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Poppy’s Pagan Planning Imbolc (3)

poppy's pagan planning

Before we get it to today’s fun Imbolc planning items I want to remind everyone that tomorrow, Monday will be our first Masterpiece Monday Blog hop! I can’t wait to see all of the masterpieces ūüôā Also if you missed any of the Imbolc planning please check out the first and second post of these series.

As this is an appropriate day for Dairy here is my idea of lunch ūüôā

Source: via Geri on Pinterest

Yummy Milk shake now depending on how you lunch you can add either whisky or coffee. I wont tell ūüėČ Recipe here. Which would go very nicely with this grilled cheese.

Source: via Arwen on Pinterest

Find the recipe here. To round out lunch how about a nice soup.

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

find that recipe here.

I wish I lived where it was cold I would be making these!

Source: via Poppy on Pinterest

or have Little do this ūüôā

Source: via Alysen on Pinterest

which counts as decorations and an activity. But we don’t so we will do one of our tried and true activities of making butter.
which happens to be super easy. This picture is from last Imbolc when Little was 2 and she made it all herself!

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What a fun month June was and what a fun month July is looking to be just as fun. Our July theme is geography and world cultures. I picked (though crowd sourcing on Facebook)  Egypt, Brazil, Greece, England and India. I am not sure if we will get to all of them. We are starting with Egypt and will hit England when the Olympics start.  

So of course I have been searching the net for fun things like food and coloring pages. I found Activity Village and had to share it with you all. I am still in the process of figuring out all our lessons but I will share with you as I go along. 

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My Book of Days


This is a very special post for me. This is a project I have been working on for quite some time.  For a long time I just turned it over in my mind, this way and that. Trying to examine all the angles and see how it might best be done. As you know for my post keeping tabs on life I need to be organized. It is not that I am a naturally organized person, it is that I am a naturally forgetful person. Or more to the point I have what I call grasshopper brain (mind jumps from thing to thing) which can overwhelm me and leave projects half done.

So I have my homemakers binder and my journal book that I wrote about and I have my Book of Days. The basic idea of this must have started with our Thanksgiving Book. This is a binder that make me look crazy, but lets me oh so prepared for Thanksgiving. It has in it the menu, the recipes, the shopping list and a ton of other information. I bring it when I shop and everyone stops me to look at it.

So this is what grew from that. It is my Book of Days. It contains all the special information I need for each moth, with extra chapters for Birthdays and other holidays. This book is mine and so it is made just for me. Because of that it has a very pagan feel to it, but I think people of all faiths or no faith of all could make a book like this and be really happy about it.    Even though it has been growing in my mind it is just recently that I have started to commit to it in written form and so this is under construction. Have a look, take what you like and ignore the rest.


The first page is a lovely print out of the dates for the New and Full moons of each month. I got this from here

I then have tabs 1-20 with the months in order from 1-12. I will be showing you #6, June, though it is pretty much the same for the other months. Before you ask the pages are pink because I had a ream of pink paper left over and wanted to make use of it.


The first page of June has the information on June and how it got its name. I happen to be a big fan of History and Lore and the “whys” of things” The two sources I like best for this information are The Farmers Almanac and Wiki.

This is followed by information about the Moon of the month. Some of the information in here is from my knowledge, some is from the Farmers Almanac and I also like Witcherywordpress and  The Domestic Pagan for information.


The next section is the decorations/ altar/ nature table section. I have ideas here for the items that will be on display. I of course have an Altar for me and we have our family Altar over the fire place. Little also has a nature table on top of her shelf in her room. If you are not familiar with nature tables (as I was not until recently) they are quite adorable ways to teach children about the seasons (turning of the wheel) and the natural world. I suggest you google waldorf nature table images. So many adorable ones out there.


Next up is again History and Lore of the holidays of the month.



Then comes Family rituals for those particular holidays.  This next part I am going to change and I will talk more about it a minuet, but it is a section for meal ideas.


Next up the theme of the month. When Little was a few months old I came up with themes for each month that would grow with her and help develop her character. I no longer keep her information on themes in her own binder. I keep it here in my book of days and also in her craft box. As you can see June theme is Food. I feel strongly that children (and adults) should know where their food came from and the work that went into getting it to their table. We make different foods, we visit markets, we cook together and visit farms and fields. last year I did foods with the letter of the day ie. June 1st was A and 2nd was B.  On this page though I have ideas for books and toys to pull out for the month..


