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Time and Ability (and a note about teachers)

Two other emotions that may make a person feel like they can’t be a Witch is the number one complaint about everything “I don’t have time” followed by the “I can’t because I’m not good enough.”

“I don’t have time” well darlings I don’t know what to tell you. This seems  to be heard everywhere, all the time, about everything. A couple of thoughts. One is that my daily practice is so integrated into my daily life and each item only takes seconds that it doesn’t seem like much time at all. Two is that if you really don’t have time to light a candle and say thank you for your blessings; you really need to make time to light a candle, say thank you for your blessings and ask for help with efficient time management.  Look at your day and where you are spending time. Yes we all have the things that need to be done, but a lot of us (me included) waste time watching junk on tv and playing on Facebook.  When you spend time on something you are giving it value. See if you can carve some time out for your spiritual self and give you more value then the electronics. I also love, love, love www.flylady.net! She has helped me more then I will ever be able to share with getting more organized. Love her! I have confidence you can solve anytime issues.

The question of ability is a little trickier. Some of it is real and some of it is self esteem issues. I have known witches who have been practicing for years but don’t want to do something in front of others because they feel they might not do it right. Or people who are at the beginning of their path who are not sure when they are qualified to do this that or the other thing. If you have a teacher they will let you know when your ready to try something. That’s the easy way out though. Really you are going to be a good judge if you listen to yourself, and are able to recognize doubt as what it is. For instance casting a circle. Lets say you understand how to cast a circle, you have practiced doing it. You have been able to feel the energy in yours.  You have asked a teacher (or sought out in books and meditation) if questions arise and you feel confident in casting a circle for you. You are then perfectly qualified to cast one for a group. If you are having doubts or feeling nervous, talk to another member of the group. Tell them what you are planning to do and get feed back. I think some of this comes from people so used to passive religion. We wait for someone else to tell us what to do and how to do it. They preach to us and we receive. We expect them to do it for us.  It is my belief that religion should not be passive. It should be joyous and enthusiastic.  You should be active and involved. It is after all about your relationship with The Divine.

A note here about what I have heard (though never witnessed) about some covens. That a member must be initiated to do anything , and that only a witch can initiate a witch. Oh us human beings we love our hierarchies. Some are always more equal then others. Firstly a Witch is a Witch because he or she loves the God and Goddess and wants to worship them. End of story. Second is that skill does take time. The more you practice something they better you get. I am, in fact a big fan of doing an initiation (self or group) a year and a day after you have been practicing. Side note we call it practicing because you are doing something not just reading or studding about it. After that amount of time you do have some substantial knowledge and skill under your belt. However you are not going to get that skill if you don’t practice so you should be doing. If you don’t have a teacher (well one if you don’t email me and we can talk)  and you are wanting to try something that you have not tried before; read up on it, meditate and pray about it. Figure out just how you will do it and then go for it. If you are checking the internet or even books please please please check more then one source; say 10 or 20 even and if 18 of them say one thing and 2 say something different you probably want to go with the 18.

Opinions about teachers. A Teacher that teaches out of love for sharing and for the God and Goddess is golden. I personally do not believe that a Witch should charge money to teach Wicca or share their knowledge. I actually find it quite distasteful and unethical. If you wanted to covert to Judaism or be a Baptist and showed up at temple or church they would not say I will teach you how to worship but first give me a hundred dollars. Yes many religions tithe but that money is supposed to go to the good of the whole congregation. I know that sometimes students want to thank their teaches. If you are so moved; thank them with homemade treats or flowers from your garden, not money.


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