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Poppy’s Seeds Academy

Hi darling dears. Well I have been absent from this space for a while but I wanted to pop back in to share exciting news.

Next year Poppy’s Seeds Academy will open for its first year. We will be working on connecting to our Divine self and developing our spiritual self. We will also great your very own Book of Days. I am so excited! I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think. For the whole scoop click here.

here is a very short video

Poppy’s Seeds Academy 2015 from Helen Peterson on Vimeo.

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Announcing Masterpiece Monday Blog Hop

Masterpiece Monday Blog Hop

You may or may not know but I have been working on an art journal for me and Little makes one too in fact this beautiful button was made from one of her pages. The very kind Ms Lilypads suggested some sort of Blog party so here we are.

Here is how you can participate

First take that button up top and put it on your page.

Every Monday I will post a picture of some sort of masterpiece that Little and I have been working on, and at the bottom of the post will be a Mr Linky. Simply put in your name and a link to your post of your masterpiece  nice and simple.

You can share any sort of masterpiece  paintings or drawing, meals cooked jewelry made anything at all. Oh and I will be uploading your pictures to a special Pinterest board just for this blog hop.

I can’t wait to see all the masterpieces out there!

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Your let your kid do what?

Yesterday I had two other parents have issues with what my child was doing. One was minor my child was climbing on a wood fence in the rain. We went for a walk along a lovely path next to the ocean and we stopped to talk to a nice lady with fun rain boots and a  handsome dog. Little  (as always) was interested in the dog but she knows you have to ask the person before you can pet. The dog in question was a Pit so the owner was standing between us and the sweet dog who was standing there with perfect manners. I told her we love Pits and Little said that dog looks like Apollo and so we told the lady the story about our sweet pouch Apollo and how we had to get him a new home because of a neighbor. We talked about how people are so wrong about Pits and Little had enough of us talking and went to do her own thing. The lady was sweet enough to just nod in Littles direction.

The other lady was borderline crazy. before our walk we dropped off my mom for her doctor’s appointment. As we took the elevator down another woman with her child joined us. I think he daughter must have been about 8. Little was touching outside of the elevator doors as we waited for it to come to our floor. The doors started to open and the lady let out this crazy scream with what might have been words if she was not borderline hysterical. She turned to me and said “she could have had her fingers pinched off, did you see?” all wide-eyed and panicky. I smiled back at her.  The kids tried to push the button for the ground floor and her daughter was able to, Little was too short. I told Little “oh looks like your not tall enough yet.” The other lady said “do you want me to hold her up?” I said no. I thought What are you crazy? she can’t reach it is ok. I don’t think this will be a defining moment in her self esteem.

But later as i was walking I did that thing that all moms do and wondered. I am not paying attention enough. Do I let my kid do risky things am I a bad mom. Ok I know I am not a bad mom it is just that train of thought you go on when you get criticized by multiple people. So this morning this found me and it made me feel much better.

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Honey for my Honeys


I am in an end of a summer/ beginning of fall, harvest flutter. I am putting up food as quick as I can and trying to get our winter health kit ready to go. Better to be prepared. So this is what I made for sore throats and coughs. yes yes I am not a doctor etc. I’m a mom this is what I do for me and my family and you need to be responsible for what you do with yours. ok enough of that!

I think I may add a small pinch of cayenne to this but right now it is just lemon (from our tree) and honey in a small jelly jar. I can give Little a teaspoon before bed or just have it with some hot water making a tea.

What are your favorite natural health items to have on hand for your family?

<note: my aunt said she put ginger in hers so I have since put in about a inch chunk cut up a little and smashed into the honey>

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Several months ago I looked into my cupboard and discovered a bag with 5 very old potatoes in it. They had fallen behind something and I had forgotten they were there, so by the time I found them they had started to sprout out of their eyes. They were headed to the compost bin when I thought what the heck lets plant them.

Little dug up some dirt and put the potatoes down and covered them back up. They were just for fun so I didn’t care if they were planted the “right way.” Just playing in the dirt is fun. We watered them. They grew. Little was proud of her plants. One plant has not been looking good and my friend suggested that maybe the potatoes were done. He was right!


