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Some of my Books


To start our Book of Shadows series lets talk about different types one might have. This goes hand in hand with What is in your Book Of Shadows (BOS)  You might choose to document your journey on your path, you might keep spells or rituals or songs, you might keep records of your events, or recipes. You might keep it all together or in separate books. The choice is yours and really you need to figure out what you like. To give you an idea of options I wanted to share this picture of some of my Books. I also keep several folders on my computer with information.  One for my personal BOS, one for our covens book, and one for recipes. Ok so lets look at these Books from left to right I will tell you a little about each.

  1. The little one you can hardly see is small and green at the very back. This is my daily journal. Some witches call this a mirror book as it is a reflection of you day-to-day life. Not only is journaling good for your soul and well-being it is nice to record things to look back so you can see how you have grown or if your premonitions came true. I also will write my dreams in here though some folks use a separate book for that. This is also what I would use to do automatic writing.
  2. The one with the Tree is my Book of Days. I have this divided by month and I have little bits of lore about each month. I also have menus for each month based on what is available in my area and I have activities for both me and for Little.  Like if I know I’m going to want to serve mead for Mabon I can put the recipe in July so that I know when to make it.
  3. The black book on top of the book of days is my Covens record book.  This is rather like a meeting ledger where we record who was present and if anything “interesting” happened also if magic was done who asked for what. We only write on the right hand page so that later coven members can write on the left hand page or on back of the record page to comment on what the experience brought them.
  4. Under that the Brown binder is a BOS that I use to store lots of reference material in.
  5. The open one in back is my “Real” book I call it a Book of Blessings and it has things in it such as history and ritual that I want to keep permanent. It is also more of an art journal. (Don’t worry we will be going over what goes in a book in much more detail shortly, this is just an overview)
  6. The other journal to the right of that is my magic book. I keep all my spells in that and sometimes add art but mostly it has my spells.
  7. The black binder is of course my Covens Binder that anyone can add to or copy from and that has the rituals typed up and printed out in large print to make it easy to read by candlelight or moonlight. Lol
  8. The cute red one is my Filofax. I always have a planner on me so I always have somewhere to write down spells that come to me or messages or what have you. I also keep some daily prayers in there and a to do list of witchy things I must do.
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Sneak peak BOS class


I’m getting ready to start a BOS series over at The Pagan Mamaon facebook but you get a sneak peak at my current books 🙂

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All things Book of shadows (part 3 art)

(if you missed it. part 1 and part 2 you can find them at those links)

Art speaks to the soul like nothing else. it moves us, it makes us think, it soothes us. For me I also feel that art can speak in ways words cannot. While I love art and I wish (oh how I wish) I could draw or paint, sadly I can’t. I will keep trying but even before I can watercolor a beautiful landscape I can make my kind of art. My kind of art of course trends to collage and art journaling. I find images to use pretty much every where. I rip up old magazines saving any picture that speaks to me. I save images I have found online and I keep a whole pin board of art. I also keep images on my seasonal boards and on my Witchy board. Just recently I started keeping an art journal board and I am going to share some of what I have found with you here.

Source: via Helen “Poppy” on Pinterest

First this pretty book from this websiteAs much as I love I nice tea wash (I mean come on is there a way I don’t like tea?) This makes such a pretty back round and makes a typed pages that much more special. Of course I’m not the only Witch who thought this would make a beautiful book.

Check out her whole post for more pictures, while your there follow her blog because it is pretty awesome and she makes lots of cool pagan crafts.
Next up is this fun blog that shows you how to prep a book if you are going to use it for art journal. Magically speaking I would make sure the original book is about something you are OK with. Words have power, even words hidden under layers.
I also found this site with 7 links to get you started  with art journaling. Which I liked as something simple instead of getting overwhelmed with all the options out there.
I will leave you with two videos. the first one Shows a massive amount of different techniques and the second one is so beautiful I just had to share them both!
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All Things Book of shadows (part 2)

Today lets talk types of Books, or I should say “books”. There are many ways to keep your own book so today I am going to share with you all of the versions I keep.

This is one I am holding on to right now but it is not mine. It is a Coven book and so everyone contributes to it and can take it and copy or add what they like. We decided to do it in binder form just because it is easiest.

My DOS (stolen name from Elfkat!) or at least all my computer files that pertain in any way to the spiritual, magical me. If you look closely you can see the folders are arranged just like the pages of this blog. Book of Days, Book of Flora and Fauna etc.

Which of course brings up this blog. I named it this for a reason 🙂 This is a public book for me. I share all parts of my life. As I move through the time I add more and more making this book bigger and better. Plus I get to share other people’s works which makes it way better. Everyone has different talents and I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

My physical Book of Days and day planner.

My pretty book. This is the one that sits on my Altar and then one with all the pretty pictures in it. I have talked a lot about it previously but I want to revisit and re-edit some of that now.

I started this current book because the book was given to me by my then student. She had made a beautiful book with one like this and so I thought there is not time like the present to make one.  I looked at some online and at the other ones in my library and decided that drawing is not my forte. I had also just learned about soul college and liked the idea of that. I also (like almost every witch I have ever talked to) Liked the Practical magic Spell Book.  Which I thought I remembered had layers of pages. pages stuck in or put on top of other pages.