Next up are pages of ¬†Activites. I actually have two pages but I am only showing the first one. these again are my own creation as well as ideas I got around the web. If you follow me on Pinterest you will see I have boards with each season so some of the summer pins are¬†represented¬†here. ¬†I also got quite a few from witchery. I¬†quite¬†like this site for ideas. Even if you don’t agree with her path its worth a look.


This next page is the menus for the 3 celebrations of the Month. Besides Fathers day and Midsummers I try to have an end of the month celebration that has to do with our theme.  This page is followed by recipes that I need to make the items on the menu.

Here brings me to my change. I also like to have a sheet of meals (though mostly dinners) that we eat a frequently during this month. followed by recipes if needed. So the meal section you saw before has already been adapted to fit this. The lovely thing about this book it is that is always changing and¬†growing¬†to fit our family’s needs.

So now that I have all this information how do I use it?

I pull my binder out at the end of each month and use it to fill in my pages of my homemakers binder, for the following month.¬†Activities¬†and themes get written into Little’s lesson plan.¬†Field¬†trips get planned, and¬†written¬†on the calendar. ¬†Meals get written into my menu planning section. Holidays and celebrations get marked on the calendar, and the¬†coordinating¬†of other¬†people¬†begins. Books and toys get changed out. I do sometimes pull it out on Sundays like today and fill in blanks if I have any in my week, and also write in new ideas.

If you like this idea and you want to start one

I recommend a binder. That way you can add things as they come across your path. I might also just think about what categories are important to you and your family or lifestyle.  You can even start by just taking some blank binder paper writing the month and category at the top of the sheet and listing things on it that pertain. As I said mine is till under construction and I am kind of going through it month by month and filling in more details as  that month unfolds. If you have something similar or if you make one I would really LOVE to see it. Please share.

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Saturday Activity an Energy walk

As the world begins to wake up from the winter slumber and the first hints of spring are arriving, it is a good time to start doing energy walks. There is no better way to get the lay of the land or nurture your relationship with nature then to actually be in it and walk it

How lucky am I? This photo was taken actually near my house!

When I was little we lived in 3 places. All of them were in the country. One actually backed up on to a state park. I spent days wondering in the redwoods and finding small streams The one I lived in the longest had tons of trails around and lots of wildlife. Plants and birds, squirls abound along with foxes, bobcats, coyotes  It was a great place to grow up. We were out in nature and got to see the change of seasons (as much as the change here in central Cali)

So¬†where ever¬†you are I suggest you pick a plot of land, or space, or walking path that you enjoy. Pick something that you have access too and will be safe year round. Plan (as in mark it on your calendar now) to walk it one¬†Saturday¬†a month for the year. While you walk try to just enjoy and be. You know the saying “be here now”¬†that is¬†what you want. you want to be in it and¬†experience¬†it with all of your senses. ¬†As you move through the year you will develop a deeper relationship with this spot as well as nature all around you. Plus this is something that is good for you health and you can do with your whole family no matter what¬†their¬†religious¬†beliefs.

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Moons and Timing

As this is the last Monday in January (our planning and goal setting month) I thought I would do a brief post on the phases of the moon.

File:Galileo moon phases.jpg

Galileo Moon Phases


We start with the new moon, which is dark. The moon “grows” or waxes through the first quarter¬†until¬†it is full. It then reverses course and¬†begins¬†waning¬†through the¬†third¬†quarter¬†until¬†it is dark and new again. This whole cycle take about 29.5 days.

Witches (as well as other people) track time and activities by the moon. Some witches do rites to mark each phase of the moon (new, 1st quarter full, 3rd quarter) and nearly all do a rite to mark the full moon.  The full moon is considered to be the moon and the Goddess at the height of her power.

Planting, activities and spells are all timed according to the phase of the moon. Spells where you want to increase something like money or love are done on the waxing to full moon. Spells to decrease something such as gossip or pain are done on the waning phase.

Many plants have very specific times they liked to be planted but in general for Veggies the rule is. If it is an above ground edible i.e. a tomato or melon or bean, you plant it during the waxing phase. If it is a below ground edible i.e. carrots, potatoes, radishes etc, you plant during the waning phase of the moon.

