small little rant

Today is Tuesday Day of Mars and so at one time I thought I would use it as a warrior day. A day to champion causes or in my lesser moments through  temper tantrum rants.  Today is a lesser day and I have a rant.

Todays rant will be brought to by The Green Wiccan Book of Shadows by Silja. First let me say that my dear aunt gave me this book. She did this because she rocks. She knows I have an interest in Wicca saw the book at a coffee shop thought of me and bought it and sent it to me. Super thoughtful and sweet. The book itself is not that bad. It is fairly basic 101 type stuff.  It’s not great either. In fact I can think of many ones I would rather read. I am not sure who her intended audience is. Though I suspect it is someone who knows nothing about Wicca or paganism.

I was putting up with the simplistic explanations and the fact that it is not what I would consider a Book of Shadows because while it says it is Wiccan it talks very little about the religion as such but focuses mostly on spells. Love, Luck and Money etc. This is of course one of the things that annoys me most. focus on the dramatic as opposed to the spiritual relationship. Now say if we were going to talk about magic then frame it that way. That is like saying we are going to talk about Christianity but never mention God. Then I read the descriptions on the different types of paganism. Now this actually made me mad.  To be fair  I will say my bias I am a kitchen witch. I know you know that about me but I thought I would make that clear before I quote the book

Hedgewitchery Sometimes Called Kitchen Witchery, Hedgewitchery is probably the closest we come to the medieval “wise woman” type of witchcraft, in is not a well -defined path but that is precisely what makes it popular! People following this path concentrate on the craft aspect of witchcraft, seeking knowledge from different traditions, their ancestors, and people close to the local energy, such as farmers and the elderly. They often do not bother with the more ceremonial aspects, such as casting circles and wearing robes, and while some worship specific deities, may just believe in an undefined Higher Power and that “Everything is magic and magic is in Everything!” It is a great path for beginners still trying out different ways of working , and suits the solitary witch perfectly

No it is not a well-defined path. But just because someone says do it this way doesn’t make it better. In fact some people (yep me) might say that to use your own brain to  contemplate, meditate and figure things out for yourself is much better then simply reciting what you have been told. I don’t think it is true that people who follow this path are more craft oriented as opposed to spiritual oriented. In fact again I find the opposite true. If you are going to practice a spiritual path I feel like it matters what you do in the day-to-day much more than what you do once a month. In fact just about every witch I know is a type of hedgewitch because even if they do practice with a coven they are still self sufficient human beings and they don’t hang up their relationships with their Deities with their ceremonial robs. Which brings me to yes pretty much all of my fellow hedgewitches that I know at least have specific Deities they work with. Personally I find this whole thing bumkis I have been practicing for over 20 years and I think it is a good path for anyone. Yes it is fun and powerful or can be to work with a group, but the heart of your spiritual practice is you.

She also states that “Dianic is the feminist version of Wicca” Really? because I pretty sure that I’m a feminist and I’m not Dianic. “Shamanism with fewer rules and traditions then the others practices of shamanism are often solitary, meeting Occasionally to exchange experiences” Maybe she should acquaint herself better with say all of South America for starters. Has she not seen the rich traditions of the American Indian?  Honestly this makes my head hurt, fewer traditions! ba!

What a surprise when you get to her chosen path “Celtic” She describes it as “This tradition is Earth- and nature based, and strong in the religious aspects of Wicca” What pray tell are the other Wiccan traditions?

And this folks is what really irritates me. This “there is only one true path” thing is so annoying to say the least and frankly stupid. We pick the path we walk, we are all different ergo it would make sense that our paths would be different. When did we become like this. I have many a time seen posts about someone is too fluffy bunny and inevitably the responses go like “well some people re too fluffy bunny but some people are to dark” right the perfect combination is you. This always reminds me of “Anyone driving slower than you is an Idiot, Anyone driving faster than you is a maniac.”

I could go on but I’m going to reel it in with this last though,t can we just please stop with the judging and the I am better than yous. Please, lets listen to what people say without jumping to judge. Like I said I have been practicing for a while and I still feel like I learn more every day. I feel like I can learn something from everybody. I wont care about your label or try to put you in a box and I ask the same of you.

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2 thoughts on “small little rant

  1. Ooooh! I will not be reading that book any time soon. I’d have to throw it at a wall in fury. Dianics would be amused and appalled since they do not consider themselves Wiccan for the most part. At least Z and Ruth don’t and since I was once asked to teach Wicca 101 to some of them and did i’d say they aren’t unless they choose to pick it up on the side. And since when is hedgewitchery for beginners only!!!! What an ignorant arrogant know nothing!

    • The whole thing is rather amusing and appalling. My questions is now what to do with a book like this? give it away? toss it? maybe make a modified art book?

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