With that in mind I started making this book. It didn’t matter if I made a mistake because I could just cover it up. Every layer and every mistake was part of me and since this was a book of me not matter what I did it would be perfect.

After I had done some work on it and started showing it to people I started hearing “oh its and art journal” to which my response was to google art journal. Wow are they pretty!  Feel free to google away, but I will be sharing some really good pics and tutorials tomorrow.

That brings me to my last book.

This was a practice type book. I would just put in what ever I felt at the moment with very little rhyme or reason. So I have decided to turn this in to a true art journal.

That is it for today. More on art journals tomorrow 🙂


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All things Book of Shadows (part 1)

{I started writing and figured out I had a lot to say so I am doing a series this week on Book of shadows. }

Is it a book of shadows?

What is a book of shadows. Well I have tackled that question here and here though my ideas about it are always evolving. At this moment in time I think of it as a spiritual instructional manual. I also think of it as a publicly agreed upon name. What I mean by the last bit is that when you say to another Witch “my book of shadows” they think oh yes yes I know what means. On the other hand I am not sure how many Witches actually think of their book that way. I have several book in various forms and I think of them all a little differently. But I don’t really think of any of them as a Book of Shadows mainly because I don’t like the name. There I said it. Some where someone is drawing in a sharp breath.

This lack of like for the name seems to pair nicely with my disdain for the “you’re not witchy enough” or the “right kind of witch” to really be a witch and “only a witch can make a witch camp”. please spare me. As everyone knows there is not One book. Though I am sure that there is a lot of myth perpetuating about how “right” my book is vs the others. Go on Ebay or just google and see how many books are offered for sale that claim to be “passed down for generations of our family”  I am not saying those are books are not passed down, but the idea behind the marketing is the validity of such books out ranks a common modern day book.  Again back to the Witchy enough argument.

I also don’t like the name because there is nothing shadowy about my book. For goodness sakes I share it here for the whole world to look inside. I have also heard and rejected (for me) Book of Secrets (again I share), Book of light (yawn and too new agey). The only one that I am fond of that I have heard is Book of Mysteries. But it still doesn’t seem to fit me well.There is of course Book of Blessings, which I like a lot.  Though in the end I mostly call my book “my book” though when talking to Little the other day she asked me if it was a grocery book which I thought was cute. She means cook book of course and it is very much like a cook book. So just lately I have been thinking of it rather like a cook book of life, or book of life. It makes me smile.

Tomorrow we talk type of books.

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My first BOS

I thought I would share with you some more pictures today. These are all of my first book of shadows. If you look at the date on top of the full moon ritual page you will see it was made in 1995.

I found this beautiful book at a wonderful local store called Avalon. It had blank pages and was covered in fabric. Oh how I Ioved these books (I had several more after this one got filled up) I used them as journals as well until the day I could no longer find them. A very sad day. This was the first and it is so beautiful.


and here are a few photos of some of the pages inside.







gotta love the stickers! ha. hope you enjoyed the peak.



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Water Page


Even with an extra cappuccino I’m super tired so todays post will be brief. This is the water page from my Book of Shadows. Hope you enjoy.

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Air and Fire pages…under construction


These are my air and fire pages. I have a lot more work to do on them. I am looking for art that speaks to me to include on them.


Also I made a mistake when I was putting the pages together Nd put an Earth page where Air should be. I’m showing you this anyway because I’m sharing this journey of creating this Book of Shadows with you. We all make mistakes and it is ok.

Bright Blessings

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Earth page


Here is my earth page from my book of shadows. I’m sure it is still in progress but thought I would share.

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updated ideas on my table of contents.

What have have in place so far:

  • cover page (needs a picture added.)
  • Celebrating life
  • welcome
  • The Wiccan Reed Long
  • The Wiccan Reed Short
  • Blessing chant
  • what every witch should live by
  • 13 goals of a witch
  • Family Tree these pages will have photos and bits and pieces about the Witches who helped shape my life also short version of how I came to this path.
  • code of ethics
  • before time was
  • hermetic laws
  • the heart of a Witch
  • The Goddess
  • The God
  • The Elements and invocation song
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Casting the Circle  (formal, less formal, informal)
So I have all of that in place in my book. I don’t have each page done but I have most pages partially done. After that I think I will have the following:
  • your mind and Alpha
  • Tools
  • Alters
  • Clothing/ Dress
At this point I am going to make some sort of divider and have a new Chapter or cover page. not quite sure how but it is going to be Titled Book of Days, rites and celebrations.
  • daily pages (morning, meals and evening)
  • Phases of the moon/ lunar month
  • the 13 moons of the year
  • the Wheel of the year
  • at this point I am going nontraditional and instead of having the holidays start at Samhain and end with Mabon I am going to start in January and I am going to include non-Witch holidays. I am really excited about this section
  • Baby blessings
  • God parents/ God Children
  • adulthood/ moon blood
  • handfasting
  • anniversaries
  • parenthood
  • remembrance of those that pass.
  • commitment to study or teach a new student
  • initiation
  • admissions
  • new level recognition
  • anniversaries in the craft

There is of course more that the book will include or the Books as this may be to much for one book but this is all that I have actually planned out in detail.

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