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Shield and Ground, Shield and Ground Life of an Empath Peaceful and Sound


How to shield oneself.

Given that all almost every pagan I have met is some form of empath one of the first thing I teach my students is how to ground and how to shield. If you are an empath going out in the world without a shield is like leaving your home out into a blizzard without a coat.

There are lots of different ways to do this and you are going to have to find one that works for you. If you are an empath it is absolutely irresponsible to not to learn and practice these skills. You can cause harm to yourself and your family. You know the saying if mama ain’t happy aint no body happy. Well if you just walk around like a giant magnet for everyone’s energy you’re going to feel icky and that affects your family. You may also start to feel depressed or fatigued and you not only don’t need to but you shouldn’t have to. That choice however is up to you. I know I may sound harsh but I am so saddened by the amount of sensitive souls I see that are harming themselves and then feeling awful and sometimes lashing out at others. I don’t want you to be in pain. I don’t want you to suffer. I want you to take responsibility for your care.

How to ground.
This is the one I use and teach but there are others.
To start with you must take deep breaths and calm yourself. Breathe yourself into your body. Wiggle your toes and shift your attention to each part of your body. When you get to your crown breathe in and then visualize roots coming out of your feet or your bum going down, down, down into the earth. If say you are on the 30th floor you just have to visualize really long roots. Make your roots strong and feel yourself as part of the earth. Let excess energy flow down the roots into the earth.

How to shield.

Center yourself and slow and deepen your breath. (Yes you can do this in public without people noticing) you are going to want to create a bubble around you. You can do it several ways here is just a few.
1. Breath out and blow your bubble up so that it surrounds you.
2. Picture a golden (or color of your choice) starting at your feet and swirling up around you creating a shield around you.
3. Again breath in and out and picture a bright light glowing inside of you and you breath in it grows and grows until you are surrounded in blinding bright light.
You get my point it. Working with your breath you are going to construct some sort of bubble around you. When you are in a situation that you feel to be particularly bad see your bubble as a mirror. See your reflection in it and picture the energy or emotion coming at you being reflected back to the own of it.

A final note. I have heard some folks say they don’t like this idea as they feel it will make them disconnected with their loved ones or the energy exchange that they do with their children. This can be true or it cannot be true. It is completely up to you and how you build your bubble or circle. You can also use words to set your intention of your bubble. Such as
“Within this bubble I’m safe from unwanted energy or emotion. I am in charge of my being and in charge of my energy. I freely let energy flow unless it would be harmful for me.”

This might not be easy at first and that’s ok. It is a learned skill and the more you do it the easier it will become. Eventually you will be able to just snap a bubble around you or put up a mirror when you feel unwanted energy.
Brightest Blessings.

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Why Affirmations work


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How do you celebrate

Tonight I was talking with some dear friends about how we celebrate. Now you know me and my goal is to celebrate life to its fullest all the way.

What I was thinking about particularly is celebrating religious holidays. Because I’m pagan I know a lot of pagans that don’t celebrate at all or think they can’t celebrate because no one else they know does. I on the other hand will often celebrate any Sabbat 3 times at least.
1. I celebrate with the Coven with a ritual and magic and food
2. with the family with food
3. with myself. depending on the Sabbat with a spell or an activity with morning meditation.

How do you celebrate? With others by yourself? not at all?

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Some of my Books


To start our Book of Shadows series lets talk about different types one might have. This goes hand in hand with What is in your Book Of Shadows (BOS)  You might choose to document your journey on your path, you might keep spells or rituals or songs, you might keep records of your events, or recipes. You might keep it all together or in separate books. The choice is yours and really you need to figure out what you like. To give you an idea of options I wanted to share this picture of some of my Books. I also keep several folders on my computer with information.  One for my personal BOS, one for our covens book, and one for recipes. Ok so lets look at these Books from left to right I will tell you a little about each.

