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Dark Moon Ritual

This is my entry for the Back to School for Witches too Bog party. Today also happens to be the new moon.

Not surprisingly I have been much more interested in New or Dark moon rituals this year. I am working a lot on downsizing and getting rid of clutter so asking help with removing things from my life to clear my path has really resonated with me this year. I have written and preformed this ritual twice now with different people and each experience has been really positive for my as well as the other participants.

This is a group ritual or at least a buddy ritual. You will need more than just you. You will also need (besides your normal altar items) black  yarn, scissors, a fire, a ton of rosemary (if you don’t grow it you should! It’s very hardy) and some banishing incense if you want.

Because I was asked to do this ritual for someone I didn’t really know well, and someone with whom I had never done I circle with, I started it with a lecture so I am going to just share with you exactly what I wrote. Which brings me to the point of I write out ALL my rituals including “stage notes” for example when calling in the elements I might have <lights candle> down so I know what I will do.

Dark Moon


A few magic basics. Magic is real, it is also natural. However, like all forces of nature it can be gentle like dew in the morning or it can be like a blizzard. Like all parts of Nature magic has to be treated with respect.

You do not need to practice a particular religion to do magic, In my opinion the divine energy in the universe that is tapped for magic cares very little on what you choose to call it. Or rather that you and I may call it different names.

When we do magic we ask it to be “done for the good of all” that means that if it by chance should happen a different way that it is free to flow that way instead of the one that has occurred to us. Because sometimes we have not thought of every angle. We only do magic following the rule “an thou harm none” period end of story if you want to do some other kind I will not participate. There is no fudging this and there is no “well what if..” There are simply no exceptions. If you wish to do Magic for someone else you MUST have their permission. Or next of kin if they are unable to give it themselves.

Magic can be done anytime however there are more auspicious times then others. When we work with the moon:
Building = waxing
removing= waning
full= most power
dark= crone

To night we will work with the Crone. Often people are scared of her for she holds the key to death and therefore life. Because we fear our own mortality we are often afraid of this transition. Bet we are part of nature too, and we know with out death there can be no life, no beginnings without ends.

Because as I stated magic is real and there can be real consequences. For this reason what we say and do and think makes a difference for this and any rite. (my notes on the side of the page say :I am v. serious about this)

I want to discuss what things are binding you that you need to release and we as a group will flush out the words you will speak so that they have the proper meaning and so that they are true to what you want to happen. Also so that the other people can remind you if you forget a part. (this is also so that no negative emotions or wishes on others slip out. I am very serious about intention and about harm none. You can ask for things to be different in your life without asking for harm to come to someone else.) Sit down and write out what you want to say or talk it out with your buddy or group. make sure that say what you mean and mean what you say and that it is appropriate. write it all down word for word.

I then explained our process for the night.
wash hands (we used this as our ritual cleanse so as we washed we visualized all the ick and layers of the day falling off)
set up the circle  and altar and have all materials
cast circle
call the Goddess and God (one of times we did this I had a moment of silence at this point and let each person call in the Deity as they saw it)
Rite (unbinding and burning and energy raising)
tanks and farewell
release circle.

Once everyone knew the plan we got to work choosing our words. It took us about an hour for 5 of us.


<outline your circle with the Rosemary branches making sure they touch so that it forms a complete circle. This is an extra form of protection. Set up your altar. Cast your circle in and invite the Goddess and God in the usual manner>

“Goddess Tonight we meet under your Dark Moon. Grandmother crone you Who can cut our ties that bind, we come with open mind and open heart tonight to ask you to assist us”

“Each of us has some strong bonds to things or people who hurt us or hold us back. Tonight with your help we ask to sever those energetic pathways. We do not wish harm on anyone and we ask that this be done for the good of all. So mote it be”

“Raven please step forward”. <Raven Joins me in the center of the circle>

“Raven What is your wish tonight” <Raven speaks the words we have agree upon earlier>

(some examples “I wish to not have anger jumping up in me. reactive flash point anger. I wish to cut the ties to this patter. I would like to substitute a more thoughtful patter” and  “I wish to not be bound by things that are unhealthy for me, whether it be too much stress, too much partying or too much focus on the mundane instead of my core self” and “I wish to cut the energetic pathways from those who have negative impact on my life. i wish no harm to them, I wish only the best for them but I no longer wish to have the connection”

<take black yarn and begin to wrap Raven>

“As I wrap this cord around you it becomes the physical manifestation of the ties that bind. The things you must shuffle off to make room for the new. Let me know at which point you feel you are wrapped the right amount.”

<Raven indicates she is wrapped enough, I cut the yarn and tuck the end into the yarn wrapped around her. I step back>

“Shuffle off and if for some reason you cannot get out of your binds on your own, your friends are here to help, for sometimes we need help in our lives. ”

<Raven unwraps herself and gets all the yarn off her>

“you are now free. You may toss those into the fire. Those old ties will hurt you no more. so mote it be (so mote it be!)”

<Raven tosses yarn in the fire and a little banishing incense in after it for good measure. we then go through this with each person participating>

“Grandmother we are grateful for your presence and help here tonight. you who are the powerful dark of the moon. Thank you for your blessings. As you release us from our hurt, we strive to show our gratitude by blessing others and by taking care of our selves.”

“We are going to build energy now by doing a simple chant, we will take hands and should they start to swing or sway just go with it.( Also interesting note both times  at least one person got not just the giggles, but over come with full on belly laughs, with tears! That is ok don’t worry about it or try to stifle it. just laugh along as you chant.)

(we have done different chants. one was “Isis, Isis Ra Ra Ra”, and the other was “we are a circle, with in a circle. with no beginning and never ending”)

The energy is building, when it is at its peak we will throw our arms up and exhale. (wait until the moment has come) See the energy as it shoots out of your hands. Blue and sliver sparks. Some hit the circle and rain down on us protecting us from falling back on old ways and old habits – may the rest find its place in the world with those who need it most. We ask this to be for the good of all so mote be.”

~~~so ends the Rite, ground yourself and release the circle in your usually manner.  Now go get some food because this is hard work and it will take it out of you.

I hope you enjoyed my back to school for witches too post please check out the other fabulous posts! click the link below to see everyone who is participating.

photo credit: fG! via photo pin cc

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