If you are a Witch or Witchy person it is a good idea to stay on top of what phase of the moon you are currently in. It will become habit after a while and you will be able to plan things more accordingly to the natural rhythm. With that I will leave you with two other moon tid bits. It is said that if women are not on any birth control hormone and they are not exposed to light at night other then the moon they will bleed with the full moon. It is also said that storms most frequently occur around the Full and the New moon.

Bright Blessigns


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Well not hard to figure out what Sunday stands for. What is interesting is that again in religions and cultural all over the world the Sun God often steeped forward from the pantheon of Gods and Goddess and became the God. For many many man people Sunday is a day or rest and reverence. It is my day to renew and remember my spirit.

For Blogging purposes thought I am will use Sundays as the days to write about Sabbats and the Suns journey through the wheel of the year. Which of course is some of our main celebrations as Witches.

So lets get right to it! I have been lost in my own mundane world and dealing with life in a way I don’t like. I have been reactionary. I prefer to be¬†thoughtful¬†and planed out. To see what is coming down the pike and prepare for it. This last month has brought me the death of my beloved Grandmother, an¬†emergency¬†root canal, and my sweet boy Apollo (fur child)

got out of our house and into a neighbors yard and got one of their chickens. He didn’t kill it but he did remove some feathers. They now think he is a¬†menace¬†to the neighborhood and we are having to find him a new home. deep sigh. At any rate not a lot of stuff one can plan for and so here I have been just reacting and now Imbolc is almost upon us.

Imbolc (Feb 1-2) is the first festival of spring. The sheep are starting to have milk now in preparation for the birthing of their lambs. The Sun is also growing stronger in the sky and the Earth is waking up. The main themes for the holiday are milk and light mostly in the form of candles. If you live in the part of the world where it is cold snow and ice lanterns are a beautiful and very appropriate decoration. Where ever you live, whatever the earth looks like outside is appropriate for you. For me that means that Daffodils (lovely yellow sunny) will be in my house as they are popping up all over the area.

If you are up to it making candles are a very fun activity and if you need something less intensive or if you have small ones to keep busy give them a baby food jar full of cream ad a pinch of salt. They can shake it till it turns to butter. You can then have this for dinner or tea or part of your simple feast. A very traditional activity is right after sunset light all the lights in the house. Every single one. even if just for a moment. If you have a flame less candle you may leave it in the window sill lit over night.  I will also be blessings my seeds and plant starts as I will be getting them in to the ground soon. If you live in a place that is still cold or frozen you will probably want to wait till Ostara to do the blessings.

Imbolc is also a lovely time to do an initiation or self dedication, as it marks the growing season. Also good for re-dedications. For that reason and to be ready for the Goddess and God to wake from their winter slumber to walk among us it is an appropriate time for cleansing of self and house.

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Saturday new theme

note: I thought I had posted this last Saturday but clearly I didn’t¬†oops:)

Ok so you know I love themes. I can’t help it. If I don’t have a way to¬†organize¬†my thoughts they just bounce all over the place and I get to¬†feeling¬†overwhelmed. Not cute. Its January which means it is time to set year goals and plan them out. For me one thing I really wanted to do was write more. To do that I came up with Daily themes that will give me a starting point each and every day.

Saturday is named for Saturn. Who was seen as the God of the harvest and¬†agriculture,¬†justice¬†as well as strength. This is actually a¬†fascinating¬†story though in his case violent. many felt that when Saturn ruled it was the golden era of Rome. ¬†It was¬†for told¬†that he would be overthrown by his son so he ate all his children when they were born. The part that is interesting to me is that in many¬†cultures¬†across the globe the “golden era” was a time remembered when the ruling deities (often the parents of the current¬†deities) watched over a much more egalitarian society. Many people feel that this was a time of¬†Matriarchies. Not that the female was dominate, but the male and female aspects were equal, and¬†agriculture¬†was a key theme.

You know for me being a witch is a daily practice. All things in my life are influenced by it and my spiritual practice is at the heart of who I am. It shapes my values and thoughts and therefore deeds. Which brings me to my themes for¬†Saturday¬†which may seem mundane but the¬†mundane, the daily is the heart of a practice. As far as I’m concerned how you live your daily life is what makes you what and who you are. Many folks spend Saturdays doing cleaning. I don’t for us we follow the flylady way and Saturday is our Family Fun day. So on Saturdays I am going to post about¬†different¬†activities as well as “Keeping a Witchy Home”

Blessed Be and make sure you do something fun today!


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