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Ancestral Place

It’s a perfect day grey and cold with the threat of rain. Our Ancestor altar is set up with loving faces looking back at us. It all makes me think. Of people and of place

These gates have welcomed generations of my family through them. I have shared this space with ancestors I never shared time with. I first entered them at 3 months old. Though these gates will also be my final resting place as it has been for generations of my family.

There is something very special about knowing where you come from and to have such a deep connection of family.

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I made this Hallowe’en Craft Blog Party Luminarias

Today is like I said a big day for me. I have been interviewed over at Witch-blog and in that interview I talk a lot about my mom’s side of the family. This post will be more on the dad’s side.

In Mexico for day of the dead people make lots of beautiful Altars or shrines. The altars are filled with sugar skulls and flowers and candles and the foods or vices the departed enjoyed. They also often have luminarias around them. As we are in California Day of the dead is part of our cultural even for those with out direct heritage.

. For that reason my whole coven will be making these when we meet to celebrate Samhain. They will then be used to mark the outline of our circle. I think this is a beautiful representation of our ancestors standing with us. Here is what it looks like when it is done

Here is how they are made.


purchase a pack of lunch bag size paper bags


I had a picture of my great grandmother in her graduation garb. She not only went to college but graduated from Columbia University.


I cut out the photo and placed it on my paper bag.


I traced just inside where the picture was.


Then I cut just inside the traced line. You need to make sure you have enough of a lip to glue the picture too.


Which is what I have done here. I glued the picture onto the lip of paper that was left.


Traditionally you fill the bottom with sand and put in a candle. For today’s purpose I purchased 3 of these led lights in a pack from the dollar store.


and there it is done and on the mantel.

Hope you enjoyed and Bright Blessings to all.

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Ancestor altar decorations


Today is the start of our Samhain/ Dia de los Muertos/ Halloween week. It is kind of like prep day. We start to bring out decorations and the items we use to remind us of those that are past. We can talk a little about the person represented or sometimes I will just take a moment to reflect on them if Little is not in the listening mood.

This year I added this bride and groom for my maternal grandparents. We lost my grandmother this year and my grandfather a few years ago. My Grandparents met in the army and my Grandfather reportedly told his friends after their first lunch together that he was going to marry her. He always called her his bride.

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Pin of the Day Samhain

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Ug. I’m stuck in recurring computer fail land. It is being worked on but I’m no good at typing meaningfull words with my thumbs from my cell.
Before I leave you in more radio silence, I will say that this last week has really been nice. We have been having candlelight suppers while we talk about the people in our family and those we feel akin to. We talked about our ancestors coming to the USA for religious reasons. We talked about ancestors that sang and painted and wrote plays. We talked about generations of women (and men) who kept the family together and took care of everyone. There have been peels of laughter, and tears. All in all it has been. Beautiful and moving experience.
Tonight is the night we remember past pets.  I have a picture of our beloved dog on our mantle. Oh if everyone could love as unconditionally as he did. He found joy in everything, and brought us happiness everyday. We were lucky to share time with him. To Duke we will always love you.

Bright Blessings.

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A week of Samhain Rituals

Good morning my loves. I am working on my coffee and Little is other wise entertained so I thought I would take the time to let you know our plans for Samhain/Dia de los Muertos/ Halloween.

This Saturday we are planning on going to the pumpkin patch and putting Little in her costume to pick out her pumpkins. we did grow a few in the back yard but they are small and the kind you use to make pie. which means they may be pie or soup before the big day comes.

We really start activities on the 23rd. This week of activities if for the most part based on the writings from Margie McArthur in her book WiccaCraft for Families. I really like this book not just for families but I think all Wiccans/ Witches can benefit from it. I like to do the time remembering in two parts. One just for me at the altar and one as more of a family discussion at the dinner table. The Family table is so important in so many ways. If having a sit down family dinner is not something you normally do try it for this week. This is a great way to pass down family history and family legends. If you do have children it is a good time to teach them about the family they come from by sharing the stories with them. As for the dinners they can be as fancy or plain as you like. No matter what the fare try a dinner by candle light either just for the final dinner or for all nights. It gives that added something special.

October 24th Festical Prelude and Night of the Seers. Put up the seasonal decoration and set up the family shrine/ Dia de los Muertos altar. Carve Jack O’ Lanterns. over dinner spend time remembering ancestors and other historical figures who have dealt with the supernatural or who have foreseen the future.

October 25 The Night of Heroes and Martyrs. Tonight remember those in the family who have fought and/ or died for their convictions. Be it religious or otherwise.

October 26th The Night of Artists Remembering those who spoke of the old ways through art, music. literature or who’s work evokes magic. A good night to each bring a poem to the table to share. be it from you, an ancestor, or just a poem you like.

October 27th The Night of the Nurtures. Remembering the countless family members that have nurtured and preserved. Who took care of those in need in good times and in bad times.

October 28th the Night of Remembrance for Family Pets. They are family too. take time to tell silly stories about them and remember them fondly.

October 29th The night of Remembrance of Forgotten Ancestors. try to find out more about your family talk about what you know and what you don’t know. what do you think their day to day lives were like? Pull out (or start) some genealogy and see if you can learn about someone new to you on your family tree.

October 30th The Night of the Recent Dead. If your loved ones are buried near you, you can plan a trip to the cemetery earlier in the day. If not that is ok, mine are not. dinner and after dinner can be spent looking at pictures and telling about their lives. perhaps holding personal artifacts you may have.

October 31st Fire Festival  This is a night to honor all departed souls. hold a prayer ceremony for souls undergoing purification. Relight the hearth fire and pilot lights. Have a midnight dinner and set an extra place. (more on this day in a later post)

November 1st pack up all the items from the family shrine into a box to be cared for and preserved. Do any clean up or tweaking of decorations that you need to do.

Bright Blessings

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