  1. The little one you can hardly see is small and green at the very back. This is my daily journal. Some witches call this a mirror book as it is a reflection of you day-to-day life. Not only is journaling good for your soul and well-being it is nice to record things to look back so you can see how you have grown or if your premonitions came true. I also will write my dreams in here though some folks use a separate book for that. This is also what I would use to do automatic writing.
  2. The one with the Tree is my Book of Days. I have this divided by month and I have little bits of lore about each month. I also have menus for each month based on what is available in my area and I have activities for both me and for Little.  Like if I know I’m going to want to serve mead for Mabon I can put the recipe in July so that I know when to make it.
  3. The black book on top of the book of days is my Covens record book.  This is rather like a meeting ledger where we record who was present and if anything “interesting” happened also if magic was done who asked for what. We only write on the right hand page so that later coven members can write on the left hand page or on back of the record page to comment on what the experience brought them.
  4. Under that the Brown binder is a BOS that I use to store lots of reference material in.
  5. The open one in back is my “Real” book I call it a Book of Blessings and it has things in it such as history and ritual that I want to keep permanent. It is also more of an art journal. (Don’t worry we will be going over what goes in a book in much more detail shortly, this is just an overview)
  6. The other journal to the right of that is my magic book. I keep all my spells in that and sometimes add art but mostly it has my spells.
  7. The black binder is of course my Covens Binder that anyone can add to or copy from and that has the rituals typed up and printed out in large print to make it easy to read by candlelight or moonlight. Lol
  8. The cute red one is my Filofax. I always have a planner on me so I always have somewhere to write down spells that come to me or messages or what have you. I also keep some daily prayers in there and a to do list of witchy things I must do.
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Sneak peak BOS class


I’m getting ready to start a BOS series over at The Pagan Mamaon facebook but you get a sneak peak at my current books 🙂

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I is for Intuition


This will be a short post I can tell. Mostly because Little is running around. I have to remind myself that a post written in 5 minutes is still worth it as I am remembering my thoughts for later. They will never be as eloquent as I would like and of course not as academic as I like because who can find the right sources for random thoughts that flow through your head when you have no time to even write fully.

back to the point.

All of my spiritually relies heavily on intuition. Yes I do read history and science and legends and lore. I check sources. At the end of the day I use my intuition. I use it to find the information I need in other sources and I use it to decide if any  given rite or ritual is for me.

I think of intuition as my inner voice. The one softly guiding me down my right path. I think so highly of it that it is a key component in my teaching. Often people will ask “what does this mean” or “what should I do” often I disappoint because instead of telling them I ask “what do you think it means?” or “what do you think you should do?” or “what does it mean to you?” We talk it though and I offer insights if I think it appropriate but mostly I am teaching them to hear their own soft voice and listen to their intuition.


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LOVE love love this woman

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G is for Grounding pin of the day

Source: viaDebbie on Pinterest

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Bedside tables and broom closets


Before I get to my real PBP B is for Blues Be Gone Bath I thought I would share with you some of the thoughts I was having today.

I live my life day in and day out as a witch. The thing is unless you know, you wouldn’t know. Well by looking at my house anyway. Yes I have a lot of herbs in my house but then I’m a cook. I have statues but we also have a lot of art on the walls. I have an altar on our mantel but people just think I am decorating with the seasons. the above is a simple little kitchen altar I had at one point. Nothing too much just a little reminder for me.

I also had a small postcard tucked onto the corner of my family message center.



Unless you knew I don’t think you would notice.

At this point you maybe wondering about the bedside table part of the title. I am not going to give you a picture because with the bathroom still not finished my room is not the tidy place I like it to be. However, I feel like it could serve as a good altar even for someone in the broom closet and even if that person lives with other non-pagan friendly people.

A simple item from the season be it leaf or flower. a pretty candle maybe your “Journal” If they are not nosy folk if they are put that sucker in your underwear drawer or some other suitable hiding spot. As you can see this is just a pretty bedside table. You need not have all the “witchy trappings’ and altar and a witchy home is anything that makes your soul sing.


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Look at me I am actual sort of organized talking about a holiday before we get there! Welcome to a series I am going to call Poppy’s Pagan Planning 🙂 For me in my practice the stuff that happens out of circle is just as important to me as what happens in circle. I treat my pagan holidays just like I treat other holidays. There is a theme, a menu and activities. So below are some ideas to get you thinking about what you would like to do.

Seed packets (I bless mine at Imbolc)
seeds that have been started.
I think this is beautiful!

Source: Uploaded by user via Helen “Poppy” on Pinterest

or what about this

and of course candles, candles everywhere!

For a meal I like a nice salad and Quiche I am praying the Asparagus will be at the farmers market so I can make this one.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

And if not there is always this one 🙂


my two main activities are making candles and doing seed blessings

Source: via Helen “Poppy” on Pinterest

Here is a nice tutorial for making candles or if you prefer the dipping kind check out this link.

Here is a fun Seed activity for the kiddos

Source: via Helen “Poppy” on Pinterest

Ok that is it for this Sunday I will have more ideas (and links) to share next Sunday and every Sunday till Imbolc Happy Planning!
photo credit: rachel a. k. via photopin cc

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