champ though and took it all in stride.  At this point you may wonder what this story has to do with the intro.

Well my husband and I had been having discussions about money and maybe buying a bigger house. If we did buy a bigger house I would have to get a job which is not something I want as I feel I didn’t have Little to have someone else raise her. He mentioned that he was not sure if I could handle a full time job and I told him I wish he had a better idea of what I did all day. Its not eating bon-bons and watching stories.  So the sliver lining is after 4 days watching Little non stop including one day at home he has a really, really good idea about what I do all day. He says he has no idea how I manage it all. On top of it I have acquired two new jobs. I will be taking care of my mother when she comes home and I will be filling in as I can for her at the office.

Clearly this is not the way I would of wished for all of this to happen but I can find happiness in the fact that good did come of it. What’s more I count my blessings that moms hemorrhaging was just the right amount. Enough to get her some timely help and not to much to kill her or damage her in a permanent way. One of the people who happened to be camping with her was a medical doctor. She was flown to the best hospital in the world for this. She had her surgery on the full moon. All of these things could be coincidences but I think not. I know that the Goddess was giving my mom energy and life force. I just do.

So even in this horrible circumstances I can count my blessings and be thankful to the Lord and Lady that they took such good care of my mom and of us.


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