Ethics, manners, etiquette and other religions.

Wiccan Reed: An Thou Harm None, Do What Thou Will
This is the one basic rule of Wicca. Essentially you can do what you want as long it does not hurt or harm others. This is in thought word or deed. It also includes you, yourself! This is a religion of love and kindness. When in doubt return your thoughts and heart to the Reed and ask if you are abiding by it.

Other religions:
Ever remember that you walk a Path but it is not necessarily THE path. It is THE path for you. The God and Goddess called you, spoke to you. This is your path and your way to enlightenment. It may or may not be the path of your loved ones. If they choose it so be it, if not oh well. If they choose to walk a different path that choice is theirs to make just as your choice is yours to make. We do not judge others for their religious beliefs as we ask them not to judge us. There is not better or worse just different. Ever remember that the heart of Wicca as all religions is a deep personal relationship with the deities and love. Therefore do not worry about others relationships just focus on building yours and treat others with love. Remember that all paths meander and cross at times and at times separate but they are not headed in opposite directions. There is no us versus them. Please use your heart to see and look beyond the label to the heart and character of a person.

We also do not run around playing a victim or complaining about how witches are persecuted. We are hardly the only group that ever felt persecution and victimhood does not behoove us. To stop persecution treat others with love and respect. Pease on earth starts with peace in your home and neighborhood.

Ethics: You do not do spells, prayers or magic work for others without their consent. Period end of story, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you wish to do energy work for others you must always ask their permission first, always! If they are not the type that would understand a request to do a spell for ask them if you can pray for them. Spells are just active prayers. If they are close to you and you feel you will be doing work for them frequently you should get an open permission, which will cover the ongoing little things like health and safety if anything big comes up though you need to seek specific permission. A note about love spells for a loved one. You may feel at times that you know better then them. You can see it from the outside. You may feel that this is a safety issue. No matter the reason you must always ask before doing any kind of love magic. Even if you have open permission. If someone you love is in a dangerous situation you may do work for their overall safety and protection, if you have open permission and to see the value in them and the situation as it truly is. You cannot do work to make them leave the person with out their ok.
You cannot do spells that would bring another harm. It is against the reed. It is against the laws. It is just plain wrong. It harms your relationship with the God and Goddess. That said it will also have negative effects on you. For one thing energy work is done through you and your energy so you will have the negative energy pass through you. You will also be energetically tied to the person which gives them more of a direct line to you. Not good. Furthermore it will come back to you. Molecules moved on this side of the world force movement of molecules on the other side of the world. Bad energy pushed out will make movements(often in ways you cannot imagine) and make its way all around the world back to you. Its not good, don’t do it.

Basic manners do apply:
When attending a group circle be on time or rather be early. Offer to help in whatever way you can. This is not a spectator religion. We are all active participants.

Say please and thank you. We do not order others about. Thank your fellow humans for blessings as you thank the God and Goddess. Remember that the God and Goddess are in all of us.

Forgive others as you would seek their forgiveness. We all make mistakes.

If you are at a group event and they do things differently then you then go ahead and do it that way, as long as it is ethical and safe and with in the laws.

Do not talk down to another, do not brag. Be ever mindful of the reed. Consider what effect your actions will have on others. We are not and never should be “holier-then-thou” that is not in love and not in accordance of celebrating our God and Goddess.

Be a person of your word. A friend of mine likes to tell our Toddlers, who are not quite two, to be “babies or their word.” This is rather amusing, but really a great training for babies, who grow into kids, who grow into adults, who learn that their word is important.

Bright Blessings

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