Little dug them up with her hands and placed them on the planter.


We got a whole bucket full!


She washed them off for us. Now I am trying to decide if they will be potato salad, or country fries for Father’s Day. Any way you look at it Little made her Dad a very nice gift.

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Our creative box

This is Little’s creative box.

We live in what some people might call a small house. While I may not have space for some of the extras that might be nice I do try to find ways for us to all fit in here comfortably. I converted our old water heater closet to an office and I made this craft box for little. I got the idea on let me just say that I am in awe of this woman. How she has time to do all of these things I will never know. The site is lots of fun, though can be a bit overwhelming. I can tell you point-blank my house will never be as tidy or organized or pulled together as hers. Its OK I can admire her work for her and take what I like for me. This is one of the things that I took and made work for us. Here is the one she had posted originally.

one for Little and one for me as our craft stations

This was more of a “further study box”. I believe the reader that shared the idea was a teacher and was giving her own children extra work at home, above and beyond their homework, to further their education. I thought this was a great idea and I do hope to do this for Little when the time comes. Meanwhile I thought it might just be the right solution for our slowing growing craft supplies.

As you can see we store her coloring books in there and all her paints, crayons, chalk, pens and other things to draw with in there. I should point out now that this box is kept in the back of my closet. It is not out for her to use as she wishes because we are still in the stage where we don’t know the difference between a coloring book and a wall. Since that photo we have added other items such as glue and beads and other items that you might want for a craft project.

In the hanging files I keep all sorts of sheets that I get when we are out and about or things I find on the web. If I print out ideas from the pinterest or other blogs that I want to incorporate into her monthly themes it goes in a file here. I also keep the print outs from The Pooka pages in a file. I keep other notes and pictures in that file making it like a kid B.O.S. file for her. I also have a file where I keep recipes for salt dough and play-dough etc. I use this free ebook I got from

I love having all of these things in one place. It is fun to pull out the box and know that a fun activity is about to happen. It is also fun to be able to put it away and have everything contained.  Hope you enjoy. If you have children what do you do to wrangle all their crafts things? What about your own?


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Mondays a day for quite

My quite after a storm of the weekend. Or not so quite as the mockingbirds are battling it out outside the window. Still that is peace and feels like stillness after a chaotic weekend.

Today I did little other than the normal daily life. So I thought I would share with you another printable that will from now on will live in my printable page.  Here is my Daily Rhythm Goal. It was what I hope will happen. It does not always happen and to be honest the first part happens very very rarely.

I almost never get up before Little. I dream of this. I want to, I hope to, but I never quite manage it. Mostly my mornings start with Little saying “wake up wake up” or crawling into bed with me or my personal favorite “MOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMY I have poop.”  Still I keep my goal sheet the way it is because I hold out hope that some day she will sleep in past 6am. On a related note I some times tell her that when she is a teenager, I may wake her up in similar manners at the same time. I have no idea if I will follow through with this, but it always gives me a chuckle

Back to my sheet. I keep this inside my homemakers binder. It’s a reference, and idea, and a rhythm plan but not really a schedule to follow rigorously. I find that having a set rhythm that Little and I do day in and day out is helpful for not just her, but me as well.  If I get sidetracked (which lets face it happens frequently) I can refer to my daily sheet and get back on track. As I said though I am not a slave to it. If something doesn’t happen one day there is always tomorrow.

Ah and before I forget. The home blessings. I have one on Mondays that are the flylady kind and then Little and I have just started doing a daily one that is a pick up/ tidy up followed by snack. I saw this one someones blog. If I can remember which one I will post it. She said she always wanted her boys to get off the couch and pick up after themselves. She was tired of the nagging that moms some times have to do all day to get the house to look less like an earthquake, tornado and flood simultaneously hit. So she came up with this end of the day clean up. I loved the idea. toys can stay out but at 4 or really for us 4:30 its time to put them all away. Then we make dinner and when Daddy gets home, our home is a place peace and joy and dinner is ready. So its working really well and both Little and I are happy with the arrangement.

Now I’m off to bed. See you all tomorrow.

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