Warrior (little rant and warning art with boobs)

This is The Morrigan From Celtic Gods Celtic Goddess by R.J. Stweart 1992

This will not be a discussion so much as her history or legend or myth or what have you. I do not in my present life have the time to write a piece with the proper research to do her justice and as you can see she is not one you mess with. Really for that matter no deity is one that you should treat with irreverence but that is a different rant. And yes not everyone works with or worships the Celtic Pantheon so before you get on me about that you can substitute the warrior Goddess from your tradition, because I guarantee There is one.

In short I am in a mood. If I hear one more person say “I’m pagan so I can’t take a stand or make a choice because of the law of three”or “I want to practice but I can’t because of so-n-so” I will lose my ever-loving mind. Pagan does not equal passive. Look at her! do you think she would sigh and say “well I don’t know you choose for me?” You were granted a brain, use it! This is not a sideline path. you don’t get to sit in the wings and have inaction waiting for someone else to do it for you. You are the someone. You are responsible for your actions even the ones that are lack of action.

The underlying message of lack of personal responsibility is annoying at best.  The inability for people to stand up for themselves and say this is what I want is much worse.  I am not talking about the intricacies of an abusive or bullying relationship I am talking about the normal stuff. Blaming other people for why you can’t practice is just bolderdash. Plain and simple. Even if they don’t approve, they are not in your head. Even as child living under someone else roof you take responsibility for yourself.   Do it in the bathroom. Goddess knows at least half my spell work is done in my tub. While we are here taking responsibility for yourself does not mean you make other people in your house or your life do what you do or even care what you do. It means that your relationship with your Gods is between you and them. If no one else in the house practices who cares. If they do not want to hear a 2 hour blow-by-blow of your latest spell or ritual big deal. I don’t want to hear a 2 hour blow-by-blow of what my husband did to his car. I does not mean I do not care about him or I do not want him working on his car, it means he should call his car buddies because I do not care. So call your witch buddies or im or email or whatever. Just because the people you live with are not experiencing the magical life that is now yours does not mean they do not care about you. Talk to them about the things you both care about and do not blame their lack of interest for your lack of dedication. 

Blaming your religion for you lack of decisiveness is ridiculous and harmful. I recently read where someone was thinking they could not serve jury duty because they are pagan. Um excuse me? They did not want to interfere with the defendant’s “lesson” and were worried about the law of 3 coming back to them for interfering.  Now here is a big problem. For one you are making the assumption that this was not part of the plan to teach them their “lesson” maybe there are consequences to not following the laws of your land is a lesson. Or maybe the lesson is that you need to figure out that you can choose right from wrong. Maybe this is your lesson. Secondly standing up and saying I can not serve on Jury duty because I’m pagan and my religion does not allow it hurts the rest of us pagans. It is too broad of a statement and in my mind not true but that is not the point. Stand up and say I don’t feel comfortable judging someone, not I’m a pagan so I can’t. This is just one silly example. Sadly I read at least one a day. Maybe there is a disconnect maybe your Gods are not the same as my Gods.  Either way I suggest you try your excuse with your Gods and see if they fly before you try them on the rest of us. 

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8 thoughts on “Warrior (little rant and warning art with boobs)

  1. I’m changing your warning: “Warning: Art with eye being pecked out and beautiful image of a woman”.

    Don’t read those drippy witches..

  2. Hear! Hear! I get so exasperated at pagans with no personal responsibility! Hugs!

  3. Morrigan is the Goddess I can relate to and honor the most…my husband relates to Dagda. Ironically our first meeting and true physical anniversary is New Years 2005. My husbands totel birdis the raven and I have always thought them magnificent, intelligent birds. Anyhew…you make many good points here. Because of peer pressure and the spiritual/religious leanings of most of the people around my husband and I we have flip flopped over the years and for the past few haven’t been real “out” about our leanings but if someone asks or the topic comes up I don’t fear saying it. I tell them I’m a pagan who reveres Nature and I am not Wiccan or any particular label. I choose no label because with one focused view I will miss all the nuggets of wisdom that exist in all walks of faith. I want to always remain teachable and I (my husband also) are truly the summary of all the parts. We live our chosen path and try to always treat discussions about religion and spirituality with respect and opened mindeness. Nipples get such a bad rap don’t they lol….the naked female form causes such a ruckus in our country! If I didn’t have to wear clothes I probably wouldn’t….I don’t like them…PINEAPPLES!

    • I must get a better picture of the bird friends that visit our house. and I don’t know if it is flip flops so much as exploring your paths. 🙂

  4. This is a great blog post!!!!! Love it ❤

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